More Prophetic Messages That May Unfold Very Soon. Are We Ready For More Deception, Or Will Our Lord Take Us to the Permanent Refuges Before the Evil Deception Arrives?

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. As we continue to receive current prophetic messages of being led by Our Guardian Angels to the Permanent Refuges as early as this Fall, what is it that we may witness that has been prophesied in the past and is coming back again now in prophetic messages. This is something that I don’t like to discuss, but it has been prophesied several times now, and we believe the Holy Spirit wants us to make God’s Children aware that it could be coming very soon. If it had not been prophesied already by Luz De Maria, I would have also had a hard time believing this message because it just seems too crazy to believe this will actually happen. We have already spoken about this in a previous post about the fallen angels and the deception that will portray them as aliens. We have read many of the Prophetic messages from Luz De Maria and believe the Holy Spirit has guided us to her because she is a true prophet of God. Here is one of her messages on demons that are actually posing as aliens. We know from our study of Enoch and the Nephilim in the Book of Genesis, Chapter 6, that the sons of God saw how beautiful the daughters of human beings were and so they took for their wives whomever they pleased, even though we know they are sexless beings.

This is still a mystery to us even if you have taken it upon yourself to read the Scivias of Saint Hildegard Bingen (Now made a Doctor of the Church by Pope Benedict XVI) and the revelation she received on the Creation and Fall of Lucifer and his followers. Saint Hildegard explains the pride of Lucifer and how he was created so beautiful and powerful that he believed he could be like his Creator and revealed to her how God cast him out with his followers and created Hell because there is only one God and all of His Creation must know this. (This will also hold true for those that are acting like God now trying to control the world.) Also, if you study the Book of Enoch, which is a non-canonical book, it reveals more mysteries revealed to Enoch by the Archangel Uriel about the fallen angels. Because this is a non-canonical book, we will not go into detail, but it is important to remember that Father Michel Rodrigue does also mention Archangel Uriel in one of his Queen of Peace videos. This for me confirmed what the Holy Spirit was guiding us to about Enoch and the fallen angels and the Nephilim. The post we did on this last year in this blog is titled, “We do not have a license to sin. The Nephilim Spirit is lurking around looking to steal souls, and this is the evil that leads to the antichrist.”

Now, after hearing many prophecies on it, it sounds like this may be a prophecy we may have to contend with in the near future because it keeps getting brought up in the media and there have been supposed “U.F.O.” sightings all over the world. You have already read what Luz De Maria is saying in her prophetic message from Our Blessed Mother, now look at what Veronica Lueken prophesied back on May 30, 1973. If you go down about halfway through the prophecies put together by the Jesus Maria website, you will see the Prophecy to Veronica by St. Theresa, titled, “Nuns to have skirts to the floor-flying saucers from hell.” Veronica gets a vision of lights coming up out of a hole in the Earth with domes on top of them, and then our Blessed Mother states to her “Man will not accept the Truth. These are transports from hell.” Then Our Blessed Mother tells her that there is no life beyond our Earth as we know it, and Satan seeks to confuse people. Then Our Blessed Mother tells her that we will not enter the Kingdom unless we have been stripped of our pride and return as little children. Our Blessed Mother was referring to how we are always trying to seek out other life on other planets because of our pride instead of seeking God in our hearts, mind and souls, who has all of the answers.

Next, here is a prophet that the website After the Warning has listed, and has been following for a while. A follower of this blog asked that I take a look at it, and this is what Prophet Julie Whedbee is currently receiving prophetic messages from Our Lord about aliens. Jesus Christ Our Lord told Julie that there will be an invasion of benevolent entities that are actually demons in disguise. Here is another message that Our Lord told her to stand firm no matter what we see. Wow, I can see now why After the Warning website added this prophet to their list of Prophets. Here is Julie Whedbee given a prophecy from Our Lord about places of Refuge like what John Leary and Father Michel Rodrigue have both explained in their prophetic messages.

Lastly, here is After the Warning with their explanation of the The Coming Illumination of Conscience.

So, what we believe the Holy Spirit wants us to focus on here with these Prophetic Messages about aliens is that God did not create another being creature like us that live on other planets. There is no mention of it Biblically, even in the non-canonical books. There are fallen angels mentioned in both the Book of Genesis and in the Book of Enoch that apparently somehow created Nephilim beings that God destroyed in the flood. But, since evil and sin is once again covering the Earth, as it once did in the days of Noah, will re-appear and try to deceive us as aliens according to the Prophets. This is the deception that we may see before we are taken to a Permanent Refuge and We must all pray for all souls not to be deceived by this lie, even the elect Souls. We don’t have all of the answers in this blog, but we do know that the Holy Spirit is guiding us to the Prophets that have received these messages to warn us of this happening as far back as 1973 with Veronica Lueken. For those that talked poorly about Veronica Lueken and her prophetic messages back then and also the stigmata wounds she received, she suffered all of this for the Salvation of Souls in the end times as another victim soul and to warn us of what is coming.


Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

2 Replies to “More Prophetic Messages That May Unfold Very Soon. Are We Ready For More Deception, Or Will Our Lord Take Us to the Permanent Refuges Before the Evil Deception Arrives?”

    1. Hello Nelida, We have not heard anything more about Father Adam Skwarczynski. However, they have not removed his video that he made about his revelation Our Lord gave to him about the Era of Peace and the end times. I will do some research to see if I can find anything, in the mean time, if anyone else knows anything about Father Adam Skwarcynski from Poland, please let us know.


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