New Show on The Coming Apocalypse with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around The World. New Messages to Enoch, and Ned Dougherty on After The Warning Website. New Videos on Mystic Post TV and Mother And Refuge of The End Times. Interview with Life Site News and Father James Altman on Father Altman’s Reaction to His Bishop Suspending His Priestly Faculties. New Report From The Real BP EarthWatch on a 6.0 Earthquake in California! New Two Preachers Video on Biblical Signs of the End Times. Pastor Perry Stone Analyzing Biblical Signs and Says, “We Are Running Out of Time.”

Good Afternoon Disciples of Jesus Christ. We are running out of time on coming back to Our Lord, and if anyone is still in a lukewarm state and brain washed stupor on the events occurring all around us, we also have little time left to keep explaining it in this blog. By lukewarm, we mean not on fire and in love with Our Lord Jesus Christ enough to be Transformed for Him as Truly Sanctified and His Disciple. The further we move into the labor pains, the more in shock you are going to be when events get to be devastating, and we do not not want lukewarm Christians to fall away from Our Lord Jesus Christ. We also want all non-believers to Surrender their lives to Our Lord Jesus Christ, while there is still time to do so before a devastating event could take their lives.

Let us Pray – Lord, Jesus Christ. As Your Disciples, we pray for the Salvation of All Souls. We know You thirst for souls, and this is why You came down from Heaven and sacrificed Your life for our Salvation. We call upon Your Mercy now for all of us sinners, and we call upon Your Graces to open the eyes of the unrepentant, lukewarm Christians, and all unbelievers that You are the one and only Son of The Living God Our Father in Heaven. We pray that all of those that have fallen away from You or have never known You, call out to You now and Surrender their lives and hearts to You. We pray that those that read this blog today get down on their knees, and ask for Your forgiveness with a contrite heart. We ask for Your Graces to enlighten them by the Holy Spirit to go to Confession if Catholic, and ask You to come back into their hearts and show them the error of their ways, and accept You as their Savior. We ask for Your Graces of the Holy Spirit to enlighten people to seek Baptism, first by water, and then the Holy Spirit. We pray for the fire of the Holy Spirit to come down and light all of us on fire with a holy, unquenchable love for You and the Blessed Trinity to Serve You now and forever. We ask all of this of God Our Father in Heaven in Your mighty name, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Here is the most recent show with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around The World. Mike comes on about the 1 hour mark, and the most important information we feel they discussed was about how our Heliosphere affects the Sun and is directly related to these Coronal Mass Ejections (CME)s that we are seeing on a consistent basis. Mike stated that our Heliosphere is being affected by this Binary system moving in, just like our Magnetosphere is also being affected. We have seen many prophetic messages from Luz De Maria on how our Sun was going to begin sending off flares so severely that it will affect the Earth. First we will post the show, then we will post some of Luz De Maria’s prophetic messages. Here is the show, the Coming Apocalypse,

Now, here are all of the prophetic messages given to Luz De Maria about how our own Sun will affect the Earth. This is exactly what Mike From Around stated would occur, and he is just pointing out how this Binary System is causing all of this scientifically that is affecting all of the planets and our Sun. Mike is not Catholic and does not follow Catholic prophetic messages, but he is a Christian, and this is why we have been following his information on this Binary System, because his scientific information on what is happening is aligning with Catholic prophetic messages. This is not a coincidence, and this is why the Holy Spirit has guided us to listen to Pastor Paul Begley’s show and Mike From Around The World. These prophetic messages have been put together by Revelaciones Marianas,

Here are the latest prophetic messages on After The Warning website, the first being to Enoch. This message to Enoch is also what Mike From Around the World has told us will occur to the tectonic plates and the Earth’s crustal shifts with heated magma rising to the Earth’s surface, causing plates to shift and move as this Binary system continues to move closer to Earth. Our Lord also told Enoch that we are running out of time before everything changes drastically.

This next one is a beautiful message to Ned Dougherty from Our Lord, Jesus Christ to say the prayer everyday and throughout the day, to live in His Divine Will. “Oh, Jesus of Divine Mercy, hear my pleadings to you, for I am here to do your will!”

Remember that this is our ultimate goal as Jesus’ Disciples for these end times because this is also what Our Lord told Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta that we must be able to do to live in the end times to get to the Era of Peace. Living in the Divine Will is also what makes our robes white as the purified Saints that persevered to the end during the time of distress in the Book of Revelation. Here is Ned Dougherty’s beautiful message from Our Lord,

Here is John Mariani and a reminder about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Here is a message to Our Blessed Mother on Mother and Refuge of The End Times.

Here is a video by Mystic Post TV and an interview with Vicka, one of the Medjugorje visionaries on seeing parts of Paradise with Our Blessed Mother.

Here is a report by the Real BP EarthWatch on a 6.0 earthquake the other day in California.

Here is the latest Two Preachers video on more Biblical signs of the end times.

Here is an interview with Life Site News on the latest with Father James Altman sent to us by one of our prayer group members. Father James Altman has now been removed by His Bishop from conducting his Priestly faculties and explains what this means for him as a Priest. Please continue to keep Father Altman in your prayers today for perseverance in doing God’s Divine Will as well as all of the Priests, Bishops, Cardinals and the Pope. We are all expected to pray for all of God’s Servants to be in God’s Divine Will, even when it appears to us lay people that some of them are not in His Divine Will. We should pray for them to be in God’s Divine Will instead of just for their intentions, because at this point sadly, we don’t know what everyone’s intentions are in these end times. So let’s all pray for God’s Divine Will for all of us at this time including all of God’s Servants and that they all come back to His Sacred Heart if they have fallen away.

Here is Father James Altman and John Henry Westen.

Lastly, here is Pastor Perry Stone who studies Scripture very closely and is now making a point to say to all Christians that he believes events are speeding up and we are running out of time before the Tribulation begins. This is also what the Prophets are saying that we have listed in this blog. It is imperative that all Christians understand how serious events are becoming and this is why we have combined Catholic Christians with Non- Catholic Christians in this blog and not just strictly Catholic views. The Holy Spirit has guided us in discerning that the Salvation of Souls is for all denominations of Christianity and to work on unification as members of the body of Our Lord Jesus Christ to Serve Him. This is important to compare because it reflects that the Holy Spirit is pouring out His Graces on all flesh in the end times, just like it is stated in the book of Joel, 2:28,

Here is Pastor Perry Stone.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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