New Prophetic Messages on After the Warning Website to Giselle Cardia, Enoch, and Valentina Papagna! Also, “A Final Call to Repent Before Destruction” by Godshealer7 End Time Prophecy. Also, latest Homily by Father Ed Meeks, “The Devil is Real”. Also, Lockdown Measures in Spain, Denmark, and the Netherlands by Crux News. Also, latest video by the Two Preachers.

Good Afternoon Disciples of Jesus Christ. I am still continuing on with studying Luisa Piccarreta and finished up Volume 2 and started Volume 3. It is difficult to find the time to read this much material with everything that is going on around us, and maintaining a family life, but I keep getting confirmation from the Holy Spirit that it is important to study her writings and pray for discernment. The most difficult part of the discernment is the High Spirituality that she encountered with Our Lord on a daily basis. It’s so High, as Father Robert Young tried to explain in his Introduction to Living in the Divine Will, that my mind often rejects some of the Spiritual images she describes in her writings as unbelievable. So, instead of allowing my rational intellect reject it, I just give it to Our Lord to help me discern what He wants me to glean from it. The most important parts are what I am going to post tomorrow is Our Lord’s explanation of HOPE as a virtue and also post today why He must Chastise for the Salvation of Souls. Because we are not as Spiritual as we all should be like the Saints, it is so hard for us to conceive why Our Lord would have to choose Chastisements as His Divine Justice, instead of just miraculously making all of the evil just go away.

This is something even Father Michel Rodrigue said he asked God Our Father in one of his videos. He asked God Our Father, if we could just have some more time to gather more souls before the Warning and Purification because of the Suffering Jesus experienced in the Passion and Crucifixion. But God Our Father said “NO”, I have been giving My Children time and have sent My Daughter, Mary and many of My Prophets, but my Children do not listen, and I must save the rest of My Children, before it is too late to lose more souls.” This is evident that God gave us a lot of time to Repent, now that the Holy Spirit has shown me in Luisa Piccarreta’s writings that go all the way back to 1899, as I will post here, excerpts from the end of Volume 2 and beginning of Volume 3. Luisa Piccaarreta also asked Our Lord to spare His Children of the chastisements after what He showed her was coming because of our sins against the Blessed Trinity.

Volume 2, October 24, 1899, “Then turning to me He told me: “My daughter, man is the product of Divine Being, and since Our food is love, always reciprocal, alike and constant among the Three Divine Persons, since he came out of our hands and from pure and disinterested love, he is like a particle of our food. Now, this particle has become bitter for Us; not only this but the majority of them, by moving away from Us, have made themselves pasture for the infernal flames and food for the implacable demons, Our capital enemies and theirs. This is the main cause of Our sorrow in the loss of souls: they are Ours – they are something that belong to Us. Likewise the cause that pushed Me to chastise them is the great love that I have for them, so as to place their souls in safety’.”

Volume 2, October 24, 1899, “And Jesus: ‘Even though I suffer, love pushes Me to send heavier scourges, and this, because in order to make man enter himself and recognize what his being is, there is no means more powerful than making him see himself undone. It seems that other means make him grow bolder; therefore conform to My Justice. I see well that the love you have for Me pushes you very much not to conform to Me, and you don’t have the heart to see Me suffer, but My Mother too loved Me more than all creatures – no one can equal Her; and yet, in order to save these souls, She conformed to Justice and She resigned Herself to see Me suffer much. If My Mother did this, could you not do it yourself’?”

Volume 2, October 30, 1899, Threat of Chastisements for Rome. “This morning my benign Jesus came all afflicted, and the first words He spoke to me were: ‘Poor Rome, how you will be destroyed! In looking at you, I cry over you!’ And He was saying this with such tenderness as to arouse compassion. But I could not understand whether it was only about the people, or also the buildings.”

Volume 3, November 6, 1899, Purity of intention. “This morning, as adorable Jesus came and transported me outside of myself, He showed me streets full of human flesh. What a ruthless slaughter! It is horrifying to think about it! Then He showed me how something was happening in the air, and many would die suddenly; I have also seen this since the month of March.”

So, basically, Our Lord is saying just in these very limited explanations to Luisa that we are a part of the three Divine Persons of the Blessed Trinity because of our creation by God, and to see us corrupted by sin, not only is it painful for the Blessed Trinity to see our demise of eternal salvation individually, but we are corrupting each other as a whole by influencing others to sin systemically throughout the world. This is why Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother has described to many prophets, saints, and mystics that the world will turn black or darkened with sin both spiritually and physically, because what manifests spiritually first, also manifests physically eventually, which will be the 3 days of Darkness. Because we are slowly extinguishing the light of the world, which is Our Lord and the Trinitarian Love and Divine Will.

Our Lord also explained that He has to intervene with chastisements so that we can see that we can’t live without Him and the Blessed Trinity, and only chastisements can bring us to this harsh reality. Also, Our Lord said because of the suffering He endures when we sin (which cause Him to go through the Passion over and over again) He suffers to watch us sin, and He suffers to chastise us because he loves us, so it is a horrible vicious cycle of suffering for Our Lord that eventually has to stop. Our Lord also said if His Blessed Mother could watch Him, with all of the love She had for Him, go through His suffering of the passion and crucifixion, and yield to the Divine Justice of God Our Father for the Salvation of Souls, why can’t we yield to His Divine Justice for the Salvation of Souls today? Wow! Very introspective words for thought from Our Lord to Luisa and for us! Lastly, Our Lord showed Luisa the destruction of Rome that will come, (Which also Luz De Maria, and Pedro Regis have both prophesied) and Our Lord showed Luisa something that will come in the air that will kill many people quickly. John Leary has also prophesied that there will be a plague released in the air through chemtrails by the Elites. (Uncertain if this is the same, but evident that something wicked is coming as airborne.)

We are continuing to list prophetic messages to the Prophets from After the Warning Website and many others such as Father Michel Rodrigue and John Leary, that are all directing us now to the time being up for us to Repent before the Purification and Tribulation begin. So, if there is anyone reading this blog on a regular basis and has not Repented of your sins, gone to Confession, and started a very in depth Relationship with Our Lord, now is the time to do it! Here is the latest message to Giselle Cardia,

Here is the latest message to Enoch in Columbia,

Here are the latest messages to Valentina Papagna in Australia,

Here is a prophet that I have been listening to occasionally, but the first time I have posted one of her messages because she is saying everything now that all of the other prophets are saying which is to Repent before it is too late. Some people that read this post today might think, well how can it be too late, if I see something big happen, I will repent and get serious in prayer at that time. The problem with this thinking sadly is that it will be too late if you are suddenly killed by a catastrophic weather event, or a hypersonic missile that another country may deploy, or possibly an earthquake or one of these plagues that are released in the air. So, please take heed to the Prophets and Repent of your sins, and ask Our Lord to forgive your sins. Go to Confession, if you are Catholic, and spend time with Our Lord in deep prayer and Scripture and a contrite, and sorrowful heart. He loves us so much, all we have to do is call out to Him and He will respond. Here is Godshealer7 End Time Prophecy,

Here are the latest videos on Lockdown measures in Spain, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

Here are the Two Preachers latest video on signs of the End Times.

Here is another great Homily by Father Edward Meeks on “The Devil is Real”.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save Us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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