Reflection on Matthew 10:28 in God’s Holy Word. New Messages on After The Warning Website! Encouraging Words From A Fellow Blogger, MatthewSix25to34. Is the Warning/Illumination of Conscience also The Last Great Movement of The Holy Spirit? Vision From Troy Black. Cardinal Burke “Warns About Apostacy, Scandal in The Church”. Radio Podcast By Life Site News and Mother Miriam on “Catholics Must Remain Steadfast Even Though Many Church Leaders Seek To Destroy The Faith.” Pastor Paul Begley on “Massive Gamma Ray Burst Headed To Earth.” Latest Video From The Two Preachers on More Biblical Signs of The End Times.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. Today we are reflecting on Mathew 10:28 in God’s Holy Word.

“Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.”

If we study this in totality beginning with Our Lords description of Coming Persecutions in Matthew 10:16-33, we see that Our Lord is preparing us for Persecution as His Disciples. If you are His Disciple, you will be persecuted in some form or level only known to Him and His plan for each of us. This is our cross that we promise to carry for Our Lord. Disciples, the persecution has already begun in ridicule and pressure on the “unvaccinated”. Those of us that know not only from the prophets, but also discernment from the Holy Spirit that these trial vaccines are bad, are feeling the pressure from our family, friends, the media and society to take the jab. No, No, No!

Stand firm in your Faith in Jesus Christ! He is with us and will never leave us. This is His Promise, and Our Lord is always Faithful. We just heard that there will be mandatory vaccinations for the military starting on September 1, 2021. Also, the Department of Veteran Affairs just also announced that there will be mandatory vaccinations for their employees. Why is there a mandatory push for everyone to be vaccinated if infections are going down per the media? If there is a concern about the Delta variant, then aren’t the vaccinated already protected from death? Why should anyone care if the unvaccinated have chosen not to take the vaccine for any reason, including religious reasons? If the vaccinated are protected, why should they be concerned about others?

It is because there is an agenda to force everyone in the world into receiving the vaccine, no matter what you believe, or don’t believe. This is the agenda of the current administration in the United States of America and this is also the agenda of all the countries that are part of the Great Reset and World Economic Forum. It is an agenda that will eventually lead to the mark of the beast, and all of this is part of the beast system that has already been implemented. The Prophets are warning us, and the Biblical signs are everywhere. We just have to Surrender to Jesus Christ, and Repent of our sins, and He will allow the Holy Spirit to begin working in our hearts. If you are afraid and a Christian, then you have not allowed the Holy Spirit to work fully in you right now. If you have taken the trial vaccine out of fear, because everyone has pressured you, then you did not truly seek Jesus with all of your heart for the answer on what to do. If you have taken the vaccine because your friends, who appear to be filled with the Holy Spirit, have also said it was okay, then you did not seek Jesus for the answer, you sought the word of man. Thus, Matthew 10:28, is the most appropriate verse for us in these times. “Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.”

I would much rather take the risk of Surrendering to our Lord in allowing Him to control my destiny of whether I will succumb to a virus or not, than to offend Him in taking a vaccine that has aborted stem cells in it. Our Love of Our Lord should conquer all fears from man, if we have completely Surrendered to Our Lord’s Divine Will. Here are more Scriptures on fear that God has warned us about in His Holy Word.,my%20light%20and%20my%20salvation%3B%20whom…%20More%20.

Let us PrayLord, You have not given us a Spirit of fear, but a Spirit of power, love, and self-discipline as Your Holy Word says in Second Timothy,1:7. Please allow us the Graces of courage and boldness today and everyday as the labor pains continue to increase. Lord, we pray for Your Mercy for all of those that have succumb to fear of dying, losing their jobs, or peer pressure from family and friends for not getting the trial vaccine. We know that You have warned us through Your prophets, but most importantly, You have warned us through Your Holy Word, not to be afraid of those that can kill the body, but not the soul, but rather be afraid of the One and Only God who can destroy both. We pray for everyone today to seek Your Holy Face when it comes to making any decisions about getting this trial vaccine. You are the Way, The Truth, and The Life, and You will guide us in everything if we seek You with all of our hearts. We know we are all being tested right now, and we can do nothing without the Holy Spirit directing us in everything in obedience to the Trinitarian Will. We ask all of this in Your mighty name, Jesus Christ. Amen.

We received an encouraging comment yesterday from a fellow blogger at Matthewsix25to34 and we just wanted to thank him personally in this post today and put his blog here for you to review. We all need encouraging words because we are all going through personal battles to keep persevering in Service to Our Lord. Here is his blog, please listen to his audio sound cloud at the bottom of his home page, it is very encouraging for all of us.

Here are the latest messages on After The Warning website, the first message from Mathewsix25to34.

Here is the latest message to Giselle Cardia.

Here are more messages to Shelley Anna that we recently began posting.

Here is a warning from Cardinal Raymond Burke about Practical Apostacy in our Church,

Here is Mother Miriam and her radio podcast show on Life Site News, “Catholics Must Remain Steadfast, Even Though Many Church Leaders Are Seeking To Destroy The Faith.”

I wanted to post another video from Troy Black about a message he received about the last great movement of the Holy Spirit.

We have put this in the beginning of the blog, because this is what Our Lord has put on our hearts to write, which is that the Warning/Illumination of Conscience is the last great movement of the Holy Spirit! It will not be the last movement of the Holy Spirit, but the last Supernatural movement that will set the whole world on fire for a period of time. How do we know this? Because Our Lord has told us through His current prophets like Father Michel Rodrigue, that the Warning/Illumination of Conscience is the Second Pentecost. It will be a time when we all come face to face Spiritually with Our Lord and see our sins and be so filled with the Holy Spirit that we will be on Holy Fire to Repent, and Serve Him. We also know that many non-Catholics, but Christian believers and prophets are also getting a prophetic word of a great movement of the Holy Spirit. Both Catholic Charismatics and non-Catholic Charismatics are also feeling this same movement, and it has also been prophesied many decades ago. We in this blog have also discerned from Our Lord that this will also be the time when Scripture is fulfilled when all of the gospel will be preached in all of the Nations in Matthew 24:14, “This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come.”

Our Lord’s Warning to every man, woman and child, believers and non-believers over the age of reason will be what ignites us to preach the Gospel all over the Earth, thus it will ultimately fulfill the last great act of Divine Mercy from Our Lord, God Our Father, and The Holy Spirit.

Here is Troy Black’s prophetic vision and discernment from the Holy Spirit on that vision.

Remember, Troy Black is also the one that stepped out and gave a prophetic word from the Holy Spirit about Catholics in the Catholic Church spreading the Gospel in these times and doing great signs and wonders.

When the Warning/Illumination of Conscience occurs, we will know from the Holy Spirt that this is our time to move and Serve Our Lord, like never before. We, along with all of those that have stood firm in the Faith in following Our Lord in all of His ways, both Catholic and non-Catholic will be set on fire to assist Jesus in saving souls, and this includes bringing those that have fallen away, back to Our Lord’s Sacred Heart. So, this will be a movement of the Holy Spirt to assist in saving all souls who choose Jesus Christ our Lord, over the ways of the world.

Here is a recent report from Pastor Paul Begley on NASA preparing us for a massive Gamma Ray Burst of radiation from space most likely from an exploding star, heading our way, but we don’t know how soon.

Here is a recent report from Mary Greeley News on following the man that contracted Monkey Pox and travelled through Atlanta Airport with 200 people now in quarantine that he came in contact.

Here is the latest video of Biblical signs of the end times from the Two Preachers.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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