Where Are We Now? How Much Time Do We Have Left To Prepare? Who Listened to John The Baptist?

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. As we continue to study and discern the Prophets and seeing the different roads or paths that Christians are taking at this time, this is what Our Lord has put on my heart in praying for discernment. We have prayed for unification of Christians because we know the True believers and Disciples of Jesus Christ will come together for the conversion of souls to Jesus Christ Our Lord. This will most likely come after the Second Pentecost, because it will be that instant Pentecostal moment, like Father Mark Goring describes, that we will all instantly know our missions and how we are going to serve Our Lord. We know that as Christians, we are unified under Jesus Christ as one body, with many parts. https://www.biblestudytools.com/1-corinthians/passage/?q=1-corinthians+12:12-31. Regardless of our Christian denominations, we will all know instantly how we are going to serve Him at the Second Pentecost. Our Lord has shown me this is the same with His Prophets at this time. We have many Prophets, and many Watchmen with different messages that produce different fruit for the Kingdom, but they are all working for Our Lord. What one Prophet says, may ring true to our hearts from the Holy Spirit, but may sound wrong to someone else. Our Lord put the example of John the Baptist, in my vision today as I was trying to understand why we are starting to go in different directions. John the Baptist was sent before Our Lord Jesus Christ to make the way of the Lord, but he was not accepted as a Prophet by many, because he was not an ordinary Prophet. He wore clothes made of camels’ hair and ate locusts and honey and hung out in the desert. https://bible.knowing-jesus.com/topics/John-The-Baptist#:~:text=John%20the%20Baptist%20appeared%20in%20the%20wilderness%20preaching,the%20Jordan%20River%2C%20confessing%20their%20sins.%20Matthew%203%3A5-6.

So, what was a turn off for others, was actually a True Prophet speaking on Repentance and turning away from sin to make the way straight for the Lord. Meaning, that we need to get back to being rightly ordered under God on the straight and narrow path and wash away our sins (robes made white) with the symbolism of water. So, Our Lord put it on my heart today that He is sending different types of Prophets and Watchmen that will speak to different types of people. Mena Lee Grebin said this once in one of her videos, and now I have a fuller understanding of what that means. The words that don’t ring true to your heart (Spiritually) doesn’t mean that this person is necessarily a False Prophet. It may just mean their prophetic words are not meant for you, because Our Lord has you going in a different direction. While I may appreciate humility and words spoken in a gentle manner, another person may appreciate directness, firmness and boldness from another Prophet. What I see a lot of Christians doing is condemning Prophets or their Prophetic messages if he or she says something they don’t like or agree with in their hearts Spiritually. We need to get away from this and focus on Our Lord and what He wants us to do for Him. So, with this vaccine difference of opinions amongst Christians, if there are some Prophets and Watchmen that believe in their hearts that the vaccine is okay, well that is between them and Our Lord. Maybe the Lord has a different assignment for them, but it is not our place to judge. We just know that Our Lord is focusing on bringing all souls back to Him and that is what we try to do in writing this blog, and we have seen enough evidence from the Holy Spirit as confirmation not to take the vaccine at this time. This confirmation has come from many different Prophets and also what some of the manufacturers are putting out publicly what they are using in their vaccines (aborted embryonic stem cells) to create antibodies to fight the Covid-19 virus. This is public knowledge and not something that anyone can’t research themselves, and ask Our Lord themselves.

Another good example Our Lord put on my heart about John the Baptist as a Prophet was that he didn’t have the full revelation of what his mission was as a Prophet or else he wouldn’t have been so shocked when Our Lord asked him to Baptize Him with water. https://www.biblestudytools.com/matthew/passage/?q=matthew+3:13-17. So, what Our Lord was showing me is that there is no Prophet that has all of the answers. Some get a lot of information, some get only a little, and most get it as Our Lord reveals it to them in His own time. So, we shouldn’t get angry if we hear something that doesn’t sit right with us Spiritually, we should just continue to discern and keep praying for the Lord to reveal all Truth. He will not allow us to be mislead if we seek Him! We don’t seek our answers from any specific President, or Prophet at this point in the labor pains, we only seek Jesus Christ. We vote for the platform that best conforms to the laws of God, and we seek Jesus Christ. We listen to the Prophets, discern from the Holy Spirit, and we seek Jesus Christ. We watch the actions of how everything is being played out before our eyes, and we seek Jesus Christ asking Him what we should do for Him. This has to be a continual basis to where we are seeking Him all day, every day in everything we do, to where we become totally dependent on Him for everything. This is why we have to pray without ceasing, like Saint Paul said. https://www.openbible.info/topics/pray_without_ceasing. Also, we must remember that the devil wants us tear down each other, especially someone that is giving Prophecy, because the devils wants to discredit anyone that is assisting Jesus in saving souls. If there is someone we don’t like because of what he or she is saying that doesn’t sit well with us Spiritually , then just don’t listen to them. But we have to stop listening to those that want to condemn others, and just keep taking everything to Our Lord.

So, we continue to get ready as much as we can, and we don’t condemn this Prophet or that Prophet because he or she said this and it didn’t happen, or he or she said something I didn’t like, or agree with. We just keep our eyes focused on Jesus, and keep pushing into Him, by spending time with Him and asking Him what He wants us to do.

We are going to do a re-cap of everything we have done in the last year again, so that new followers can access something in this blog that they may not have seen while going through it to help them better prepare for the Warning/Illumination of Conscience. If the Warning does not occur until the beginning of 2021, we will try to keep posting information for people to stay aware of events. If we have weather events or a civil war, or war with an (EMP) Electro-Magnetic Pulse or a Solar Geomagnetic pulse, then we may not have power to where we can continue to communicate with everyone. So, here is a list of things we have gotten together for everyone that have chosen to follow this blog. We do appreciate everyone that has written, followed, e-mailed and assisted us in Serving Our Lord Jesus Christ for the Salvation of Souls.

1.) How To Prepare Spiritually Before the Warning, and How To Get closer to Our Lord Jesus Christ that is listed in a page at the top of the blog.

2.) How To Prepare Physically your homes as Interim Refuges to Serve Our Lord Jesus Christ that is listed in a page at the top of the blog. This page also has the Father Michel Rodrigue notes and instruction on how to consecrate your homes as an Interim Refuge. (Also below)

3.) Created Notes From the John Leary and Father Michel Rodrigue Conference last year. https://liveandloveforjesus.files.wordpress.com/2019/09/retreat-1-with-father-michel-rodrigue-and-john-leary-september-21.docx.

4.) Created How To Prepare a “Go Bag or Go Backpack” with pictures that is listed under the “How to Prepare Physically” Page.

5.) Created a Word Document on what the Warning is for those that are not familiar. https://liveandloveforjesus.files.wordpress.com/2020/01/the-warning1-1.docx.

6.) Created a Word Document on How To Get Ready for The Warning and assist Jesus as a Disciple for Him. https://liveandloveforjesus.files.wordpress.com/2020/06/getting-ready-for-the-warning.docx.

7.) Created an email Prayer Group Listing for those that needed to reach out in Prayer, to anyone that is alone, or needs physical help, or emotional support as followers of Our Lord Jesus Christ when the Tribulations begin and before the Warning.

8.) Created a Word Document on what Transhumanism is, that is described by Doctor Carrie Madej. We believe this is how the Elites will deliver the mark of the beast eventually, if not right away and definitely when vaccines become mandatory. https://liveandloveforjesus.files.wordpress.com/2020/08/what-is-transhumanism1.docx.

So, the next question is, how much time do we have left before the Warning? This is the million dollar question that we are all praying to Our Lord for His Mercy because we are all desperately trying to save our family members. Only our Lord knows, but what He is consistently saying to His Prophets is that it is very soon, and from John Leary’s messages, it depends on how many deaths occur. So, that still could be this Fall, or it could be a little longer, depending on what occurs with the United States election. We need to not only pray for repentance and reparation, but also that abortions are stopped period. If by God’s grace, He stops the Chastisements and the Tribulation, it will be because we are repenting as a Country and as the whole world, turning back to God and away from sins, and we have stopped allowing abortions. We pray for God’s Will and we pray for a miracle to occur that Our Countries repent and overturn laws that allow abortions, and we do it as quickly as possible.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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