New Message to Luz De Maria from Our Lord Jesus Christ, July 2, 2020. Also, New Message to Little Prophet of Love and The Warning Message Coming This Autumn to the Little Prophet of Love in Different Languages.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ! We are posting the latest message to Luz De Maria, and we are observing very clearly like you will also, how angry Our Lord is on the Apostasy in His Church.

Our Lord is asking us to draw closer to His Blessed Mother because She is the one that will lead us in these times and He is also asking us to recite the Holy Rosary daily from our hearts. This is our protection against the enemy as he is gaining ground on souls who do not have Our Lord. We realize that this is hard for some Protestant’s to understand, but this is the time Her Immaculate Heart will Triumph in assisting Jesus with the Salvation of Souls. We must also keep praying for Our Blessed Mother to pray for the intercession of our family’s souls that have fallen away from Jesus as we get closer to the Warning and for Our Lord to have Mercy on them. Everything is happening very quickly now, and we don’t know how much longer we will be able to continue to post messages on this blog. We will continue to post messages as long as we can and write what we feel the Holy Spirit is guiding us to write about.

Also, here is the latest message to the Little Prophet of Love, dated July 12, 2020. Notice the message that was given to the Little Prophet of Love by Jesus is the same about His Shepherds in His Church being lost and confused that He gave to Luz De Maria. Our Lord said it was sorrowful to see His flock walk in separate ways now that they have some of the Churches opened again. We believe Our Lord is referencing to the fact that there is no HOLY WATER because of fear of viral contamination, and how some Priests will only allow you to receive the BLESSED SACRAMENT in the hand and not on the tongue. This is absurd because we know the water is HOLY and you can’t be harmed by HOLY WATER. ALSO, the BLESSED SACRAMENT is CONSECRATED, therefore neither the priest nor the receiver of the BLESSED HOST will be harmed by the Virus because it is TRULY JESUS PRESENT!

Before we post THE WARNING MESSAGE COMING THIS AUTUMN given to the Little Prophet of Love in different languages, we are going to also post the photo gallery that can be found with messages from Our Lord Jesus to the Little Prophet on her website. Please take the time to read through these messages given to the Little Prophet of Love through mid point of last year. They are all very important messages from Jesus, and We must continue to pray for discernment from the Holy Spirit and ask for the Peace of Our Lord to remain in our hearts, no matter what happens this Fall.

Little Prophet of Love has also sent us the Warning message she was given by Jesus that is coming this Autumn in different languages. We may not have all of the languages, but have posted the ones below that we have been provided. Again, the chances are very high that the Warning will come this Fall unless Jesus changes His mind and delays it a little longer. But, even other Pastors, Rabbis and Prophets are all saying that something big is going to happen this Fall. Remember, Our Lord said to John Leary that when there will be many deaths, is when He will move His Children into the Refuges for protection. So, please prepare as much as possible to Serve Jesus now by letting your family and friends know about the Warning or Illumination of Conscience possibly coming this Fall. Also, continue to prepare Spiritually by spending time with Jesus and asking Him for the graces to become a Disciple for Him.

We will post the Warning messages here since we have different countries viewing this website from all over the world.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

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