We do not have a license to sin. The Nephilim Spirit is lurking around looking to steal souls, and this is the evil that leads to the antichrist.

Yesterday’s gospel readings on Sirach are a good topic for us to study and reflect on for each one of us. Some Bibles do not have Sirach, or Ecclesiasticus, but The Holy Spirit has guided me to write this, so if you don’t have this book in your Bible, please look it up, because it is a very important scripture to read, learn, and live. Sometimes, we are not guided to all of God’s Word by the preachers, priests or ministers that we listen to when we go to Church. My old Spiritual Director, that recently passed away from cancer used to always say to me, “be careful of what you are being fed.” Meaning, when you are in Church and listening to what appears to be the Word of God, do not just listen and believe it as Truth, but look it up in your Bible and read it, pray about it to the Holy Spirit, and ask Him to show you the Truth. Then, if you have an uneasiness about it, look at the fruits and pray some more! The Holy Spirit will guide you to all Truth!

In the Book of Sirach, our message was in Sirach, 15:20, “He has not commanded anyone to be wicked, and he has not given anyone permission to sin.” In some Bibles, the word is “license” to sin. Right away, the Holy Spirit was showing me yesterday that this is a very important message for our times and to write about this message! If you read all of Chapter 15 of Sirach that I recommend, it starts with this in verse 1, “Whoever fears the Lord will do this, and whoever holds to the law will obtain wisdom.” Now, keep reading up through Chapter 16:6-9, “In an assembly of sinners, a fire is kindled, and in a disobedient nation wrath blazes up. He did not forgive the ancient giants who revolted in their might. He did not spare the neighbors of Lot, whom he loathed on account of their arrogance. He showed no pity on the doomed nation, on those dispossessed because of their sins.” Now, finish reading all of Sirach Chapter 16, before you go any further into this blog post! Wow, did you just not get hit with a ton of bricks with this powerful Scripture? I had to get to my 3rd Bible in our house, before I found Sirach, and I only have 4 Bibles in my home! This is why it is so important to read all of God’s Word! Stop listening to those that say, you don’t need that Bible or this Bible! No, God is speaking to us and we have to stop being deceived by others and start listening to the Holy Spirit. As we have said before, there are many, many, good preachers, ministers, priests, and pastors out there, but we must test them by the Word of God, and know them by their fruits! If their message doesn’t line up with God’s Word, and God is telling us He did not give us a license to sin, or we will be punished, then we need to start seeing what is happening all around us in the world as we speak.

If you don’t have all of the books in your Bible, then get one that does! I know the Catholic Bible has more books than the Protestant Bible, I have both! The deception is not in any specific denomination of Christianity, but will be those that know God’s Word, and those that will be deceived and led away because He or She does not know God’s Word! If any Christian denomination is now saying that we have to accept sin as okay because of God’s Mercy, and this is the only way to get sinners to come to Church, this is a lie from Satan and his demonic realm. All of us sinners will be saved, if we accept Jesus, and try to alleviate sin from our lives. We do not have a license to sin because of God’s Mercy! Everyone as a Disciple of Jesus Christ, is a sinner, but we strive to be Transformed into His image by moving away from sin. If people in your Church say that they just don’t believe they can stop their particular sin, then he or she is not listening and being guided by the Holy Spirit. Prayers are blocked and not answered by God for the Transformation by the Holy Spirit, if the person chooses to continue in the egregious sin. This is why we have the freedom to choose. If in our hearts, actions, and minds, do not reject sin and work on moving away from sin, we will not receive the graces to stop sinning. Be careful of what you are being fed in your Church, and know all of God’s Word to ensure you are truly in His Divine Will.

Here is a video by Lois Vogel Sharp from January 7, 2019 that describes the demonic activity that is happening all over the world with the Nephilim. In the book of Genesis, Chapter 6:1-7, the Nephilim are described as sons of God, “fallen angels” that mated with the daughters of man and bore children to them. In Genesis 6, and 7, God destroyed the Nephilim along with the rest of the evil in the world with a great flood and saved Noah and his family. So, the Nephilim were destroyed right? Remember, the Nephilim are part human, and part fallen angel! They pop back up again in Numbers 13:32-33, “So they brought to the Israelites an unfavorable report of the land that they had spied out, saying, ‘The land that we have gone through as spies is a land that devours its inhabitants; and all the people we saw in it are of great size. There we saw the Nephilim (the Anakites come from the Nephilim); and to ourselves we seemed liked grasshoppers, and so we seemed to them.” So, how do the Nephilim keep coming back if they have been destroyed by God? It is because they are demonic, and people of sin, who allow themselves to be possessed by the devil, keep invoking them back. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8tpWW0_A0Rw.

So, more information on the Nephilim existence, is what the Holy Spirit wants us to know right now, and that this starts with acceptance of sin as being okay. Again, this is not to scare anyone, but the Holy Spirit shows us this Truth so that we are prepared and are aware that the temptations will get worse, sin will grow, and even the elect (Christians) will be deceived. Wickedness is also in high places of our countries and governments, and it all starts by moving away from God’s Word. This has taken generation, after generation of Spiritual decay and moving away from God and God’s Word and infiltration of Freemasons and those with Luciferian ideologies. As this demonic realm of sin grows, it allows the antichrist to make his move against God’s Children and steal souls away from God. So, don’t be afraid, but know God’s Word and that we are protected by the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Also, be aware of what you are being fed, and to continue to pray for Truth to be revealed by the Holy Spirit.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us” Have a blessed day.

2 Replies to “We do not have a license to sin. The Nephilim Spirit is lurking around looking to steal souls, and this is the evil that leads to the antichrist.”

  1. Brother, I was uneasy when reading the part of your description of the Nephilim.
    Please, please keep in mind as the Lord Jesus clearly describes the Angels, who are Spirits and sexless beings. They don’t procreate or need to, because The Most Holy Trinity created a particular number. Which for all intensive purposes far exceed or can fathom.
    Those sons of God are the sons of Adam stemming from the line of Seth.
    You say read the Word of God, plus look up those early writings of the Church Fathers.
    I know Pastor Paul Begley mentions this a lot. But there are things that I sift through carefully.
    With all due respect, your brother in Christ Jesus and our Lady of Mercy,


    1. Thank you Rick, we must always pray for discernment. It is also good to study the Book of Enoch, which is not an approved book, but it answers a lot of questions that we don’t have answers for. As we get closer to the Great Tribulation, there will be many mysteries we will not have answers for, which as Catholics, we don’t have to have to have all of the answers, just Faith. The main message about the Nephilim is that they are demonic. I appreciate your discernment and we will keep praying together for Truth, as we go through this together. Respectfully, servant for the Salvation of Souls.


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