Sunday Holy Mass Celebrated At St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa, Canada. Catholic Prophets of The Apocalypse, Explanation of Luz De Maria Prophecies By Mother and Refuge of The End Times. Most Recent Message From Luz De Maria by After The Warning Website. Most Recent Interview Between Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around The World on The Coming Apocalypse. New Message to Giselle Cardia! News Report By BBC on the Quarantine of The Monkey Pox Virus, Could This Be The Prophesied Virus About Lesions and Boils on The Skin! New Jason A Video on “Climate Emergency”. New Teaching By Father David Nix on Explaining Confession From The Catechism of Saint Pius X. Great Homily By Father Chris Alar on Judgmental and Truth. “We Are Being Destroyed By Cultural Relativism.”

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ! Today, those of us that contribute to writing this blog celebrate our 500th Post! We are nothing by vessels for Our Lord and the Blessed Trinity and part of the Marian Army that give all honor and glory back to God for assisting us with every word written.

Let us PrayLord, We are Your vessels. Use us according to Your Divine Will. Fill us with Your Holy Spirit so that we may continue to Serve You with all of our hearts, minds, and souls. Guide us in all of Your ways so that we may continue to ascend in holiness and get closer and closer to Your Sacred Heart. Cover us with Your Precious Blood so that we may continue to be Transformed into Your image. We pray for the Salvation of all Souls so that all sinners will come back to You now and after the Warning/Illumination of Conscience. We pray for Your Truth, Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding in these times so that we may share this with others in order for them to come running back into Your arms. We are nothing without Your Love and Guidance in Your Divine Will. We seek only to please You and Serve You and we continue to pray for Your Heavenly Graces to continue to purge us of our sins and purify our hearts. We pray for this specifically, so that when we come face to face with You in the Warning, we will not be ashamed, but washed clean to be worthy to stand in Your presence. We ask all of this in Your mighty name, Jesus Christ. Amen.

We have a lot to discuss today because events keep escalating and although we have been seeing it since 2017 by God’s Graces, and started writing about it in 2019, we still only have a few followers of this blog. We just keep offering it up to the Lord, and He continues to insure us that He is guiding this blog and not to worry about who is following, but to just keep writing. We have pointed out in this blog everything Our Lord has guided us to through the Holy Spirit of the Prophets that are speaking Truth, but we in this blog, just like everyone else, continues to discern what Our Lord is telling us through His Prophets. Our Lord always puts a sense of urgency in our hearts to Serve Him and get busy because time is short. We hear this over and over again through His Prophets, and those of us that write blogs about end time messages also have this sense of urgency. This is because it is a time of testing for all of us! Prophets, Watchmen, Priests, Pastors, Religious, and Non-believers are all being tested. If something does not take place like the Warning/Illumination of Conscience in the time we feel like it was supposed to because of the sense of urgency Our Lord has put on us, it doesn’t mean we stop Serving Our Lord. It means we continue to push into His Sacred Heart, and pray for the Graces and Strength to keep going for Him, and continue to wait on His Faithfulness and Goodness on what our next mission is for Him. This is called Persevering in Faith! This is what it takes to become saints for Him in these end times, and we have the utmost respect for those Prophets and Watchmen that have been doing this for decades now in service to Our Lord.

Here is the Holy Mass today for those that can’t get to Mass due to illness, lockdowns or restrictions.

Mother and Refuge of The End Times is doing and excellent job of explaining the Apocalyptic Prophets of the end times. The first two videos were on Father Michel Rodrigue that were fantastic. This one today is on Luz De Maria Bonilla. The Holy Spirit pointed us to both of these end time prophets many years ago, and we discerned the same importance in their messages that Martha Rivas and Ron Ray share in this video. At about the 40 minute mark, they talk about Luz De Maria’s messages on celestial bodies heading towards the earth that will cause increased catastrophic weather changes. We have covered this many times throughout this blog as being the Binary System or the Great Comet of Chastisement or “Second Sun” that is moving through our solar system on an elliptical path around our Sun. This is also why we like to post the shows on the Coming Apocalypse with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World. This is because the Holy Spirit has guided us in discernment that these celestial bodies and their plasma charges and magnetic pulls are what’s causing these drastic weather changes that Luz De Maria explains in her messages. It is Spiritually caused by our sins and the cup of iniquity filling up calling on God’s judgement, but this is manifesting into the physical by God allowing the celestial bodies orbiting this Binary System to interfere with our own orbital balance with our Sun, Moon and other planets. This is what Our Lord has shown us through our own understanding of how the Prophet’s messages on sin are coinciding with the physical effects of our catastrophic weather on our planet. This is also coinciding with the Book of Revelation, Chapter 8.;NIV.

Here is their great video on Luz De Maria Bonilla (Part 1).

Father Michel Rodrigue explains all of this in his video with Queen of Peace Media on his prophetic message given to him about Our Lady of Knock, Ireland. All of this we will experience before God’s wrath, because as His Children, we are not subject to God’s wrath. God’s wrath does not come until the last trumpet,

So, our concern, as the Prophets continue to remind us in their messages, is not to be worried about when all of this is going to take place, to include the Warning/Illumination of Conscience, but to be concerned about where we are with Our Lord right now! Have we become lukewarm? Have we fallen away from Him and offended Him with our sins? Have we rejected Him by mixing paganism with Christianity like tarot cards, Yoga, crystals, palm readers, good witches, and new age spiritualism? Have we gone to Confession lately and have we conducted a general Confession with a Priest? These are all questions we have to ask ourselves right now, because Our Lord is separating His Sheep from the goats as we speak and we are all being tested. According to the Prophets, we are not to take the vaccine, and we have also explained this thoroughly throughout the blog. If you have taken the vaccine and have regrets, please do not worry. Put your Faith in God, and He will direct you on what to do, but first go to Confession!

Here is Father David Nix with Padre Peregrino, who has also done an excellent job in explaining the importance of Confession per the Catechism of Saint Pius X.

Here is the latest show with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around The World. Two things were spoken about in this show that caught our attention! The first is that Mike mentioned two celestial bodies that are getting ready to be seen in the sky very soon! Mike says that we are in beginning stages of the severe weather that will geographically transform our planet within the next two years, with severe coastal flooding and continental shifts. Another big issue they discussed is a new plague coming that is not part of the Delta variant of the Covid-19 plandemic. This could be the new report on Monkey Pox that just came out about a strain of virus similar to small pox infecting two hundred people in quarantine. Could this Monkey Pox be the plague of boils, or lesions on the skin the prophets were speaking about last year that we already documented in this blog?

Here is the show the Coming Apocalypse with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around The World. Mike comes on about the 45 minute mark of the show,

Here is the report on the Monkey Pox by the BBC News,

Here is the most recent message from Luz De Maria by After The Warning Website. In this most recent message from July 22, 2021, Our Lord tells Luz De Maria that the skin will be a nesting place for a new disease! Is this Monkey Pox?

If you have not downloaded the medicinal plant remedies from our Blessed Mother that we have posted many times in this blog, we will post it again here.

Here is a recent video from Mystic Post TV from Our Blessed Mother.

Here is a recent message to Giselle Cardia from Mother and Refuge of The End Times.

Here is Daily Prophecies From Heaven with a message to Luz De Maria from July 17, 2021 about the importance of being Spiritually intimate with Our Lord. Amen!

Here is more proof that our Moon is being affected by this Binary System and it’s magnetic pull with this video from Jason A on Biblical signs of the end times.

Remember what Our Lord said in Like 21:25, “And there will be strange signs in the sun, moon, and stars. And here on earth the nations will be in turmoil, perplexed by the roaring seas and strange tides.”

Here is a great homily and teaching by Father Chris Alar on “Judgmental and Truth: We are being Destroyed by Cultural Relativism”. Thanks Mary Ann for sending us this teaching from Father Chris Alar.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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