Connections Coming to Light between China interference in the Election supporting Sidney Powell’s investigation of Dominion software and their ties to Communistic Leaders by LifeSite News and Fox News. Also, Dr. Taylor Marshall, makes Connection between Pope Francis and the Rothschilds. Also, New Prophetic Message from Giselle Cardia on After the Warning Website! Also, all of the signs to look for when the Warning/Illumination of Conscience occurs, as given to the Visionaries at Garabandal, Spain by the Website.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ! So many things happening now with tensions rising with Iran, the election voter fraud investigation in the United States, and meteors falling, that we are just going to list them all today without a lot of commentary on each video. We received a question this morning from Angelica about the Warning still being possibly this year or next year. We still believe there is a good chance that the Warning could still occur before the end of this year, only because of how quickly everything is escalating. If we just closed our eyes to all of the events that are happening simultaneously, like most people are doing at this time, we still might think the Warning will never occur. But, because the Holy Spirit keeps showing us all of these events along with Prophetic messages that just keep coming, we still believe there is a chance it could come before the end of the year.

First, we are going to put together two videos by Fox News and LifeSite News that corroborates Sidney Powell’s claims that China was involved with the Dominion software and machines that were used on many different levels for voter fraud in the key swing states during the US Presidential Election. Here is Fox News from yesterday on the Hunter Biden investigation and interview with Sidney Powell. At about the 10 minute and 40 second mark, she makes reference to the connection to the Chinese and other countries that have participated in this voter fraud.

Here is a LifeSite News video that they have gotten their hands on from a Chinese Professor that is bragging about the connection of the Chinese officials with the top inner core of power and circle in the United States, (referencing the Elites). LifeSite News also claims that this video has been removed by the Chinese government, so again we don’t know how long the LifeSite News video will also be available.

Next, here is a video by Dr. Taylor Marshall making the connection between Pope Francis and the Rothschilds for a Vatican inclusive Capitalism Council. We have spoken extensively at the beginning of this blog about the Rothschilds and their connection to everything with the Elites.

Next, here is the latest Prophetic Message from Giselle Cardia from After the Warning Website that he copied from Countdown to the Kingdom Website.

Lastly, here is a wonderful website we recently discovered explaining all about GARABANDAL and the events that occurred there.

It is a really nice website with lots and lots of information about the little village in Garabandal, Spain, the Warning, the Miracle, Our Blessed Mother, and the Visionaries. Here is the page that speaks all about the interviews conducted with the Visionaries in Garabandal on what specifically Our Blessed Mother told them about the Warning. Here is the page they have put together about the Warning and the signs to look for when the Warning is coming.

Here are the interviews, very nicely detailed.

Notice the mention about the Communist infiltration, and what looked like two stars colliding in the sky when the Warning occurs. Just as our own observation of current events, we already know there is a Communist infiltration, but does this include a war or not is still to be determined. Also, the fact that the two planets of Saturn and Jupiter that are aligning as the great conjunction on December 21, 2020 is very significant because of it being so bright, it will resemble the star of Bethlehem in the night sky. In addition, the fact that these meteors keep getting closer and closer to Earth and beginning to penetrate our atmosphere could be what collides in the sky that the visionaries were referencing as a big explosion. We just need to keep praying that Our Lord allows us the Graces to be ready when these events occur in case He does allow the Warning before the end of the year. Keep your oil lamps ready, and keep asking the Holy Spirit to strengthen you daily. As the Prophet Giselle Cardia states in her prophetic message above, the Holy Spirit will now blog strongly upon His Church and His Children.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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