It is Not Too Late To Make Your Home an Interim Refuge! Also, LifeSite News Brings Us the Prophecy of a Man in Loreto, Italy that Prophesied Donald J. Trump will Lead America back to God.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. Someone has just contacted us to see if it was too late to make their home an Interim Refuge. Our answer is, “No”, we still have time to Consecrate our homes to God Our Father in Heaven for the Salvation of Souls. If Our Lord is guiding you to do this as a way to Serve Our Lord, please do it today. You don’t have to be rich, or have a large home or acreage of land. It is just a matter of Surrendering your home to God Our Father for the Salvation of Souls. This Consecration is in the Conference Notes that Father Michel has given us that are listed in this blog from the Conference we attended with Father Michel and John Leary last year. If you believe the Holy Spirit is guiding you to do this, please do so today because there is little time left before the Warning.

In fact, we have been told by Prophet John Leary, if there are not enough Permanent Refuges in our specific areas of the world, God may end up making our Interim Refuges as Permanent Refuges! As you noticed in John Leary’s latest messages, Our Lord told him that he will now be sending him 5,000 people to his Permanent Refuge because there are not enough Permanent Refuges. In the case of smaller homes, God is going to multiply the square footage of the home as necessary to accommodate the amount of people God will need to send. So, many people might say this sounds too far fetched, but if you know God like we do as His Disciples, then you know He is capable of all things. Just like Father Michel explained in his videos, that during the Warning, planes will stop in the sky if they are in the sky during the Warning. These are the same Miracles He will conduct for the Salvation of Souls, just like He did for the Israelites in the desert in the Book of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. So, it is not too late to make your home an Interim Refuge. If you have a well on your land and would also like to Consecrate your home to God as a Permanent Refuge, this is also possible, but ultimately, this is up to Our Lord as to what type of Refuge your home will be. Just Consecrate it per the notes we have listed in this blog, and Trust In Our Lord to make that decision. You will also need to get as much food, water, and fuels as you can afford that we have recommended in the “Preparing Your Home as an Interim Refuge” post. Both the Conference Notes From Father Michel and the Interim Refuge posts are listed under the page in this blog on, “How To Prepare Physically Before Being Taken to a Permanent Refuge.”

Next, we would like to post a video from LifeSite News on a Prophecy that a Catholic man, named Tom Zimmer, had from Loreto, Italy about Donald J. Trump leading America back to God. We actually saw this video 3 years ago when it was circulating, but just in case you haven’t seen it, LifeSite News has actually confirmed this Prophecy by finding the man that heard this Prophecy himself from Tom Zimmer in Loreto, Italy.

What is amazing about this Prophecy is that Tom Zimmer had become so holy For Jesus that he actually had many, many Holy Masses said for Donald J. Trump in the 1980s and had co-authored the PIETA prayer book! Co-authoring the PIETA prayer book speaks by itself as far as being holy for Jesus! Here is the story that Mystic Post wrote on Tom Zimmer,

We have to remember that God is capable of all things, and will do all things for the Salvation of Souls. We believe that God has sent President Trump to slow down the Elites and their push for globalism and is bringing people to Christianity that are Lukewarm. But, as we come out of our Lukewarm and dead selves, we must leave sin behind and pray to be Transformed into the image of Our Lord. We can’t remain in Sin and expect for Him to Transform us unless we are trying to alleviate all sin from our lives. These sins include gossip, slander, hate, unforgiveness, arrogance, pride and all of the sins the devil uses against us to control us and keep us from this Transformation. We can’t have any hate in our hearts for those that we feel are not doing enough to protect our Church. We just have to keep praying for them and offer up our sufferings to Jesus for their Salvation and the Salvation of all Souls. Also, we have to understand that Scripture will be fulfilled, so even though President Trump is doing his best, God is in control of what He will allow and what He will not allow to occur in these end times. So, as Scripture is being fulfilled and the Seals are being opened, everything is being played out according to God’s Will. We must continue to pray for President Trump and his protection, but also God’s Will in our lives and the Salvation of all Souls to Surrender to Jesus Christ Our Lord and accept Him as their Lord and Savior and to be Transformed into His Disciple.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

2 Replies to “It is Not Too Late To Make Your Home an Interim Refuge! Also, LifeSite News Brings Us the Prophecy of a Man in Loreto, Italy that Prophesied Donald J. Trump will Lead America back to God.”

  1. Thank you for all the insight you provide each of us on this blog with the discernment from the Holy Spirit. You have helped me in building my prayer life, helped me to open my spiritual eyes to the times we are facing and the corruption of the free mason attacks against the church, we spread the word on what we know and this blog is a blessing to check in with, and see if there have been new messages from the prophets, I love finding out about older prophecies that I have not been familiar with and it opens my eyes even more when I do the research as well, thank you again for everything, God Bless and may the peace of the Lord be with you!


    1. Amen. Thank You Matthew for your kind words. We are trying very hard to Serve Our Lord the best we can, and believe the Holy Spirit is showing all of us more prophecies all of the time from unknown Saints made by God because of their devotion to His Divine Will. God’s Will is to make us all Saints so we can go straight to Heaven and the more of ourselves we give to God, the more He Transforms us into the Saints we read about. May God’s Peace rest on all of us in these times, so that we can bring people to Our Lord.


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