More Desecration of Catholic Statues, and Altars and Abominations being conducted on a continual basis now as the World continues to grow darker in Sin. Also, Christ or Chaos by Remnant TV and Michael Matt and the Catholic Identity Conference. Also, another prophetic message from the Mike 444 Prophecy Channel regarding War!

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. Just a quick post today on the many, many abominations against our Catholic Church and Faith being conducted all around the world. This is not something that is occasionally happening as random acts of violence and desecration. These are events that are taking place with most of our Church in a Spiritual blindness and slumber, and totally oblivious to everything around them. Some of these things are painful to witness and hear about, but sadly, if this type of news doesn’t get put on the internet, the world will continue to be conditioned into believing things aren’t that bad, and all of the prophetic messages that are coming out are only from religious fanatics. No, No, No! Things really are that bad! This is why some of the Prophets in this blog have prophetic messages from Our Lord or from Saint Michael that read like Jesus and the Saints are literally screaming at us, and yelling at us to wake up!

We are going to post some recent videos and news articles about some desecrating acts that have been going on all over the world. Some of these, we really don’t want to post, but sometimes it takes this kind of news to open people’s Spiritual eyes and ears. It breaks our hearts, but we know these things are happening, so we must continue to pray reparation prayers to Our Lord and fast when we can for the Salvation of Souls. I recently saw something on the internet that stated we must not pray for Ruth Bader Ginsburg after her death because of the amount of abortions she contributed in as a Supreme Court Justice. This type of condemnation from any Christian is very, very wrong. We must pray for everyone, no matter what their sins are and Our Lord tells us to pray for everyone in the gospels, even our enemies. Even dying on the cross, Our Lord asked God Our Father to forgive us for crucifying Him. So, we must forgive and continue to pray for the salvation of all souls, even those committing horrific acts of sin. We have to remember that this is a Spiritual battle against Satan and his demonic forces that are trying to pull all of us away from God. Being humble enough to pray for everyone, regardless of their sins is what the devil hates. Humility is the virtue that continues to keep us on the narrow path, and we must always strive and pray for more graces to be humble in these times, even when it becomes painful for us to witness these horrific acts of desecration and abomination.

Here is an abomination against Our Lord being conducted at a Holy Mass posted by LifeSite News.

Here is a statue of Our Blessed Mother of Our Lady of Guadalupe desecrated and also posted by LifeSite News last month.

Here is a horrific act and desecration that was conducted on an altar by a Priest and two prostitutes reported by the National Catholic Register.

Here is another act of Desecration against the Blessed Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist in Ontario, Canada.

Dr. Taylor Marshall has been keeping up with these horrific acts and I personally do not like to look at all of the details because it is very painful for us to witness these sacrileges against Our Lord. But, we give Dr. Taylor Marshall and LifeSite News credit for continuing to post this information for people to wake up and see the sad Truth for what it really is, and more of a wake-up call for those of us Catholics that still don’t believe things really aren’t that bad and there is no way we could be in the end times.

Next, here is Michael Matt with Remnant TV on an upcoming conference about the apostacies going on in our Church and to fight against the New World Order and push for globalism. The Conference is hosting Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano and others on October 23-25, 2020. It looks like Remnant TV may host the conference and I will try to stay tuned to what is discussed, when it occurs.

Also, here are the details,

Lastly, here is another prophetic message from the Mike 444 Prophecy Channel about a war with Iran, Russia and China. Both Father Michel Rodrigue and Prophet Pedro Regis from Brazil have received prophecies involving these countries and a World War.

Here is what we wrote about the Pedro Regis Prophecies from Our Blessed Mother last year on Iran, China and Russia.

Also, here are some Scriptures we posted that we believe the Holy Spirit guided us to on the deadly alliances that appear to be forming between Iran, Russia, and China and a video by Jason A.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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