Can They Remove God? Spiritually No, but are they trying to remove Him physically from Our Minds and D.N.A.? What Are the Prophets and Watchmen Saying?

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We keep listening to the Prophets and we keep praying for the Truth. We do believe God is revealing the Truth to us, but we each have to take information that we see and hear to Our Lord everyday in prayer so that none of us are deceived. The Prophets will give us a prophetic message, and we continue to research if we are compelled by the Holy Spirit to follow up if the Prophetic message can be backed up with Scripture and any factual evidence going on in the scientific world or governments.

That being said, we have been guided to some information that we may each have to continue to pray about, but also gives us more confirmation on why we must not take the vaccine at this time. The Holy Spirit keeps guiding us to more and more evidence of why not to take the vaccine, as opposed to taking it. We first posted the information from Dr. Carrie Madej on the vaccine being created by Moderna that contains nanotechnology and we put that information in a word document in this blog. So, both Prophet John Leary and Luz De Maria stated in their prophetic messages from Our Lord that the vaccine will have a form of mind control. Next, we started getting prophetic messages from Luz De Maria and other prophets like A Servants Heart, and a Woman called “Daughter of the Lord” that gave the message about boils and Mike 444 Prophecy read the message just before September 11, 2020. What is important to remember is that we did not see anything in September about boils, but if this virus that I am going to show you in a minute was released via chemtrails (John Leary) or in the water supply (Daughter of the Lord) then it is possible that these cases have not started to appear yet, or the Elites are waiting to release this virus for a specific time. Here is the message about boils from Mike 444 Prophecy Channel.

I am going to link all of this information together that will point back to the prophecies about mind control and boils as confirmation from the Holy Spirit to be Truth. So, what is amazing is that there are Scientists that have discovered that God has placed Himself in our D.N.A. code that links our genetic make-up like a bridge. This in my heart, I believe as Truth, because we know that God created us in His image, and we know that our bodies are so complex, that there is no way we just all spontaneously formed with all of the beautiful replication of cells and intricacies of life. Here is this amazing video from Mike 444, These Scientists discovered in 1986 that our D.N.A chain is attached to each other through a sulfuric bridge of nucleic acids that are a consistent pattern of 10 acids, then 5 acids, then 6 acids, then 5 acids. These numbers correspond to the Hebrew Alphabet as Y.H.W.H! That is the name for God in the Bible! Isn’t that beautiful!

Also to discover this information, they studied the cells of mice, monkeys, and human eye tissue. Scientist always use old scientific data (to add or create more scientific research and data and Satan will always try to use it against God and His Children). So, this amazing information was discovered in 1986 according to this Scientist. Now, fast forward to Bill Gates in 2005 and his foundation looking to sell a military weaponized vaccine that has been proven to alter cognitive patterns of “religious fanatics” in Afghanistan. In his video, Bill Gates is saying that they have created a VMAT2 vaccine that can be used as a military weapon against fanatical religious militias that conduct suicide bombings or mass killings based on a VMAT2 gene? How did Gates know this gene existed? Did he get his information based on the discovery from the Scientists in 1986?

Here is the original video that is still circulating that they have not removed? Of course, everything that follows it are Snopes, and Hoax videos that this video is not real. But, if we connect the pieces of the puzzle that the Holy Spirit keeps guiding us to in this blog, we can see that it is very possible that this is no hoax. This video was made in 2005, Now, someone has discovered the original document and scientific research of how they created this vaccine and the evidence they used to prove that is is effective in inhibiting the “God Gene” or VMAT2 gene.

Notice in the Summary of experiments in 2007, the objective was to control the VMAT2 gene (God gene) by creating a virus mixed with Vesicular Stomatitis virus (which is another zoonotic virus from animals that can be transmitted to humans to affect the respiratory system and brain cells.) Here is what Vesicular Stomatitis is and it’s symptoms, Notice here that the symptoms of this disease are blisters (boils) that form around mucous areas in animals. Mostly mouths, ulcers, open wounds, but in humans can be seen on the palms of hands and bottoms of feet, (foot and mouth disease). So, going back to the article that someone leaked out from the VMAT2 scientific data research, on the way to release this Vesicular Stomatitis Virus mixed with VMAT2 (God inhibitor vaccine). They found that the most effective way to distribute it was via airborne (the next deadly virus will be in Chemtrails is what John Leary prophesied a few months ago) and the second best way to transmit this virus in the article was through the water, (what Daughter of the Lord prophesied just last month.) Notice also in the section at the bottom of this released article titled, Summary of Recommendation, they tested this VMAT2 vaccine (God inhibitor) with Vesicular Stomatitis virus on monkeys and mice, but recommended it be tested on humans asap. Monkey cells, mice cells, and human eye cells are what the scientists used when they discovered God in our D.N.A. in 1986.

So, if we connect the pieces of this puzzle, it appears that Science has found factual evidence of God as our creator in 1986 in our D.N.A. chain as a sulfuric bridge that keeps our D.N.A. connected (attached) through the Hebrew Alphabet and numbering of 10-5-6-5, which spell out YHWH! Then Bill Gates proposes a military weapon in 2005 to the government that appears to have the capability to inhibit what he calls VMAT2 (God Gene) in our brains that he believes and states is the basis for fundamental religious fanaticism. Now, in 2020, currently we have a zoonotic virus Pandemic that was supposedly transported via animals through Chinese meat markets. And there is a race to create a vaccine that not only is using aborted embryonic stem cells, but also may contain nanotechnology that has the potential through its R.N.A. and D.N.A. attachments to alter and attach to our cells (genome and D.N.A.). This vaccine also has the potential to mark us with a Luciferase enzyme to see if we have the vaccine already, and also a hydrogel that not only carries the nanotechnology and an ID number, but it can also read our vital signs, and emotions. The prophets are currently telling us that the next big Pandemic will be spread via chemtrails in the air, and water and will be more deadlier than the previous virus and will cause boils or lesions on the skin. So, the next question is, do we believe God is pointing His Children to all of this evidence through His Prophets, or is all of this scientific, factual evidence that is still circulating the internet just a big coincidence or a hoax that goes back 13 years?

We don’t believe it is a coincidence in this blog, but as the Prophets always say and we say, that we must all continue to pray for the Truth so that we are not deceived. We must all continue to prepare the best way we can with what Our Lord has revealed. We know that boils is the 6th plague against the Egyptians in the Book of Exodus, We also know that in the Book of Revelation, the antichrist will be permitted to breathe life into an image so that the beast’s image could speak (mind control) and could have anyone who did not worship it put to death.

So, the words Saint John used in the Book of Revelation could is interesting. Why doesn’t it say will? So, the only way to control who the beast system and antichrist wish to speak to (mind control) and wish who to put to death (religious Persecution or whomever they wish to depopulate) are those that have the stamped image. But, the beast system and antichrist make everyone get this stamped image, according to Revelation. So, it doesn’t matter who you are, or how rich you are, or matter where you lived, everyone was forced to receive this image. So, they want to pick and choose who they kill or who they use mind control on, and there is no better way to force every person on the planet to receive this image unless it was under the guise of a vaccination that will not only save your life, but keep you from infecting others and killing others with your infection. Lord God, please have Mercy on us, keep guiding us to all Truth, and protect us with your precious blood. Keep praying Disciples. Please keep praying.

Emmanuel-“God is with Us.” Jesus, we Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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