New Message To Luz De Maria From Saint Michael the Archangel for December 15, 2020! Also, the Most Important Message From Father Michel Rodrigue to the Faithful from God Our Father produced by Countdown To The Kingdom! Also, Corroborating Prophetic Messages to Pedro Regis and Ralph Martin that Support Father Michel Rodrigue’s Prophetic Messages.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. Everyday, when we wake up to a beautiful sunrise, we must give Glory, Honor, Praise and Thankfulness to God Our Father, Jesus Christ Our King, and God the Holy Spirit. Why must we do this? Because we are God’s Children created to Love, Honor and Praise Him.

This is what we are called to do and Love Him like He Loves us and to Love Our neighbors and enemies, like He Loves us. We are getting down to some critical events that will shake us to the core, but Our Love of God is greater than the events that will occur around us! We have to remember this, and no mater what happens, we will always Praise, Honor, and Glorify His Holy name to all of God’s creation, because this is what we do as His Disciples. The other morning, I was praying to Our Lord about what to speak about to the Confirmation class I help teach, and when I was coming out of my sleep, I heard the words, “Tell them, I AM the KING of HEARTS.” When I heard those words, I knew I had to explain to the kids that we have to Surrender Our Hearts to Jesus daily like little Children and give Him our Will so that He can Transform it, to become His Disciples. This is something that most of us already know as we seek to understand how Luisa Piccarreta mastered this obedience and received the gift of the Trinitarian Will, but this is also something that is so critical for us who are more Spiritually advanced now, because we will be the Holy Remnant that will explain this to God’s Children, after the Warning! Events are going to be so chaotic and confusing for those that are not rooted in Jesus Christ, and We are preparing ourselves to be vessels for Our Lord so that the Holy Spirit will speak and work through us to the prodigal Children of God. This is the duty we have stepped up to perform for Our Lord in these times, and this is why Our Blessed Mother has chosen us to assist in this service to Jesus Christ Our King!

So, as I was reading the latest message to Luz De Maria from Saint Michael the Archangel from December 15, 2020, I came across one of the Queen of Peace videos of Father Michel Rodrigue and his explanation of the Apparition of Our Blessed Mother at Knock, Ireland. For me, this was the most important message from Father Michel, because it combines everything we have said in this blog about the end times, Our Blessed Mother and Her Prophecies and the renewal of the Heaven and Earth, and our mission as Disciples of Jesus Christ for these times as part of the Marian Army of Love. First, here is the latest message to Luz De Maria from Saint Michael the Archangel.

Notice, the first few sentences, Saint Michael tells us this, “I call you to open your hearts to the Divine Will in order to be urgently renewed before the time that is no longer time.” Right away, I recalled what Our Lord said to me to tell the kids about who He is, the KING OF HEARTS. See, our Lord always has perfect timing, so He is showing us now that He expects the same of us. What does it mean to Surrender Your Heart and Will daily to the Lord? This is something that we must meditate on in front of the Blessed Sacrament and just imagine us taking our hearts and giving it to Our Lord, begging and pleading for Him to Transform it. Luisa Piccarreta mastered meditation and was able to interiorly see things that Our Lord revealed to her. So, this is what the prophets and saints mean when they say we have to move into a deeper Spirituality with our Lord. The more we contemplate and meditate without allowing outside thoughts, sounds and disturbances intervene, the more Our Lord can pour graces into our hearts for transforming it. When we meditate on Scripture passages and prayers, we are allowing this same Transformation. Then while our hearts are being Transformed and molded by God, our minds begin to become renewed.

Especially, Psalm 119:11,

So, as Saint Michael tells us that we need to be one with the Most Holy Trinity, we are preparing Spiritually for what is coming, and not succumb to fear and abandon Our Lord. Saint Michael said, “You need to have overcome your indecisions and to be one with the Most Holy Trinity in order to see and live the events as what they are: AN OPPORTUNITY FOR SALVATION, FOR PURIFICATION, FOR AMENDMENT.

We are being tested along with everyone else, but we have been preparing for this for over a year now, and some of us longer. So, Our Lord is not only counting on us to pass this final test, but to also bring others to His Sacred Heart. Even though, we are getting ready to go through the Warning as the Second Pentecost, we are still being tested not to fall away and keep the full armor of God with us and use it for the Glory of the Blessed Trinity. We should never feel like we have prepared enough and we must continually offer our hearts to Our Lord daily and plead for His Mercy and Graces to continue to pour on us and Transform to become like little Children in His Will.

Saint Michael also said, ” HOW CAN I MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND THAT WITHOUT LOVE FOR NEIGHBOR IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO ATTAIN TRUE LOVE FOR THE MOST HOLY TRINITY AND OUR QUEEN AND MOTHER? The human being without Divine Love in daily life is an empty creature, a cracked chest that is not suitable to be used for Divine Works, since for them love is necessary. YOU NEED TO BE RENEWED AS CREATURES, WITHOUT PRIDE, WITHOUT ENVY, WITHOUT SCHEMING.

So, Our Lord is trying to stress to us Disciples through Saint Michael, that we can’t be His Disciples, unless we are continually loving others through these tragedies, trials, and tribulations, and if we don’t, we are incapable of Divine works. In another words, we will not be chosen to be a part of the Holy Remnant, unless we allow ourselves to be Transformed to conduct these Divine works of Love as His Disciples. So, this is definitely a choice of ours to offer ourselves daily to Our Lord and reject all of the sins of pride, envy, and calumny. We must not fall into the trap of focusing on who got us here so much more of how WE can be Transformed, and not be part of the fallen elect. Because there will be many of the Elect that do fall away from Our Lord, and this is why God tells Father Michel Rodrigue why He must allow the Tribulation to continue.

Here is Father Michel Rodrigue’s video with Queen of Peace Media and Countdown To the Kingdom.

Here is the post we originally wrote from April 29, 2020 regarding that video. We originally wrote the post believing that Father Michel requested the videos to be removed, but found out later that he only asked that the Bishop’s approval be removed, not the videos.

About the 24 minute mark of the Queen of Peace video, Father Michel talks about the Warning/Illumination of Conscience coming and the role of Our Blessed Mother praying at Knock, for Her Immaculate Heart to Triumph with the Salvation of Souls after the Warning. So, Father Michel confirmed for me in this video, that Our Blessed Mother is the Queen of the End times (Crown displayed on Her Head at Knock) because of all of the Prophetic messages She has given us to prepare, all of the conversion of souls She has assisted with in Apparition sites, like Medjugorje, and now pulling together Her Marian Army of Love to assist as the Holy Remnant after the Warning! Father Michel explains that Our Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Heart will Triumph when many more lost souls are converted back to God after the Warning.

And this was also explained to Luisa Piccarreta that the Holy Remnant will be protected by Our Blessed Mother in the Refuges to usher in the Era of Peace. This is also what Father Michel said about Our Blessed Mother in this video in fulfillment of Revelation 12 in the Book of Revelation.

About the 34 minute mark, Father Michel explains the sacrilege that will occur against the disfigurement of the body and blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Which means, an abomination will occur against the body and blood of Our Lord that will mark the beginning of the Tribulation. We have spoken about this also in the blog as being a change to the words of consecration to the most Holy Eucharist that Father Michel stated would occur. At about the 37 minute mark, Father Michel explains that God Our Father can no longer allow any more time for the conversion of souls, because this is when even the elect will be deceived, and He will lose many of His Children.

At about the 49 minute mark, Father Michel explains that if We only lived the Love of Our Lord Jesus Christ, like He commanded us, we would be living out the fulfillment of the Lord’s Prayer He taught us, “Thy Will Be Done on Earth, as it is in Heaven.” This is also what Our Lord told Luisa Piccarreta that will be fulfilled for those Holy Remnant that survive the time of great distress, that will also usher in the Era of peace.

Lastly, in Father Michel’s teaching of the Our Lady of Knock Apparition, he explained that the two Popes will be sacrificed at Rome, where the antichrist will reign, while we are in the permanent Refuge protected by Our Blessed Mother and the Holy Legions of Angels. Here are prophetic messages to Pedro Regis throughout the years that support what Father Michel is telling us.

Also, here is Mark Mallet explaining what Ralph Martin prophesied in 1975. Ralph Martin just got through with a video we posted last week about getting prepared for God’s Wrath. This information was put together by After the Warning website,

Here is Ralph Martin’s Prophecy from Renewal Ministries from 1975.

God Bless Everyone, and please if you haven’t given your life to JESUS CHRIST, please Surrender and do it today. Time is running short, and not only do we have to Surrender to Him, but we have to ask Him to renew our hearts and minds to prepare us to be His Disciples and vessels of Love for Him. We have to be Transformed Spiritually to participate in all of the Divine Works He is calling us to do for Him at the Second Pentecost in these end times.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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