Excerpts From Volume 1 of Luisa Piccarreta’s Living in the Divine Will. Also, Father Mark Goring, “Soul Power”! Also, Ralph Martin and Renewal Ministries, “Flee Now!, The Wrath of God is Coming.” Also, a New Prophetic Message from A Servant’s Heart! Also, Pastor Paul Begley, on “B-52 Bombers over Iran”. And Hal Turner reporting on “US Positioning Naval Vessels off of the East and West coasts.” Also, Mary Greely News on “Yellowstone Super volcano Earthquake Swarms.”

Good Afternoon Disciples of Jesus Christ! I have something exciting to share with you today on a personal experience me and another prayer group member had outside of Church today! I have proof that Father Dan Reehil’s prayer works for God’s Disciples! Today, after we were leaving Holy Mass, a woman ran up to us crying and asking for prayers. I have to admit that I have had people ask for prayers, but it has always been people that I know personally, or through this blog. I have never had a stranger stop me and ask me for prayers in such a desperate situation. She was crying, and asked us to pray for her because she was being Spiritually attacked. We both took her hands and prayed for her on the spot, and we asked Jesus to deliver her from her Spiritual attacks and heal her Spiritually. We also asked Our Lord through His Mercy to heal her so that she could give Him all of the Glory, when He did heal her. We also advised her to seek Our Lord in front of the Blessed Sacrament daily and ask Him how she could Serve Him and that she should seek a Priest. We explained to her that we are a Prayer group Serving Jesus and that we are all in the labor pains of the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 24, and that we are all going to be attacked, either physically, or spiritually, and she may have a bigger mission that Our Lord is preparing her for in these times. We informed her to just offer up her sufferings to Our Lord for the Salvation of Souls. She stated that she understood and that made sense to her as to possibly why she was being attacked and she showed us that she prayed the Holy Rosary. So, although we don’t know what the outcome of this prayer was for her as she drove away, we have proof that Father Dan Reehil’s prayer really works, because we have been saying this prayer that he taught us since last week, and now this occurred today. Here is the prayer that we encourage everyone to say every morning in addition to the Holy Rosaries, Divine Mercy Chaplet, and other prayers. “Lord, I give You permission to use me in any way you desire today, and give me the grace to see your hand in action, so that I can give you all the glory.”

When Our Lord sends someone to you, be open to what you believe the Holy Spirit is guiding you to say to this person, because each situation will be different. Lord, we Thank You for sending us this person today so that we can SEE your Mighty Hand in Action, and we give You All of the Glory! Please continue to guide us as your Disciples to be obedient to Your Divine Will.

I am also excited to share with you that I have completed Volume 1 of the 36 Volumes explaining how to Live in the Divine Will by Luisa Piccarreta. Wow! I can say now that we MUST all read these Volumes, because just reading Volume 1, I can already tell it is going to be just as beneficial and nourishing Spiritually as much as Saint Faustina’s Diary. Here are some excerpts from Volume 1, just to give you a small glimpse: These excerpts are from the Mary Hill -Queen of the Divine Will website, https://www.queenofthedivinewill.org/book-of-heaven/.

  1. “But it seems to me that He told me that the first thing that was necessary in order to purify the interior of my heart, was the annihilation of myself – that is, humility. And he continued” Jesus said, “See, so that I may pour my graces in your heart, I really want you to understand that you can do nothing by yourself.”
  2. Jesus said, “It is all the opposite in the hearts which reek of pride. I cannot even enter their hearts because they are so swollen with themselves that there is no space in which to put myself.”
  3. “I remember that one morning, while He spoke to me about the same virtue, He told me that because of lack of humility I had committed many sins, and that if I had been more humble, I would have kept closer to Him and I would not have done so much evil. He made me understand how ugly sin is – the affront that this miserable little worm had made to Jesus Christ, the horrendous ingratitude, the enormous wickedness, the harm caused to my soul.
  4. “Lord, I said to Him, ‘I lack everything – I have nothing.’ Jesus said, “Do not fear, little by little we will do everything.” I Myself know how weak you are, but it is from Me that you must draw strength. I want you to be always upright in your actions – with one eye look at Me, and the other eye look at what you are doing. I want creatures to disappear from you completely. If you receive a command, do not look at people, no – rather, you must think that I Myself want you to do what you are commanded. So, with your eye fixed on Me, you will not judge anyone, you will not look at whether the thing is painful or enjoyable – whether you can do it or not. You will take me with You, thinking that My gaze is fixed on you, and you will say to Me: ‘Lord, for you alone I do this; for You alone I want to work – no longer a slave of the creatures.’ So, if you walk, if you work, if you speak – in anything you do, your only aim must be that of pleasing Me alone. Oh! how many defects you will avoid if you do this.”
  5. Other times, He would say to me: “I want that if people mortify you, insult you, contradict you, you keep your gaze fixed on Me, thinking that from My own lips I am saying to you: ‘Daughter, I Myself am the one who wants you to suffer this – not the creatures. See, I want to make you beautiful by means of these sufferings; I want to enrich you with merits, work your soul, render you similar to Me. You will give it to Me as a gift.; you will thank Me affectionately, and you will be grateful to those people who give you the occasion to suffer, repaying them with some benefit. By doing this, you will walk as upright before Me; nothing will ever again give you restlessness, and you will enjoy perfect peace.”

Wow! Doesn’t just that little bit melt your heart for Jesus? There is so much more I could write, but you are just going to have to either listen to the audio version, or print the volumes yourselves from the May Hill – Queen of the Divine Will website above. I plan on starting Volume 2 today.

Next, here is Father Mark Goring’s homily on how we have to draw our energy from the Holy Spirit daily to stay busy and get everything done we need to do for Our Lord. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-cuyWilRg0.

Next, here is Ralph Martin with Renewal Ministries letting all of his viewers know that God’s Wrath is coming, to be prepared Spiritually, and to know that we must choose Our Lord and be sure we are on His side. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqZh_wJKWJE.

We have talked about that extensively in this blog, so if you are just now reading this blog and uncertain of where your heart is right now with Our Lord, you best go to Church today in front of the Blessed Sacrament and ask Him. Because events are getting ready to get started, and we must seek Him, Repent, and Confess our sins to a Priest, if we are Catholic right now. Don’t wait one more day to get to Confession. If you are not Catholic, repent of your sins alone before Our Lord in your prayer closet, and ask the Holy Spirit to conduct an examination of your conscience, so that you can repent of all of your sins with Our Lord, and then we all need to seek forgiveness daily as we continue to root out all of our habitual sins or defects.

Next, here is A Servant’s Heart giving us an update on what Our Lord is getting us ready for as His Disciples, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylIVgoomouA.

Next, here is an update from Pastor Paul Begley about tensions rising between Iran and the United States, and positioning being done with B-52 Bombers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZChUz2kcVo.

Also, here is an update from the Hal Turner radio show speaking on US positioning naval vessels off of the East and West coasts from December 8, 2020. https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/news-nation/ominous-u-s-positioning-naval-vessels-off-east-west-coasts-massive-troop-movements-in-conus?fbclid=IwAR0MlCHRkKgbQzrNHa8axtfcN0AY68uoeBykED0lxjqrBFOrXySksiTTZDo.

Lastly, here is an update from Mary Greely News on Earthquake swarms around Yellowstone National Park lake. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTs7bG4Xz3U.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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