Sunday Holy Mass Celebrated at St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa, Canada. Reflection on Revelation 1:1-3, and 5-8. Prophetic Vision and Word From Troy Black on The Beginning of The End Times. New Messages To Prophet John Leary Through July 26, 2021. New Messages on After The Warning Website to Valerie Copponi and Shelley Anna. New Video Explanation of Luz De Maria Messages From Mother And Refuge of The End Times. New Video From Daily Prophecies From Heaven and Light of Mary. New Video Explaining The Great Warning/Illumination of Conscience! “5 Habits of Holy People” By Catholic Mom. Violent Protests Across Europe Demonstrated Against Anti-Covid Measures. Precious Blood Rosary.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We have received some good advice on how to tag and categorize our posts from our friends and fellow bloggers at Mary Refuge of Souls. So, we are trying to do this in order to get more attention out there to bring more souls to Jesus Christ, Our Lord. We have a lot to discuss today, but first we will post the Sunday Holy Mass from St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa, Canada for those that can’t get to Holy Mass due to illness, lockdowns, or restrictions. However, if you can get to Holy Mass today and everyday, GO, GO, GO! Time is running very short now for us to spend as much time with Our Lord, and we must not lose any opportunity to attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, before things get so crazy, we can’t get to Church. This is not meant to scare anyone, but events are continuing to escalate and we must continue to receive the Blessed Sacrament as much as possible while we still can.

Here is the Sunday Holy Mass at St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa, Canada.

Let us reflect on God’s Holy Word in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 1:1-3.

“1 The revelation from Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what must soon take place. He made it known by sending his angel to his servant John, who testifies to everything he saw—that is, the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near.”

If you have not opened the Book of Revelation due to fear of what it reveals or just do not believe it is possible for our times, please begin to read it now. Do not be afraid, but pray for Our Lord and His Holy Spirit to reveal to you what He wants you to know. You will be Blessed for reading it and asking Our Lord to help you discern it. He tells us this right in His Holy Word in verse 3 above.

Here is Revelation 1:5-7 that Troy Black was told to read from Our Lord.

and from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead, and the ruler of the kings of the earth.

To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood, and has made us to be a kingdom and priests to serve his God and Father—to him be glory and power for ever and ever! Amen.

“Look, he is coming with the clouds,”[a]
    and “every eye will see him,

even those who pierced him”;
    and all peoples on earth “will mourn because of him.”[b]
So shall it be! Amen.”

Our Lord is telling us He is coming soon. His soon in His time still might be a long time away for us, but what is important to understand is that Our Lord is telling Troy Black that the Book of Revelation is about to be revealed and to get ready for Him. This is no surprise to us Catholics because we know that should always be ready for the return of Our Lord, since His death on the cross over 2000 years ago. However, our point is that Our Lord is speaking to many Catholic, and non-Catholic Christians right now, and the ones we have discerned that are speaking Truth from the Holy Spirit. These messages from both Catholic Prophets and non-Catholic prophets are essentially saying the same thing on being the five wise virgins preparing their lamps to be filled with oil and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and always watching at the gates for our Bridegroom to return. This will be the Second Pentecost and this begins with the Warning/Illumination of Conscience for us Catholics that help in writing this blog and the Catholic Prophets we have put in this blog.

Here is Troy Black’s video on his latest vision and message from the Holy Spirit. Troy Black is not Catholic, but we have discerned from reading his recent messages, that he is getting messages from the Holy Spirit.

Our Lord has put it on our hearts to put both Catholic and non-Catholic prophets in this blog and we pray about who the Holy Spirit wants us to post. Our discernment is not perfect, and that is why we are constantly praying for guidance, but we know that from the beginning of this blog for God in 2019, He put it on our hearts to be humble for Him and try to unite all of His Children in Service to Him as the unified body of Christ. So, even though we don’t agree on everything in our denominations of Christianity, we are still revealing to the reader, that God is using all of His Children to Serve Him, because in the last days, He will pour out His Spirit on all flesh. Acts 2:17, “In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.”

Let us PrayLord, please continue to humble us everyday to be obedient to Your Divine Will. We continue to pray for Your Truth, and we continue to pray for the gift of living in Your Divine Will. We know that we each play a small part in Your Plan of calling all of us back to Your Sacred Heart, and we all know that we must have Faith in You and the Sacrifice You made for our Salvation and also perform works of Mercy as Your vessels to ascend in holiness. We are sorry as Your Children if we have offended You in not trying to work together for the Salvation of Souls, and we ask for Your Pardon, Forgiveness, and Graces to become unified as Your Servants. We know by Your Holy Word that in the end, only those that have washed their robes completely white will persevere until the end. Reveal to us Lord, how we can wash our robes completely white for You to become completely obedient to the Trinitarian Will, thus allowing all of us to be completely unified, and Truly Sanctified as Your Disciples. We ask this in Your name, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Here are Prophet John Leary’s latest messages, which are all very good this week.

For those that follow Father Michel Rodrigue, please know that Father Michel Rodrigue and John Leary have been working together in conferences for several years and are good friends. If Father Michel had seen any deception in John Leary, he would not associate with him. Father Michel’s messages are very similar to Prophet John Leary’s messages on the refuges and end time prophetic messages. We know what John Leary’s Bishop said, and because of what has already been fulfilled and what Our Lord has put on our hearts that contribute to writing this blog, we know John Leary is speaking Truth. This is why in these end times, you must also seek your own discernment from the Holy Spirit, and not be guided by everything that is on the internet because Satan is trying to discredit all of God’s Servants and does not want you to know the Truth. Prophet John Leary also prophesied about the plandemic back in 2012 that was fulfilled in 2020 that we had in this blog in a video, and that video was removed due to the censorship created by the Elites, who are serving Satan.

Everyone now has to seek Our Lord to open their Spiritual eyes, and stop listening to the lies, and deception that is being perpetuated in the media and internet. There is a lot of good information on the internet that Our Lord uses for His purpose, but you could read this blog post today, never look at the internet again, open God’s Holy Word and read it and pray for Truth. If you did this everyday, and still went to Holy Mass daily, received the Sacraments and sought Our Lord’s Holy Face in prayer to become a saint, you would be better off than listening to and reading all of the deception on the internet and in the media trying to discern Truth. God Our Father even told Father Michel Rodrigue that the internet was the devil’s tool and to stay away from it.

But, Our Lord has asked us to Serve Him with this blog and it will be used for His Purpose because it belongs to Him, so we will continue to post and write what He is leading us to put in this blog. Here are some very good messages from Prophet John Leary that we copied and pasted with his permission.

Monday, July 26, 2021: (St. Anne and St. Joachim)
Jesus said: “My people, I am blessing this area with My rain for life, because you cannot survive without water. I thank you My son for finding and praying your prayer after meals. You truly are an obedient servant. In the first reading from Exodus, you read how the people made a golden calf to worship as a god. I condemned this worship of other gods than Me. My people, today you have other gods to worship as money, fame, cell phones, rich homes, and comforts. I must be the center of your lives and you should only worship Me not just on Sunday, but on every day. In the Gospel I gave two examples of the Kingdom of God in the mustard seed that is the smallest of seeds that grows into the largest of plants. I also gave you the yeast that is needed for bread to be leavened and rise. Your priest suggested that patience is needed for plants to grow and for bread to rise. I want all of My people to love Me and your neighbor, for this is the basis for My Ten Commandments. So I am calling on My people to obey My Commandments so you can please Me with your obedience. I am with you always in My consecrated Bread and Wine, so take some time to worship and thank Me in front of My Blessed Sacrament in My tabernacle. Today, you need to honor My grandparents of St.
Anne and St. Joachim who took care of My Blessed Mother. God bless all of you in all that you do each day.”

Jesus said: “My people, you can trust in Me at the refuge time, to be ready to receive people who are coming to My refuges in various physical and spiritual conditions. My angels will be guarding all of My refuges, and only My believers with a cross on their forehead would be allowed into My refuges. At each refuge you will see a luminous cross in the sky. When the people look upon the luminous cross and have faith that I can heal them, then they will be healed of all their physical, mental, and spiritual wounds. They will be healed of viruses, and the vaccinated people will be healed as well. Some people will be traumatized by the destruction that will be going on in the world, and I will heal these people of all of their fears. As people will see the miracles of My healing power, they will have their faith and trust in Me restored, just as My apostles’ faith was enhanced when they saw My miracles. Once My people are healed, now they will be ready to work with your leaders who will organize the jobs that will be needed for you all to survive. Each day I will multiply what you need to feed your people food and water. You will have enough water, soap, and sponges for washing yourselves and what you will need for hygiene necessities. You will have daily Holy Communion and Perpetual Adoration when you are assigned hours around the clock. Trust in Me for My healing power and for providing all of your needs and protection at My refuges during the tribulation.”

Sunday, July 25, 2021:
Jesus said: “My people, you know I can multiply your food when it is needed. I only ask that you believe I can do this for you, and it will happen. You remember when I provided the manna for the Israelites, and how they had to go out each day and collect what was needed for that day. So when I will multiply your food at your refuges, I will only multiply what you need for one day. Each day you will have to believe that I can do this for you. You will only have enough food for one day at a time. You need to say your prayers before your meal, and you need to pray prayers of thanksgiving after your meal. Learn these prayers so your meals can be complete. Also when you ask for healing prayers, you need to believe I can heal you, and it will happen. Trust in Me to provide for your physical and spiritual needs every day.”

Note: Prayer after meals:
We give Thee thanks for all of Thy benefits, O almighty God, who livest and reignest world without end. Amen. And may the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

Saturday, July 24, 2021: (St. Sharbel Makhluf)
Jesus said: “My people, I bring you My wonderful creation as you see My glorious sunlight bring My Light into your church. I have given you a parable of the wheat and the tares. Your farmers know how to plant the wheat, but you have Satan as the enemy who plants weeds in your crops. You have organic crops and the artificial food called ‘Genetically Modified Organisms’ or GMO food that Satan enabled the evil ones to change My natural crops. These are your new weeds in your fields. This parable has a deeper spiritual meaning. I allow the faithful people and the evil people to grow up together. I allow this so My faithful will have an opportunity to convert the evil people to believers in My Word. At the judgment time I will have My angels gather all of the evil people, like the weeds, and they will be thrown into the eternal flames of hell. These evil ones refused to give glory to Me and they did not ask for My forgiveness of their sins. The faithful believers, like the wheat, I gathered into My barn of heaven where they will have their reward with Me at My Wedding Banquet. The faithful have suffered through life, and they have followed My Commandments, and by Confession they had their sins confessed and forgiven. They have followed My missions and they have produced fruits of good deeds for thirty, sixty, and one hundred fold. Give praise and thanks to Me for all I have done for you in life. I love My faithful because they have shown their love for Me in their prayers and their actions.”

Jesus said: “My people, this refuge will support many people who come at the proper time. I am proud of My servant and her workers for all the work and effort that has gone on to make this refuge. It is her life’s work. You have My archangel St. Uriel who is protecting these grounds. You can call on his help for all that is needed. At the refuge time My angels will protect this place so that no evil people will be allowed in here. Only My believers will be allowed in. When the people come, I told you how to have a core group with leaders for the various jobs that are needed for a refuge. I have blessed this work for all the effort that the people have made for when this refuge will be used. Center your lives around Me, and you will see the fruit of your efforts. Trust in Me for all of your needs, as I will multiply the food, water, and fuels that will be needed.”

Thursday, July 22, 2021: (St. Mary Magdalene)
Jesus said: “My people, I appeared first to St. Mary Magdalene after My Resurrection, and she recognized Me when I called her name, ‘Mary’. She went at once to tell the other disciples, but they did not want to believe her. Later, My apostles believed in My Resurrection when I appeared to them in the Upper Room. Blessed are they, who believe in My Resurrection, and they have not seen Me in the flesh. It was hard for My disciples to believe that I resurrected from the dead, because this had not ever happened to anyone. Once they saw My Body, they remembered how I told them that the Son of Man must die and be resurrected on the third day. My people, today you are fortunate that you can receive My Body and Blood in Holy Communion at every daily Mass. Not everyone believes in My Real Presence in the consecrated Host, but I am still Present just the same. Treasure the few moments I am with you, because every Holy Communion gives you a small taste of heaven.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, all of My refuges are precious to Me, and I do not want any harm to come to them, because the evil demons hate them. Not only do you have refuge angels protecting My refuges, but I am sending a legion of angels to stand guard over My refuges even now. What you thought were tall buildings surrounding your refuge, are actually tall angels that I am allowing you to see in your vision. So have no fear or worries because My angels are protecting your refuges right now before the Warning and the evil events to come.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have been receiving a lot of rain so you no longer have any deficit to your average rainfall. In your area you are fortunate to live close to the Great Lakes that have 21% of the world’s surface fresh water. Out West there are many water shortages and fires in the summer. This area is gradually approaching a water shortage that may cause people to move East for fresh water. The West coast may have to start desalinating the ocean water to provide fresh water for farms and drinking. Be thankful that you will have multiplied water at My refuges.”

Jesus said: “My people, there are demons coming out onto the surface of the earth through the volcanoes and the portals from hell that you are seeing in your vision. Have no fear of these demons because My angels will protect you. As you approach the tribulation of the Antichrist, more and more demons will be allowed to come up from hell to harass the people. This is why I will be directing My faithful to My refuges, so My angels can protect you from the demons and the evil people. During the tribulation of the Antichrist, the demons and evil people will be tormenting all of the non-believers who are still alive. My faithful will have crosses on their forehead by My angels so you will be allowed to enter My refuges. Trust in Me to protect My believers until I will bring an end to the Antichrist’s reign.”

Jesus said: “My people of this prayer group, many of you have been to the four practice refuge runs where you stayed overnight to see how you would live as a Christian community. You ate the reconstituted dried food. You had water from your water well. You made several loaves of bread to eat with your Camp Chef oven. In the winter you used wood in your fireplace and kerosene in your kerosene burner to keep the house warm. You used cots for the people to sleep, and you had lights at night using rechargeable batteries. You have solar panels, inverters, and solar batteries to power lights and your water well pump. I will provide for your needs by multiplying your food, water, and fuels.”

Jesus said: “My people, you will see the Democrats bringing more laws of control over you. Biden will pass more Executive Orders when Congress does not act fast enough. You could see another shutdown and more control over your food. Biden could even use this shutdown to declare martial law. When your lives will be in danger from this dictator, I will call My believers to the safety of My refuges. Be prepared to leave your homes when I give you My inner locution to come within twenty minutes. Your guardian angels will lead you with a flame to the nearest refuge. You will have an invisible shield put over you on the way to your refuges by your guardian angel.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have been giving you many warning messages to not take the Covid vaccines that could kill you in a few years. I have also been encouraging My faithful to have three months of food on hand during the next shutdown. Before this famine shutdown comes, I will bring My Warning to prepare the people who choose to follow Me, so they will be told to come to My refuges after the six weeks of conversion. I will provide for your needs, so have no fear of these events.”

Jesus said: “My people, this is the year of St. Joseph and he will be helping the refuges in any buildings that will be needed to house My believers. St. Joseph told you how he would be your contractor to provide a high rise in your backyard for all of the people I will send to you. Keep praying your St. Joseph prayer as you did tonight, because he will be an important part of your refuge life. Continue your St. Anne novena leading up to her feast day on July 26th. This is My spiritual grandmother who trained My Blessed Mother in her faith. Be prepared, My faithful, because you are about to see a major battle between the good people and My angels against the bad people and the demons.”

Here is the latest explanation of the messages given to Luz De Maria by Mother and Refuge of The End Times. They are doing an excellent job of describing the Prophets and their messages. We did not get the same discernment on their description of the Angel of Peace messages from Luz De Maria, because we have discerned this is really an Angel and not a human being. But, like Martha stated in her video below, we don’t have perfect discernment either and we just have to go with what we believe the Holy Spirit is guiding us to. Here is what we wrote on the Angel of Peace a few years ago.

Here is the video created by Mother and Refuge of The End Times on Luz De Maria.

Here are the latest messages on After The Warning website to Valerie Copponi,

Here are more messages to Shelley Anna,

Here is the latest video by Mystic Post TV and their messages from Our Blessed Mother in Medjugorje. Now is the time for conversion!

Here is the latest video from Our Daily Prophecies From Heaven with a message to Angela and Our Lady of Zaro,

Here is the latest message on Light of Mary to Linda Noskiewicz. This message from Our Lord is so beautiful!

Here is a good video from someone in France by the name of Jean Raphael Eglin, has created on the Warning. It is very long, but very descriptive about the Warning/Illumination of Conscience for those that have never heard of this prophecy from Saint Faustina, or Our Blessed Mother in Garabandal, or now from current prophets.

Here is Father Mark Goring describing his longing for an illumination of Conscience of his own soul to confirm if he is pleasing Our Lord, which is something we must all pray about everyday.

We saw on Father Mark’s video about his book, “Hold My Beer”, that many people like the Catholic Mom as a You tuber. Here is her video on 5 things that all Catholics should be doing to assist us in becoming holy for Our Lord that is very good.

Here is the Precious Blood Rosary mentioned in the video about Luz De Maria that we don’t believe we have posted in this blog yet. We must say the Holy Rosary everyday as a reflection on the life of Jesus Christ and also for Spiritual protection. We have already mentioned this in the blog several times, but we are saying it again because we can definitely see from those Catholics that recite the Holy Rosary daily, are more likely to have their Spiritual eyes opened in these times, as opposed to those that don’t recite the Holy Rosary on a daily basis.

So, here is a video from Crux News showing all of the protests going on around the world due to the latest restrictions, and lockdowns due to the Delta variant. The Elites made sure they did a good job of lifting restrictions just long enough for everyone to have a taste of freedom over the summer before they introduced the Delta variant as another deadly variation of the Corona virus. Forced vaccinations and vaccination passports are becoming more apparent as the goal of the Elites are being exposed to vaccinate everyone on the planet. Let us all continue to pray for God’s Graces of strength to be forever faithful to Him in these times in order to persevere until the end to have our robes washed white.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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