Earthquakes Everywhere! An 8.1 Earthquake in New Zealand that followed 2 other 7.0 plus Earthquakes in the last three days. Reports from Pastor Paul Begley, Mary Greeley News and Dutchsinse! Also, Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World on the Show, The Coming Apocalypse from March 4, 2021! Also, New Message to Luz De Maria in Spanish that We Have Translated into English dated March 4, 2021!

Good Afternoon Disciples of Jesus Christ. We have had several 7.0 plus Earthquakes in New Zealand and just yesterday had a 8.1 off the coast that triggered a Tsunami warning that was later canceled. We are going to post all three references we use in this blog on those Earthquakes, because we want to point out how seriously close to a major event happening very soon! We are saying this also based on the fact that Saint Michael has given Luz De Maria another message that hasn’t been translated yet from Spanish to English in the Revelaciones Marianas website, but we are going to post it through Google Translate so that all readers understand how the prophetic messages are now aligning with catastrophic events that keep escalating! First, here is Pastor Paul Begley’s reporting of the 8.1 Earthquake in New Zealand.

Next, here is the latest explanation on the Earthquakes happening around the world by Dutchsinse that he posted last night.

Next, here is Mary Greeley News explaining the Earthquakes in New Zealand.

Here is the Coming Apocalypse Show with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World from last night.

Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around The World are definitely keeping a close eye on Planet X or this binary system, and how it is really beginning to affect our planet as it gets closer and closer. There have been no reports of seeing Planet 7X as Gill Broussard stated that we could see it by February 20, 2021. However, even though we can’t see it yet, we are definitely seeing the effects it is having because of the increase of earthquake activity and volcanism. Also, the intensity of these earthquakes are getting really high, with the 8.1 off the coast of New Zealand.

The only thing we wish to bring up from Mike and Pastor Paul Begley’s discussion last night that is very important to notice right now is the fact that Pope Francis is in Iraq to conduct an inter-religious meeting and to conduct a Holy Mass for the Catholics and to encourage the Christians. We are not here to judge Pope Francis and that is not why I am writing this here, but here is what the Catholic News Agency is reporting on why he is there for 3 days.

This is what we copied and pasted from the Catholic News Agency article, Interreligious Meeting in the Plain of Ur. Pope Francis will then travel to the plain of Ur in southern Iraq, which the Bible records as the birthplace of Abraham. The archaeological site at Ur, excavated in the 20th century, includes a Mesopotamian ziggurat and ancient complex of houses.”

If you have Spiritual eyes to see and ears to hear, then we have to ask why would he go to a Ziggurat in Ur on Saturday to conduct this meeting? Can’t this meeting be conducted somewhere else in Ur to recognize the birth place of Abraham, as opposed to the Ziggurat location? Is it really necessary to go there to promote tourism, and will he talk about Our Lord Jesus Christ as the son of David, Isaac and Abraham at this inter-religious meeting? We must all continue to pray for the Pope, as Father Michel Rodrigue has said. There have been many pagan and evil rituals that have been conducted at this Ziggurat and you can do all of the research yourself, without us having to post it here.

Lord Jesus, please have Mercy on us and Pope Francis! We need to all keep praying for God’s Divine Will, and recognize how serious offenses can be against God, even if it is not intentional. But by all appearances, this does not appear unintentional, and the Holy Mass with the Catholics could have been conducted in Iraq and the Christians there encouraged to have Hope in Our Lord Jesus Christ, without having to meet at a Ziggurat to conduct an inter-religious meeting where paganism and pagan rituals were conducted.

Lastly, here is the latest message to Luz De Maria that Mary Ann made us aware came out yesterday in Spanish on the Revelaciones Marianas website.

I have Google Translate set up automatically on my computer that will translate it, so here it is in English that we copied and pasted.

As soon as the Spanish Translation is made to English in the Revelaciones Marianas Website, we will post this message again because of it’s importance. Everything that Luz De Maria is getting now appears to be correlating with this binary system that is moving in quickly now and should be as close as Jupiter is to Earth very soon. According to Pastor Paul Begley, it was stated by NASA on the little green file, that Steven Ben-Nun gave to Pastor Paul Begley a few years ago, that Planet X would be in the orbit of Jupiter by the end of March, 2021. If Gill Broussard is correct and also Mike from Around the World, then we will begin to see this huge meteor storm soon along with plasma atmospheric changes to Earth and our Sun, that will cause huge earthquakes and volcanism to intensify.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.


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