Sunday Holy Mass Celebrated at St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa, Canada. Scripture Verses on God’s Promises of Protection. New Message To Julie Whedbee on “Behold I Come”. New videos on Mother and Refuge of The End Times. New Video on Mystic Post TV. Fox News Report on Vaccination Reaction Testimonies From Families. Mary Greeley News Report on 6.0 Earthquake in Panama. Sky News Australia Report on 150 Dead From Massive Flooding in Europe. Latest Two Preachers Video on More Biblical Signs of The End Times.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. Today, we will reflect on God’s promises of protection as His Children.,-From-God.

It is good to read these Scriptures over and over again when we are going through trials, because these are promises by God that will never be broken as long as we stay rightly ordered to God. Let us continue to meditate on God’s Holy Word, especially Psalm 91 where we have discerned as well as many Prophets, including Father Michel Rodrigue, that we are protected and this Psalm is specific to these times. Psalm 91,

Let us PrayLord, we stand firm in Your promise of Protection throughout Your Holy Word. We stand firm in Your Love for us as Your Children. We stand firm in Your Glory and all of the Heavenly Blessings and Graces You allow us to receive both in the good times and bad times. We stand firm that we are Children of God living in and under Your Authority given to us as Christians. We stand firm for Your righteousness and thirst for the Salvation of Souls. We stand firm that our Surrender to Your Sacred Heart means we Surrender to Your Divine Will that will Transform us into Your image, which also means we will have many crosses to bear. We stand firm Lord as Your Disciples. Thank You for Your Love and Promises. Amen.

Here is today’s Holy Mass for those that can’t get out due to illness, lockdown, or restrictions.

Here is Julie Whedbee’s latest message from Our Lord in her blog, “Behold I Come.”

Here is the latest message to Julie Whedbee that we have copied and pasted from her site with permission as long as nothing is altered.

My remnant who have been prepared, who have come out of Babylon and have walked through the fire of testing and trial, I speak to you this day. You will see the fulfillment now of all that has been prophesied, and you will walk in My full authority, power and strength. I will pour out the needed measure of oil and anointing that is required in order that the work I have begun will be completed. Your emptied and wearied vessels will be filled to overflowing and I will make you into instruments of righteousness so that My glory and My presence will be made manifest for all to see. 

It is the season now for My first-fruits to manifest. You who know Me intimately and who rest in the power and protection of My precious blood will know no fear or doubt as you see the collapse in the natural, of all that has been known to you. Come to Me as you always do, often, and repent. Do not hold on to things of this life any more than is necessary. Continue to keep away from the distractions, and listen for My instructions. They will come to you as you have learned to hear My still small voice and you will act and move accordingly. Continue to pray and intercede for the lost as many will perish. 

I am in control, never forget this. You will very soon understand so much more and the keys you have been given will open even more revelation and an even greater understanding. The great and mighty winds of judgment are here and your wait is almost over My loves.

Here is the latest video from Mystic Post TV on a message from visionary Vicka.

Here is the latest message to Luz De Maria from Saint Michael the Archangel on July 13, 2021 put into video, that we have already posted from After The Warning website.

Here is a video on combined messages from different prophets reporting the Apocalyptic times we are living in by Cervantes. He has also been called to do what we basically do in this blog.

Here is his specific website.

Here is the latest message to Angela in Our Lady of Zaro.

Here is a very good Fox News Report on COVID-19 Reaction testimonies from families. Not sure why this has not been censored yet, maybe because it is a News Channel.

Here is a report yesterday from Sky News Australia on 150 dead in Western Europe Floods.

Here is the latest report from Mary Greeley News on a 6.1 Earthquake off the coast of Panama,

Here is the latest video by The Two Preachers on more Biblical signs of the end times.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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