New Show with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World on the Coming Apocalypse, dated July 30, 2020.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We have reviewed the show, the Coming Apocalypse with Pastor Paul Begley, and Mike From Around the World last night. Here is what was said.

Mike stated that we are in a war right now amongst the people and where their loyalties are and this is what is pushing the agendas of demonstrations and rioting. Mike stated that the beast system must be constituted with the people and it is getting ready to go to a whole new level. Pastor Paul asked if President Trump has the authority to delay the election, and Mike stated, Yes, he does. (Note, if this happens, then this will be the second Prophecy that is fulfilled by Prophet John Leary. John Leary just stated last month that Our Lord said the election would be cancelled.) Pastor Paul stated that President Trump is saying that the Covid-19 Pandemic puts people at risk along with the rioting in the cites. Mike stated there are things that the public sees, but there are things happening in the background that have not come to light yet. Mike stated that there are bigger problems than Covid-19, and it is being used to manipulate people and their beliefs and maneuver people and their minds and loyalties. Mike also stated that we have middle eastern issues and domestic issues with sleeper cells that they are trying to track down in the United States. Mike stated that these sleeper cells are mixing in with these crowds of demonstration. Mike stated these would be domestic terrorism sleeper cells that penetrate these rioting crowds and this is a real problem. Pastor Paul asked if we were drawing Iran out to see what types of missiles they have because of the missile they launched recently. Mike stated yes, they are looking for a specific weapon that they are concerned that Iran has with supersonic speeds that is based upon a similar missile that China has. There are also Russian made equipment and China made equipment that they are specifically looking for with Iran and the United States is attempting to draw this information out. This technology is hidden, and it is good to get an idea of what is out there, before any decisions are made.

Mike believes America is going to split based on what their loyalties are and political parties that lean towards their beliefs and ideologies. Mike stated that there are already trained groups that know how to push these “isms” of Marxism, anarchism, communism, and socialism. Mike stated that the populous is being taught to believe that everything our Country was founded on was actually wrong. Mike stated that the kids these days don’t understand where our Country came from and these groups are pushing their agendas on these kids to take control of their hearts and loyalties. If these kids are operating from their hearts to believe they are fighting for a certain cause, then anything that is presented will be misinterpreted and cause more anger and violence. Mike stated that no one is standing up and educating these kids on the past and the fact that we are all free in our Country and even though we may have some bad eggs, our Country is already free. Mike also stated that we have to understand that this is strategic, and it is sad to witness, but we have to fight with Faith in Our Lord.

Pastor Paul asked Mike about the Asteroid Apophis that is due to come in 2029, and should we be concerned with this Asteroid colliding with the Earth with a gravitational pull. Mike stated yes, it can, but there are several other asteroids that we need to be concerned about. Mike stated that Apophis is too popular and there is too much focus on that year instead of the present time. Mike stated that we are going to entertain something bigger than Apophis and we need to be more concerned about the volume of debris coming and not the size right now. Mike is also concerned about Our Sun, and the dangers of the radiation that is building up in the Earth. Mike stated that the cloud of debris that is coming has to be realized right now. NASA is working at break neck speeds to get knowledge of what is coming into our atmosphere and we need to prepare right now for what is coming. Pastor Paul asked what year should we prepare for deep impacts, and Mike stated that we should prepare right now because this binary system is speeding up as it gets closer to Our Sun. Mike stated that we will not have the timing for these deep impacts because of the amount of speed these bodies pick up with the gravitational pull. Mike believes that certain individuals are aware of a time frame, and people are being moved into underground pressurized locations. Mike believes that there are underground facilities under the ghost cities in China, and there are infrastructures in place, but there is no longer a focus on them.

Pastor Paul asked Mike are food systems and food shortages taking place, and Mike stated yes, but food is being sored in certain locations. Paul asked if we were looking at the deep state here, and if President Trump was fighting for the people and not necessarily a party. Mike stated, yes, that President Trump wants the people to fight for their Country and he wants people to be responsible and there appears to be a divide amongst the Republican party brewing. Mike gave the example of President Trump wanting people to be responsible and how some people were getting $600.00 a week for unemployment, but did not even have a job before Covid-19 and isn’t concerned with even getting a job. So, Mike believes the President is trying to keep people responsible with the decisions and actions he is taking. Mike stated that whomever saves the people with the next stimulus check will be the hero to the people and that is what the parties are fighting for and the people’s loyalties. Pastor Paul asked about Dr. Fauci and why he keeps changing his information constantly on Covid-19. Mike stated that Dr. Fauci is only following the numbers, and the facts they are presenting on Covid-19 are changing daily. Mike believes they keep presenting false facts and it is confusing everyone on whether to wear a mask, not wear a mask, also whether it is airborne or not. So, we have to follow the correct facts, which are not being clearly presented.

Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World will be participating in a “Deep State” conference in October, 2020. Mike stated he will discuss “Brotherhood of the serpent” in this conference. Mike stated he will return next Thursday to discuss some more deadline information he is currently studying on things that can all go wrong.

So, it appears that there is no new information on whether there will be any asteroid strikes for August at this time, but NASA will continue to report near miss objects, and we will keep looking to see if there is any information on asteroid strikes that we need to be concerned about in the immediate future.

Emmanuel -“God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

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