Reflecting on The Teachings on One of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church on the End Times of St. Robert Bellarmine and Comparing Them to the Prophetic Messages of Lorena Portillo from Mexico and Other Prophets in the Blog. How do Current Prophetic Messages Align with Our Church Fathers in These Current Times? Latest Messages on After the Warning Website. Latest Videos from Mother and Refuge of the End Times, Quo Vadis, Mystic Post TV. Latest News Reports from Mary Greeley News and the Canadian Prepper.

Goodmorning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We are continuing to study what St. Augustine taught us on these specific times we are currently living, and we are also going to take a deep dive into what St. Robert Bellarmine also taught us as a Doctor of Church. It is important for us to do this because the Holy Spirit put it on my heart that Revelation from Our Lord has already been given to Our Church Doctors, and as our Catechism teaches, we know Our Lord, Jesus Christ, is the fulfillment of Divine Revelation, however, further understanding of God’s Divine Revelation is gradually grasped over the course of the centuries as events continue to unfold, and this is explained here. This is also explained by the Priest that covers St. Robert Bellarmine’s teachings on the End Times.

So, as we continue to inch closer and closer to the Tribulation period, God continues to make known to us through His Prophets in “Private Revelation” and through our Blessed Mother and Her apparitions, discernment from the Holy Spirit of what is coming in order for us to prepare. The problem is that our Church is very far behind in making decisions on what is “Church approved” in Private Revelation and what is not. The messages of Lorena Portillo from Mexico have only been approved at a local level by her Priests and Spiritual Director. So far, there is not anything in her messages that would contradict our Church teachings except she used the word “rapture” on one of her pages referencing a soul that will not be able to withstand everything evil that is coming, and this is not all of the faithful Christians, just souls God decides can’t take the persecution that is coming. However, everything else appears to be in alignment according to Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture, and her local Priests are determining the urgency of her messages, and this is most likely why her messages have been released. However, we must continue to discern from the Holy Spirit, and we must also compare her messages to some of the Doctors of the Church that have already determined through their own Revelation from God the understanding of the “The End Times.” We did a thorough listening to what was taught through Sensus Fidelium of the writings of St. Robert Bellarmine. I tried to do a review of St. Robert Bellarmines writings in print, but it was very difficult to read. So, I will post the videos and write down the main points of what the Priest on Sensus Fidelium is teaching about St. Robert’s writings, and then at the end compare them to Lorena’s messages.

Also, as we have stated at the beginning of the blog, our Catholic Church has been infiltrated so much by the Freemasons, Satan and his minions, that it is difficult to determine if a bad Bishop would condemn an important message that God wants revealed, or if it is a Good Bishop that has truly made a proper discernment with the Holy Spirit. This is why we continue to pray and discern, and this also what many Catholics are doing now, trying to be obedient to God by praying for all Truth, but yet staying faithful to Our Catholic Church. If God had not put on my heart personally during Adoration, the importance of her messages, I would not be posting them again. Here is Parts 1 and 2 of the Sensus Fidelium videos on “The End Times” by St. Robert Bellarmine.

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Here is what we wrote down taking notes on both videos. At the end of the Second Video of Part 2, I heard something the Priest said that caught my attention. He said in a later video, he would discuss what it means when Satan is locked up for a thousand years, which is explained by St. Augustine is not a thousand years, but a period of time, and this will be the final judgement of Our Lord, which is approximately one and a half months! Wow! This means that the battle of Gog and Magog will take place almost immediately after the First Beast, the False Prophet, and Satan are locked up and Babylon is destroyed. This will be the final battle of Christ and His Saints, then the final judgement in Revelation Chapter 20:11-15. So, this was shocking for me because this whole time, I was discerning incorrectly that the final judgement would be much further in time, if not a thousand years, then just many years later. So, this intermediary coming of Christ (Spiritually), is just a period of time of 3 and half years beginning with the Warning, and during the Tribulation period and not a prolonged period of the Parousia. We will definitely try and find this teaching from Our Church Fathers, and if anyone else finds it sooner, please send it to me through comments, or contacts in the blog, so we can further discern what the Holy Spirit is also revealing on this 1 and half month period. Here is what this Priest said about St. Robert Bellarmine’s teachings, and we are going to put his teachings in quotes and italics, then put next to it that we have discerned how this appears to be taking place now, and as events continue to unfold to God’s Prophets and in our hearts as watchmen for Him. Remember that we are not prophets, and no one has infallible discernment. So, continue to pray about everything we have written here for your own discernment with the Holy Spirit, and we will also keep praying!

1.) St. Robert said that are three main events that will happen before Christ’s return in the end times. For St. Robert, he did not say there was any intermediary coming, just the final coming as it is written in Scripture.

a.) First, “Pre-antichrist, the Gospel will be preached around the world.” For our discernment, this preaching of the Gospel will begin after the Warning occurs. This is also what has been referred to as the Second Pentecost by Father Michel Rodrigue, and Lorena Portillo of Mexico states when God will give His Militant Army our final instructions. This is also the intermediary period of time or the first part of Parousia as Father Adam Skwarczynski has explained in his vision.

b.) Second, “During the antichrist period, the preaching of Enoch and Elijah will take place and savage persecution of all saints will occur. The saints will be all of those that stand faithful to God. Also, all public masses will cease.” For our discernment, this is the First fruits (Primes) that will go out amongst the persecution and continue to preach the Gospel, and many will be martyred, along with the Practicing soldiers (This is also the 5th Seal in the Books of Revelation that will take place after the Warning occurs). It is at this period of time that the Marian Homes (Refuges) are already established in Revelation, Chapter 12, and many First fruits and Practicing soldiers will be sending saved souls to these Refuges that they have converted for Christ, during the Tribulation period. All Marian homes are protected by the Holy Legions of Angels and Our Blessed Mother, and the salvation of many souls during this period will be the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart! This is why Lorena has identified Our Blessed Mother as the Captain of this Militant Army, and he as the leader.

c.) Third, “Following the antichrist, is the destruction of the antichrist, then the final battle, and the end of the world.” For our discernment from the Holy Spirit, this is what Luisa Piccarreta is referring to in that we will all be living in the Era of Peace, if we have Surrendered to God’s Divine Will both as martyred souls and souls that survive the time of the great distress. Because it will be like the days of Adam and Even on Earth before their fall, and this is what is explained in Revelation Chapters 21 and 22. This is why it is so critical for us to pray for the gift to live in God’s Divine Will at this time! If we try our best to become God’s saints now, it will be less difficult to be able to have the fortitude to withstand everything that is coming to make our robes white. We cannot enter into this Era of Peace unless we are saints, because this will be like a partaking of complete union with God, which is also the Unitive Way in the Three stages of Spiritual Life.

2.) The Priest in the Sensus Fidelium video explained that during the Great Apostacy from our Church, St. Robert Bellarmine took the following information from the Book of Daniel, Chapters 2 and 7, the Book of the Apocalypse, Chapter 17, and 2 Thessalonians, Chapter 2. The Beast will have 10 horns, and a little horn, (which is the 11th horn). The 10 horns are 10 Kings that divides the Church. Then 7 Kings will subdue 3, and the antichrist will come from that group.” For our discernment, this is the Beast system that is rising now with the world elites, free masons, and the governments that are following everything that the elites are suggesting in the World Economic Forum (WEF). If a world war does break out, then 3 of the 10 will be subdued by the antichrist and his minions.

3.) “After the fall of the Roman Empire, power shall return to Asia, and the Orient shall dominate, and the West shall serve.” For our discernment, this appears to be a conquering of North American countries, and an uprising of China and Iran. Here is what the Holy Spirit showed us a few years ago in Daniel, Chapter 8, and according to studying the prophetic messages from Pedro Regis.

4.) “Antichrist will take his seat in Rome. Sit in the Temple of God, or our Catholic Church.” “The seat of the antichrist will either be in the Temple of God, Rome/or Jerusalem, as some think.” The Priest explains that the true opinion is that the antichrist will sit in the Temple of Solomon and David, not the seat of Peter. “More common teaching of the Fathers is in Jerusalem, not Rome. “Most likely place is Syria, because of the overtaking of the West by Asia.” For our discernment of what the Prophets are currently prophesizing, the Pope will be martyred, and Rome will be taken over by terrorism. If Pope Francis has stated that he will be the Bishop in White that is martyred in the Third Secret of Fatima, then this would fulfill what Father Michel Rodrigue prophesied. Thus far, this could mean that the antichrist will take the seat of Peter, but this is yet to be determined, because these events are still unfolding. We are all still waiting to see if the Pope is going to Moscow in the Spring. The fact that the Interfaith Church is now complete in Dubai, and open for business, is also not a good sign.

5.) Here are the Doctrines of the antichrist as explained by St. Bellarmine. “(a.) Deny Jesus is the Christ. Attacks the Sacraments, Baptism, Confirmation, Priesthood. (b.) Asserts himself to be the true Christ. (c.) Proclaims to be God; demands his own worship. (d.) Attacks God; claims to be the only God. everything else is false idols.” For our discernment of what Lorena is prophesizing, this period of time will be the Evangelization period and also the Persecution period. This appears to be most of the Tribulation Period up until the Harvest in Revelation 14:14-20. This is why the First Fruits and Practicing Soldiers are held in such a high regard and chosen by God because they will be given these special gifts by God to fight the antichrist and his minions. Also, these are the Saints that when martyred will come back with Our Lord to fight the final battle of God and Magog.

6.) “After Preaching of Enoch and Elijah, they will be killed by the antichrist. They will both be resurrected and assumed into Heaven. Shall prophesy 1, 260 days. They shall convert the Jews, the Catholics, and heretics, to come back to the Catholic faith.” Notice that is period of time, which is 1,260 days is the same amount of time in Revelation 12:13-14. This is the time of the people in the Refuges or Marian Homes. So, this confirms what Lorena is saying about the First fruits (primes) and the Practicing soldiers evangelizing along with Enoch and Elijah until that period of time is completed.

7.) “Vicious Persecution. Battle of Gog and Magog in Revelation Chapter 20 is the battle between the Church and the antichurch.” “St. Hippolytus commented that the battle between all evil men will come together and attack the saints of the Church.” “St. Augustine said, “Hidden enemies that pretend to be in the Church, but will break out from concealing their hidden hatred.” “The devil shall be loosed and Persecution will be that much greater than any Persecutions in history.” “St. Hippolytus said, “Persecuted martyrs killed by antichrist most glorious because these martyrs are fighting against the raging devil himself.” Again, this is why the prophetic messages of Lorena Portillo makes the most sense according to the Church Fathers. This is why these chosen people have been tailored for this specific mission by God.

6.) This Priest goes on to explain these main points of this Battle from St. Bellarmine. “(a.) Battle of Gog and Magog is the battle of antichrist against the Church. (b.) It is very probable that Gog is antichrist and Magog is his army. (c.) antichrist and Magog has a strange name because people in the army of Magog are extremely perverted and cruel. (d.) Russia and surrounding nations of central Asian countries come from the Scythians and this area covers from the Danube River to China. (e.) Persecution will end Public Mass, and daily Sacrifice of the Mass shall cease. (f.) Consensus of all Fathers is that Divine Worship shall cease, and Most Holy Sacrifice of the Masses shall cease.” This aligns with prophetic messages from Father Michel Rodrigue, Luz De Maria, and Giselle Cardia and probably more, but just can’t think of them all. Here is the Gog and Magog lineage posted by this Priest in his video for us to study. Notice that the descendants of Japheth have Magog, and this area is around Romania and the Ukraine. This is why many Church Fathers believe the final battle is against Russia.

7.) The Priest explains that St. Robert Bellarmine gets the time of the antichrist from Daniel 7, 12, and the Book of Revelation, Chapters 11, 12, and 13. and the rule is for three and half years. “The Two witnesses Enoch and Elijah is the time of 1, 260 days, and the antichrist rule is 1, 290 days because the antichrist rule is longer after the two witnesses are killed.” St. Gregory the Great, St. Ambrose, St. Jerome and St. Thomas Aquinas all have said that “antichrist will go to Mt. Olivet and conduct a blasphemous imitation of Christ, will appear to rise in the air, then St. Michael will knock him out of the air, and the Earth will swallow him up, and he will fall into Hell.” Fathers teach that about 1 and half months later, Our Lord will come in final judgment, which the Priest stated will be taught at a later time. The Priest also said that it is forbidden, and we are not to guess the name of the antichrist because this could lead us into being deceived by him. So, we will not be doing that because it is really not our job in service to Our Lord, but only to discern the signs of these times we are living in and to assist Him with the salvation of souls.

Wow!, So that is the covering of the videos of Parts one and two on St. Bellarmine’s teachings.

Let us PrayLord, we continue to pray for all Truth if it is Your Divine Will and we pray for the gifts that You have predestined for us to be allowed to Serve You in these times. We continue to pray for Your refinement to make us Your saints, and we pray for any other defects to be purged from our souls. We continue to pray for the salvation of all souls and pray for the intercession of St. Faustina to assist us in this prayer for lost souls to come back to Your Sacred heart during Your Divine Mercy after the Warning. We ask that as we are sitting with You in Adoration, please speak to our hearts on what it is You would like us to do in order to live in Your Divine Will perpetually, and we also ask for the intercession of Our Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, and St. Michael the Archangel. We ask this in Your Name, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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If we are not able to get to Church on a daily basis because of our families and jobs, please make an act of Spiritual Communion daily. However, the more of the Holy Eucharist we receive and partake of the Holy Mass, the more graces we receive for this battle that is getting ready to come against us.

Here is another form of the St. Michael Chaplet prayer that is better than the one we posted a few days ago. I would print this out, and Father Blount recommends praying this daily with your regular rosaries, and other prayers for protection for our Cities, Homes, and Contries. We posted Father Jim Blount’s video in the last post.

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Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

6 Replies to “Reflecting on The Teachings on One of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church on the End Times of St. Robert Bellarmine and Comparing Them to the Prophetic Messages of Lorena Portillo from Mexico and Other Prophets in the Blog. How do Current Prophetic Messages Align with Our Church Fathers in These Current Times? Latest Messages on After the Warning Website. Latest Videos from Mother and Refuge of the End Times, Quo Vadis, Mystic Post TV. Latest News Reports from Mary Greeley News and the Canadian Prepper.”

  1. Have you read “Antichrist and the End Times” by Rev. Joseph Iannuzzi? He’s a theologian in Rome, author and int’l lecturer on the Gift of the Divine Will. He only draws from Church Fathers, Scripture, saints and holy pope’s to support the findings in this book. There’s an entire chapter on the Parousia and the Final Judgement. I thought it was excellent. Please let me know what you think.


      1. Kate, I have listened to two Of Father Iannuzzi’s videos on theology of the End Times with Luisa Piccarreta, but does he have a specific study of the Church Doctors? If so, can you please post it here. Thanks.


      2. His other book, “Splendor of Creation,” also draws on the writings of the Church Fathers, doctors and mystics of the Church. I don’t know of a talk or publication of his that is solely from the Church Fathers.
        But, his books are well researched and derived from all (or nearly all) Church approved sources. God bless!


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