An Invitation to Grace. Reflection on Isaiah, Chapter 55 in God’s Holy Word. We Must Continue to Pray for Each Other and the Salvation of Souls! New Messages from After the Warning Website. New Videos from Mother and Refuge of the End Times, Daily Prophecies from Heaven, and Mystic Post TV. The Third Seal Is Opened. Analysis of How We will Go into The Fourth Seal with War, Plague and Famine. How Much Time Do We Have Left for Conversion? We Must Not Refuse God’s Invitation to Grace! Father Dan Reehil on Queen of Peace Media on the Warning! Also, Latest Video from the Two Preachers. Prayers from Lorena Put into a Printable Word Document. Latest Uplifting and Encouragement by U.S, Grace Force Podcast on “Only One Thing is Necessary.”

Goodmorning Disciples of Jesus Christ. I finally got my internet back! The craziness continues to come for all of us as we battle all trials daily, no matter how small they may seem to be. We are all trying to hang in there to continue to serve Our Lord as we are getting attacked by Satan in one form or another, but we must persevere for as long as we can in order to make our robes white! Our family is however, continuing its own personal trials, but the Holy Spirit told me the other night to increase our family rosaries, so we have all been trying to do that now, which is probably the best advice for all of us. Thank You Lord for continuing to refine us and purify us and make us more holy.

Because we are so much closer to the chaos beginning in our own countries and we are now in the Third Seal of the Book of Revelation 6:5-6, let’s reflect on Isaiah, Chapter 55.

Invitation to the Thirsty

55 “Come, all you who are thirsty,
    come to the waters;
and you who have no money,
    come, buy and eat!
Come, buy wine and milk
    without money and without cost.

Why spend money on what is not bread,
    and your labor on what does not satisfy?
Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good,
    and you will delight in the richest of fare.

Give ear and come to me;
    listen, that you may live.
I will make an everlasting covenant with you,
    my faithful love promised to David.

See, I have made him a witness to the peoples,
    a ruler and commander of the peoples.
Surely you will summon nations you know not,
    and nations you do not know will come running to you,
because of the Lord your God,
    the Holy One of Israel,
    for he has endowed you with splendor.”

Seek the Lord while he may be found;
    call on him while he is near.
Let the wicked forsake their ways
    and the unrighteous their thoughts.
Let them turn to the Lord, and he will have mercy on them,
    and to our God, for he will freely pardon.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
    neither are your ways my ways,”
declares the Lord.

“As the heavens are higher than the earth,
    so are my ways higher than your ways
    and my thoughts than your thoughts.
10 As the rain and the snow
    come down from heaven,
and do not return to it
    without watering the earth
and making it bud and flourish,

    so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater,
11 so is my word that goes out from my mouth:
    It will not return to me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire
    and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.
12 You will go out in joy
    and be led forth in peace;

the mountains and hills
    will burst into song before you,
and all the trees of the field
    will clap their hands.
13 Instead of the thornbush will grow the juniper,
    and instead of briers the myrtle will grow.
This will be for the Lord’s renown,
    for an everlasting sign,
    that will endure forever.”

Let us Pray Lord, we are thirsty and hungry for Your Love. We are eager to live and fulfill Your Divine Will. Your Holy Word has fallen on our hearts, and it has not come back void because we are surrendering our hearts, minds, and souls into Your Hands. We accept our refining in this mystical fire we are experiencing now, that we know will eventually manifest into a physical fire on this earth to destroy the wicked. Please allow us the Graces to be able to endure everything that is happening even in the smallest of trials we each experience daily. Please continue to guide us by Your Holy Spirit so that we may go out in joy and be led forth in peace as these trials continue to get worse. Holy Spirit, please fill us completely like You did Your Saints so that we may rest completely in Peace as we continue to be refined. We ask this of Our Heavenly Father, in His Son’s mighty name, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Here is U.S. Grace Force with a wonderful reminder of why we must be more like Mary than Martha as we continue to prepare for the Second Coming of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. I really like how this Priest, Father Michael Lightner, explains how to listen to God’s voice in your head and trust that it is God when we are sitting at His feet, like Mary.

Here are the latest messages posted on After the Warning website. The first to Luz De Maria. In this message, Our Lord explains that a new virus is coming. This may be the next virus that kills many people more quickly that may be part of the Fourth Seal that assists in killing a quarter of the Earth’s population. If this is the deadly virus that is part of this Fourth Seal, that is released by the Elites, then that means the third world war will begin and the famine will worsen, and collapse of the economies will also begin.

We keep hearing in the news that our Country in the United Sates is on the verge of a recession. However, we believe this is an understatement. If we have no food coming in due to supply chain issues and lack of produce due to crop failures, then there will also be a huge cut back in jobs and a possible collapse of economies. Here is a video created by End Times on an older message from the Prophet Enoch, who is now deceased. They did an analysis of current news and re-posted Enoch’s prophetic message from Our Lord.

Here is a recent message given to Shelley Anna from Our Lord telling us that Communism is continuing to advance, and the bear will attack Europe. When we see the firmament in the sky begin to roll back, know that Our Lord is coming to us in the Warning. We will actually hear the Trumpets sounding, but many will not know what the sound is.

This message confirms my first big dream I was given from Our Lord about three years ago on telling people that Our Lord is coming. I have posted this dream in the blog before, but will post it again because I can confirm from my dream what Our Lord was saying to Shelley Anna about hearing the Trumpets sound. In my dream, my spouse and I were standing on the top deck of a ship out on the middle of an ocean. I heard the sound of a Shofar blown in the sky and I looked up and saw red and green lights in the sky and lightning strikes all over the sky. I immediately knew in my heart that the sound was a Trumpet announcing the coming of Our Lord! I looked at my spouse and said, “Jesus is Coming”. We began to split off and go in different directions warning people that Jesus was coming and to get ready. I went to a man and said, “Jesus is Coming” and he looked at me and said, “that is only your opinion”. When he said this to me, a second Shofar sounded, this time the Shofar was so loud, that the sound vibrated all the way down to our bones and felt like a rattling of our bones with a very deep sounding Trumpet, or more like a Tuba because it was so deep and loud! Immediately, people began to run all over the ship, and I knew that I needed to keep telling people that Jesus was Coming, and to get ready, but people just kept ignoring me and running out of fear. Then, I went down to the lower deck and went into a room and saw a group of people praying. I said to a woman, “Jesus is Coming”, and she said, “I know, come in and pray with us.” Then I woke up from my dream.

Disciples, Jesus is Coming! We need to be ready to hear the sounding of the Trumpets, and we better be ready to evangelize because this is what He put on my heart many years ago as His Disciple. Here is Shelley Anna’s personal you tube channel and her video.

Here is Shelley Anna’s website.

As we see the SIGNS of the Fourth Seal coming together to be opened by Our Lord, I thought about what Father Michel Rodrigue said in his prophetic message about the United States being attacked by Iran and North Korea. If you listen to Anthony Stein’s video presentation about Saint Hildegard of Bingen, at around the two-minute mark, we hear that the Country we believe is the United Sates will be affected by a great earthquake, many tidal waves will hit the costs, and the east coast will be hit by a Tiger and a Lion. If you look up the animal symbols for both North Korea and Iran, you will see that the animal symbol for Iran is the Lion, and the unofficial animal symbol for North Korea is the Siberian Tiger. Here is the video from Anthony Stein about Saint Hildegard from Return to Tradition.

So, the Holy Spirit showed me the other night as I couldn’t sleep and kept praying for Our Lord’s Mercy for the whole world, that Father Michel Rodrigue’s prophetic message is a confirmation from an older prophetic message given to Saint Hildegard, that we will be attacked by North Korea and Iran with nuclear missiles. While we in the United States are being attacked by Iran and North Korea, Russia will continue to invade Europe, and Iran will most likely attack Israel because we in the United States will not be able to retaliate to assist Israel. Again, we are not prophets that write this blog, but just trying to continue to piece together what Our Lord wants us to know through His Prophets.

At some point, China will come into the picture and either take over our country through invasion and because our world will be under such great duress, NATO will form its powerful army in our fight against advancing “communism” and the 10 countries will form this great army and great reset for world peace and a survival for life and existence due to the calamities of war, famine and plague (The Fourth Seal). The Elites want us to believe this is our joined fight against the countries that embrace communism and world domination, and the antichrist will come from one of these countries from this NATO alliance and appear to bring forth peace and all of the solutions he tries to convince us we will need to survive, including one government, one religion, and one currency under the mark of the beast. So, we can see that everything is lining up for the Fourth Seal, and although we may not have all of the pieces put together succinctly, we have confirmation from Our Lord and His prophets that Iran and North Korea will play a part in the initial attack, just like Saint Hildegard and Father Michel Rodrigue have prophesized.

Here are the rest of the messages from After the Warning website. Here is one from Our Lady of Zaro.

Here are the latest messages from Pedro Regis.

Here is the message to Shelley Anna that we posted from her you tube channel above.

Here is another message to Shelley Anna from Saint Michael the Archangel about martial law coming in order to control the chaos as it hits.

Here is Mother and Refuge of the End Times with a video speaking with mystic and visionary Giselle Cardia, who carries the marks of the stigmata. Wow, in this video, she shows us a statue of Our Blessed Mother, with tears running down Her face. This also made me tear up out of love for Our Blessed Mother.

Here is a video from Mystic Post TV with Father Livio.

Here is Father Dan Reehil speaking with Christine Watkins about the Warning/Illumination of Conscience. We posted this from his Podcast show on Radio Maria, however, Queen of Peace Media has created a video in case you missed the podcast.

Here is Daily Prophecies from Heaven with an older message from Enoch. I am glad many people are still looking at the messages from Enoch.

Here is the latest video from the Two Preachers.

Here are the prayers given to Lorena that we put into a word document. Some of the translation from Spanish to English sounds a little confusing in some of the prayers that we got from the Mary Refuge of Souls website. So, please bear with some of the errors in this word document.

Please continue to pray for the salvation of all souls because we don’t know how much longer before the Fourth Seal is opened. There is not much more time for conversion for those that have stumbled across this blog today. Please prepare your hearts for what is coming.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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