Spiritual Protection By Father Chad Ripperger by Sensus Fidelium! Also, Rosary: A Spiritual Weapon; and 9 Levels of Prayer by Saint Teresa of Avila. Lastly, Prayer Against Oppression by Father Chad Ripperger.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. I know I have inundated you with Father Chad Ripperger videos on Spiritual Warfare. But, every time I review another video, even if I have seen it before, I learn something new that can benefit me in my Spiritual journey with Jesus on something I have forgotten about, or just seeing it from a different perspective with my Spiritual eyes. This is because we are constantly given more and more graces to keep moving forward toward Jesus as long as we are putting in the effort to seek His Holy Face daily. As Father Ripperger explains in this next video, prayer is the only way to keep ascending up the holy mountain to the foot of the Cross of Our Lord. As we ascend, our crosses may get heavy, but we just keep giving it to Our Lord through Our Surrender to Him.

We always appreciate our emails from everyone because it helps us to know that we are on the right track in Serving Our Lord in these end times and this is also Our consolation in dealing with the heaviness of the offenses that are being committed against the Blessed Trinity and the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Mother. Anything we do to Serve Jesus in this time of distress is consoling Him and that should be All of our desire as His Disciples because We all Love Him. So, this video by Father Ripperger is another excellent video that you either want to take notes on or listen to several times to be able to catch all of the important information he puts out. In fact, this video and his next video on the 9 levels of Prayer are so good, I am going to go back and takes notes this time. If he gets to speaking too fast, just stop the video, move it back a few seconds and write your notes. Also, Father Ripperger has done so much instruction in different videos that he may use the same example from another video in his life experiences, but the information he is teaching is mostly different, so don’t think that you are listening to the same information, just maybe the same example he is trying to make on a particular point. Here is Father Ripperger’s video on Spiritual Protection, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96PwgL6ZOBU.

Next, we are going to post a video by Father Ripperger and the Holy Rosary as a Spiritual Weapon. This video is very important because Father Ripperger explains how Our Blessed Mother intercedes for us against Satan and how She has been given the Graces by God to crush Satan’s head Spiritually. It is her Humility, Obedience and Suffering that God has bestowed these Blessings to Her to intercede for us to conquer the enemy of Jesus Christ. This is why Father Ripperger explains that She is the nemesis to Satan because She has taken his place in the hierarchy levels of Heaven. Father Ripperger also speaks on the 3 stages of the Spiritual Life and how the 9 levels of Prayer will assist us in moving forward to each stage starting with the Purgative stage that we have talked about in a previous post in this blog. I will keep copying all of these posts under the page titled, “How To Prepare Spiritually before the Warning and Coming Tribulation”, in case any of us need to go back and study something specifically again to help us in our own Spiritual journeys. Here is Father Rippergers video on the Holy Rosary, A Spiritual Weapon.https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Senus+Fidelium+Rosary+a+Spiritual+Weapon&docid=608049382078549003&mid=8EC9B0655A1BC979A6A68EC9B0655A1BC979A6A6&view=detail&FORM=VIRE.

Lastly, we are going to post the video of 9 levels of Prayer by Saint Teresa of Avila as explained by Father Chad Ripperger. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Father+Chad+Ripperger+9+levels+of+Prayer&docid=607986456503520209&mid=EED3FA0B4CE86E5400ACEED3FA0B4CE86E5400AC&view=detail&FORM=VIRE.

As we listen to Father Ripperger, you can make the correlation between the 9 levels of prayer and the 3 stages of Spiritual Life as Father Ripperger explains. In fact, I was able to ascertain that I am only at the 3rd level of prayer, which is the Affective Prayer level, and also still in the Purgative Stage, which the Holy Spirit has already helped me to discern. But this is okay, because we know that Our Lord is guiding us to this to help us all understand where we are and the we must keep ascending towards His Sacred Heart. In fact, I am thankful that Our Lord is showing us this because it helps put our Spiritual lives in perspective intellectually so that we see it on a tangible level. As Father Ripperger explains, many people fall into a Spiritual sloth, because we don’t understand if we are doing something right for God, and we give up. But this is not what God intended for us, and this is why we have the Saints to help us break it down, conquer our defects, and keep moving forward. So, in the Purgative Stage of Spiritual Life, which is where most of us are, we are constantly rooting out our defects and once we get to a certain point, it helps to continue through this stage with a Spiritual Director. Here are the 9 levels of prayer in writing so that you can print it, figure out where you are, and start praying to your Guardian Angel to keep showing you how to keep advancing for Our Lord. https://thecatholicreader.blogspot.com/2013/06/st-teresas-nine-grades-of-prayer.html#:~:text=Teresa%27s%20Nine%20Grades%20of%20Prayer%20Vocal%20Prayer%3A%20being,penetrate%20it%27s%20meaning%20and%20carry%20it%20into%20practice.

Also, here is a Prayer against Oppression that Father Chad Ripperger wrote that we can pray to God to ask Him to remove the Oppression. This is called a binding prayer that we “lay people” can pray. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lJOIKna8us.

If you sit through all of these videos today, you are doing very well because they are long, but I do believe they are all necessary for us to understand where we are to keep moving forward Spiritually for Jesus Christ Our Lord.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us’. Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

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