Mena Lee Grebin, 2020 Prophetic Messages continued. Blood Moons and Solar Eclipses as Biblical Signs from God.

After listening to the continuation of Mena Lee Grebin’s prophetic messages from Jesus for the year 2020, we have surmised two more confirmations from the Holy Spirit. The first is that Mena was told by Jesus in this latest message that she was not to travel anymore and to share her prophetic messages from home, unless He sent her overseas specifically. This is also what God Our Father told Father Michel Rodrigue. God Our Father told Father Michel not to travel any longer past May, 2020, unless He was told by God to go somewhere. Since the prophets are getting these messages from God Our Father and Jesus, I believe it is good advice for us lay people also. God is telling us that the Labor pains are getting worse, and it is getting very dangerous to travel. If traveling is something that is part of your career, it would be best to pray about it to the Blessed Trinity and seek guidance after May, 2020. We can’t stop living our lives, but we already know from the prophets and Mike From Around the World that this year is going to be a Spiritual awakening for many people. So, if baseball sized meteorites begin to hit the Earth in May, 2020, definitely begin to pray about each out of town trip you take. Here is Mena Lee Grebin, 2020 continued,

Mena goes into detail about Matthew, Chapter 13:24-30, which is the separation from the wheat and the tares. We have already done a post on this time frame that we are in right now of the separation by Jesus of the wheat and tares. However, Mena does an excellent job of showing us how similar we are as Christians at the beginning in our Love for God, but as more evil and sin are spreading, we are beginning to separate as those members of the Church accept things that go against God’s Word, the Bible. If we are accepting things that go against God’s Word, we are no longer sheep that follow Jesus. Jesus tells Mena that those who fall away from Him will be exposed, because He knows our hearts. Mena also talked about how we, as Disciples of Christ, need to pray about where God wants us to serve Him in these times. We all have a place to serve Jesus in these times, and that might be just a very good prayer warrior for the Salvation of Souls. But, this is why it is good to get into prayer groups and pray together to see where Our Lord and the Holy Spirit will lead you.

Next, Mena tells us about two visions that her friends have had that are similar to her visions and dreams. The first vision was about sheep and goats following Jesus. As Jesus kept walking at a quick pace, He pulled out His sword and began to sharpen it. As Jesus kept going, the goats began to fall away, but the sheep kept following Him. Mena reminds us that God’s Word is the sword, and is our weapon against Satan. The goats became afraid as Jesus sharpened His Word against the devil, and they stopped following Him. In the second vision, her friend was standing in a place in the Earth that was beginning to shake. Like an earthquake, Jesus will begin to shake the Heaven and the Earth from place to place. Mena tells us that Jesus reminds her to tell His Children to not preach politics, but about the gospel, about Salvation, and about Faith. We focus too much on politics, and not enough about Jesus. This is why we push unification through Jesus in this blog, instead of separation of Christian denominations, because in the end times, the devil wants us to be divided, so that he can steal more souls, instead of all of us being united in Christ through His Word.

Lastly, Mena talks about penumbral lunar eclipses, which is a partial lunar eclipse, that falls on July 4-5, 2020 and November 29, 2020 in the United States. Both of these eclipses, are signs in the sky from God. The first penumbral eclipse will be on the day of Independence from Great Britain (July 4-5), and the second being on Thanksgiving (November 29) and the founding of America. Mena believes this is not coincidental. God is constantly giving us signs, we just have to open our Spiritual eyes to see them. Mena also talked about two very big solar eclipses that mark an “X” almost in the middle of the United States. The first was on August 21, 2017 that went across part of the middle of the United States from the Northwestern corner to Southeastern corner. Like Mena, I also remember having a terrible feeling in my heart that day, but not exactly knowing why, except that we shouldn’t be celebrating and something was wrong. The next big solar eclipse will be on April 8, 2024 that will cross from the Southwestern corner to the Northeastern corner. This will place an “X” right over part of Kentucky and Illinois. The Holy Spirit has shown us this very same “X” last year in 2019 as being a significant time of concern. Meaning, that this is the second confirmation from the Holy Spirit to us that this could be the big timeframe for an earthquake along the New Madrid fault that divides the United States.

There is a map of the United States that has been shown by ex-Special Forces investigator John Moore that he discovered during his investigations that reflects United States divided in two parts. John Moore stated in his investigations that he has interviewed many Navy retirees that have verified this map as authentic. This is why we know Our Blessed Mother’s prophecies about this binary system (Second Sun, or Star) are legitimate. There have been many, many confirmations from the Holy Spirit about Hercolubus, or Planet X, not just prophecies from our Blessed Mother. Here is investigator John Moore’s presentation on what our governments know is coming, Also,

So, we know we have had many confirmations from the Holy Spirit that the dividing of the United States will occur along the New Madrid fault line and the Mississippi river widening, which will separate the United States into 2 parts. We are not prophets, so only God knows if He will do this and when. But, we are telling you that there have been many prophets in this blog, and not in this blog that have seen this in visions and dreams, and many that have been told by Jesus that this will occur. We haven’t confirmed from the Holy Spirit that this will occur on April 8, 2024, but we do believe that the Holy Spirit is revealing to us through the prophets and Christian investigators in this blog, that a New Madrid fault earthquake will either occur on this date, or some time soon after this date. Mena mentions that these two solar eclipses are approximately 7 years apart. We know the number “7” means complete Biblically. We must continue to pray for discernment and pray that we are prepared for what is coming and that we are prepared to serve Jesus as His Disciples to preach the gospel, preach about our Faith and Trust in Jesus, and preach about Salvation. As these chastisements get worse, people will be looking for answers and hope. We are the Disciples that must be there to bring these souls hope in Jesus.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

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