New Messages on After The Warning Website by Luz De Maria, Giselle Cardia, Marco Ferreira, Valentina Papagna, Valerie Copponi, and Shelley Anna! Monkey Pox is Spreading, Could This Be the Disease of the Skin That many Prophets Spoke About Last Year? ALERT to an Amendment That Would Allow the World Health Organization (WHO) and the The United Nations to Make Health Decisions For the United States of America in a Global Crisis. Are We Being Set Up To Be Controlled Even More by The Elites and a One World Order? What Must We Do To Stop This Amendment? News Reports From Fox News on The Spread of Monkey Pox. Twenty Decade Rosary by Kristin’s Crosses.

Goodmorning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We have some very serious news to discuss this morning and it is not just the spread of Monkeypox in the United States. Even more serious is what Father Dan Reehil spoke about last week in one of his Podcast shows on Catholic Radio Maria and now today, we see that Life Site News has also gotten an interview about this disastrous amendment. The title of the Amendment is Provisional Agenda Item 16.2 and American Sovereignty. If this gets passed, it is going to pave the way for Christian persecution and all of those who oppose anything that the UN and the World Health Organization (WHO) wish to impose on the world due to a significant health crisis in the world. What this means is that if the WHO believes there is a significant world health crisis, then they could mandate vaccinations, masking, martial law, etc… This could be how the UN becomes the “police” of the world, which many prophets have prophesied about in their visions and dreams of men dressed in black with blue helmets. Here is the latest on this amendment from Life Site News.

Also, another report from Steve Bannon,

We are being set up for a One World Government slowly and surely year after year as we are all being forced into these world decisions of generated diseases, supposed pandemics, and the slowly growing catastrophic weather events. We can definitely see that as this binary system moves closer and closer to planet Earth and into our solar system, the media and our governments keep screaming “climate change”. So, the whole world is believing that we are experiencing “climate change” when it is this binary system or Planet 7X that is causing our change in severe weather. So, as this gets worse, can you imagine what the WHO would do if they were in charge of the world on all crisis situations? We must pray about this continually now in our prayers, because we are not sure how we can stop this amendment at this point, except to vote people in who would try to stop it before it gets passed. This is a very huge deception by Satan that is taking place right before us and we just now have been made aware of it. Here is another video by Mother and
Refuge of the End Times that will be show later today on the hidden Agenda of 2030. We in this blog, still do not believe we will make it to this timeline before God intervenes with His wrath.

Here are the latest messages on After The Warning website. The first is to Luz De Maria from Our Lord Jesus Christ,

Eduardo Ferreira,

Giselle Cardia,

Valentina Papagna,

Valentina Papagna,

Valerie Copponi,

Shelley Anna,

Here is Shelley Anna’s you tube channel Holy Trinity Messages From Heaven.

Here are more videos from Mother and Refuge of the End Times, one from a commentary from Mark Mallet’s blog.

Here is another,

Here is a video by Servants of Christ explaining the message about a Miracle that will occur for 3 hours. Wow, we are definitely ready for a Miracle to occur now! Thank You Jesus!

Here is the latest news on the rapid spreading of Monkey Pox all over the world, and now in the United States. We do believe this was the disease of the skin that the prophets kept warning us about in the last two years. Here is the post we wrote last year about Monkey Pox. In this post is the list for medicinal remedies that we have posted many times in this blog from Our Blessed Mother on how to treat these diseases that are being generated by the Elites. We also noticed that they have censored the Revelaciones Marianas Website that had the Special menus that they have had up for many years now reflecting all of the prophetic messages that are now being fulfilled. If you have not printed out the herbal medicinal remedies from Our Blessed Mother, you better do it today before all of this information is permanently removed from the internet.

Here are the latest news reports on Monkey Pox from Fox News.

Here is another recent report.

Here is Global News Report with great news for Oklahoma passing stricter abortion laws! Thank You Jesus!

Here is the current 20-decade Holy Rosary from Kristin’s Crosses. Please try and pray many rosaries today.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will be Done.

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