New Messages to John Leary! Jesus is getting us ready for the Warning and to be taken to the Refuges!

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ! Prophet John Leary has received some recent messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ on the Warning coming soon, and He is also reminding us of what we can and can not take to these refuges in our backpacks. If you have been a follower of this blog for a while, you are most likely ready and have your backpacks prepared. If you have just joined us recently, you need to get your backpacks ready! If you are older and can’t get everything in your backpack that we have listed on the blog post titled, “Making a Go Bag, or a Go Backpack”, or it is too heavy, just take 3 days worth of clothing, a sleeping bag, some food, water and your Holy Bible and Sacramentals. If you can get all of the essential items in your backpack and it is still too heavy, remember that Father Michel said that Our Guardian Angels will pick us up and carry us if necessary. It is also very possible that we will be able to drive our vehicles, if they do not have a Global Positioning System (GPS) in them. We believe Our Guardian Angels will advise us as to whether we will be able to take our vehicles when the time comes. Also, if you notice in the message below, Our Lord said to not take anything with a computer chip in them, and this includes credit cards and driver’s license that have a chip. I have already confirmed this personally with John Leary and he advised that we will not need them. Here are John Leary’s latest set of messages,

Here are the messages from July 7, 2020, and also July 6, 2020.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

July 8, 2020

Tuesday, July 7, 2020:
Jesus said: “My people, this large building is the place I will call My people to come for their protection and sustenance by My angels at a refuge. Have no fear of the evil ones who will be trying to kill you, because the power of My angels is more than any weapons the evil ones could use against you. You will have a shield of invisibility with the help of your guardian angel, so you will not need weapons to defend yourself. Your only weapon will be My Blessed Mother’s rosary. Once you leave your homes for My refuges with your backpacks, you will not return to your home. Do not take any mark of the beast or a computer chip, and do not bring your cell phone or electronic devices, because they will not work at your refuges. The Antichrist will put his face all over the media, and do not look at his eyes because he could hypnotize you to worship him. This is why after the six weeks after the Warning, you are to remove all cell phones, TVs, computers, and any device connected to the internet from your home. So do not think of buying any more such devices, because you will be discarding them. You may wonder why I am giving you so many messages about refuges and the end times. That is because you are so close to the tribulation, when you will need to be in a refuge for your protection from the evil ones. I will warn every one of My believers in their Warning experience, that they will need to flee for My refuges at the appointed time. I will give all of My faithful an inner locution when it is time to come to My refuges. This is why I have been calling My special warriors to set up refuges for My faithful. Only a few are answering this call, so I will need to expand all of My refuges to hold all of My faithful believers.”

Monday, July 6, 2020

July 8, 2020

Monday, July 6, 2020: (St. Maria Goretti)
Jesus said: “My son, I am again showing you a stadium of about 5,000 people, who would be sent to your refuge. As you looked closely at this large number of people, you became a little overwhelmed at how you would organize feeding and housing so many people. Keep in mind that you are not alone, and I will send you many angels to build a large building that I showed you how they were digging out a huge basement. The angels will also multiply all the food, water, beds, fuels, and any other needs to survive. This will also happen at other refuges where they will be expanded to house all the people who will come. Just as you were instructed by your meeting with Fr. Michel, you will need to set up at least one committee of twenty people to assign jobs for all of your needs. I will multiply what you have, so do not worry. I will send you one or more priests to help offer daily Mass. Your faith is strong, but you will need to emphasize to the people that this multiplication will only happen if they have faith that I can perform these miracles. I will provide helpers for you, and you and your wife will be directing them. Yes, My refuge builders will be supervisors in faith and material things for My people. My angels will shield you from the evil ones who want to kill you. The coming tribulation is a punishment for the people of the world for their sins, but I will separate My elect from the evil people at My refuges. All of those people, who are lost will not be allowed into My refuges, and they will be killed and cast into hell. This is why it is so important to convert your family members to the faith after My Warning, so they can be saved. Trust in Me because My angels and I will protect you, and provide for all of your needs.”

(Requiem Mass for Kathy Neilon) Jesus said: “My people, when you see someone die, you are always reminded of your own mortal body, and you also will die one day. Life is fleeting and everything on earth is temporary. But your souls are immortal and live on forever, so you need to protect your soul from the devil’s temptations with your monthly Confession, and your daily Holy Communion. Call on Me and My angels to protect you in life, and follow My Commandments. Pray for Kathy’s family as they are mourning her loss. Kathy said: “I am seeing how your messages from Jesus are directing people to prepare for the Warning, and coming to the refuges for protection during the tribulation.”

We have to have Faith and Trust in Our Lord that We are protected by His Precious Blood and Our Guardian Angels. We must not feel anxious or scared, because the devil takes advantage of our thoughts when he thinks we are scared! As Father Chad Ripperger points out in his videos on Angels and Demons,

Demons can’t read our thoughts, but they react to our emotions, and words and begin to subject us to their temptations to exacerbate that negative emotion, whether it is fear or anger. If you reflect that you are afraid or angry in your body language or say that you are afraid or angry, the devil with flood you with more thoughts of fear, anger and anxiety. Fear is not from God, because He created us to be like little Children to be cared for, loved, and protected by Him in everything We do. This is reflective in Jesus’ messages to John Leary above. God is clearly saying in these two messages that he has provided everything, and we just need to give Him all of Our Love and focus on assisting Him with the Salvation of Souls before and after the Warning. This is why all of the Prophets in this blog and elsewhere are saying in their prophetic messages that we must become more Spiritual, have a Relationship with Jesus, and focus on Him. Anyone that has not Surrendered, accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and repented of their Sins after the Warning, will stand the chance of their souls being lost eternally. This is why this last act of Divine Mercy from Jesus is so critical to the Salvation of Souls. Please continue to pray for the Salvation of all Souls and as Father Michel Rodrigue said, let’s give Our Families Souls over to Our Blessed Mother for Her Intercessory Prayers to Our Lord for their Salvation so that they will come to our Interim Refuges before We are all taken to a Permanent Refuge.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

6 Replies to “New Messages to John Leary! Jesus is getting us ready for the Warning and to be taken to the Refuges!”

  1. Thank you once again for your diligence in alerting us all.
    Please if you would remember me in your prayers. I am seeking to enter the Community of Fr. Michel Rodrigue. Waiting for the borders to be opened. And then to hopefully go up and visit him and his Community.
    I am a Caregiver and the elderly couple I watch over are okay, though the husband is getting frail as time goes on. I won’t be able to visit Father Michel Rodrigue unless I am certain I can go.
    Respectfully in Christ Jesus and our Lady of Mercy, Rick


    1. Hi Rick, I just heard from the Leary’s yesterday that Father Michel Rodrigue is busy working on completing his Monastery in Canada. I would make sure you contact him if possible, before you go to Canada to ensure he would have the time to see you. I know we all want to see Father Michel because he is a holy Priest doing God’s Will, but God has him on a Special Mission right now before the Warning comes, and it appears the Warning is right around the corner. We will pray for you, but make sure he knows you are coming and his Community is expecting you so that you are not turned away when you get there. God Bless, we will pray for you.


  2. I came across this website and as i was looking for more information about illumination of conscience. Sorry to write about my personal stuff but i am desperate for prayers. Have married non believer nearly 15 years ago and now we are separated since Nov 19 (mainly due to His porn addictions, prostitutes and domestic violence) We use to be great family (we have two boys 10&7 years old) until 5 years ago whereas we’ve moved to His home town where his family and childhood friends live. My husband started to go out more with His friends and family and leaving me with kids and then he started to treat me really badly. I pray for Him a lot and can’t wait for illumination of conscience just so maybe He will see through what damage He does to me and boys. I haven’t left my husband, yet He did left us and now kids live in 2 different homes and I am separated from my kids every other weekend 😦 i sacrifice my suffering towards those who are on the edge of hell but sometimes feel as though my cross is too much for me 😦 please pray for my family, just so God will take away His heart of stone and replace with heart of flesh.


    1. Hi Angelica, I am sorry for the suffering you and your husband are going through. We will pray for your husband to come back to Jesus. I believe He will after the Warning. He is being oppressed by the many demonic attacks out there and he needs deliverance. As soon as the Warning occurs, he will need guidance to the nearest Priest for confession. We don’t realize it, but confession is the mildest form of exorcism, because when the Priest, who is representing Our Lord by his apostolic authority, gives us absolution, it breaks the bondage of that demonic oppression. Thank you for offering up your sufferings for others and your husband. I am sure Our Lord is using it for the Salvation of Souls, including your husband. We will all pray for his conversion. Also, ask Our Blessed Mother to intercede with Her prayers for your husband, and when you pray the Holy Rosary everyday, ask Her to Pray to Our Lord for your family’s and husband’s Salvation. This is what Father Michel suggested we all do.


      1. God Bless you. I have been told by few people that It will be resolved after the Warning and i do go to Very good catholic church in Bristol, however my husband has baptism in Baptist Church, so I believe He will need to have Holy Spirit Baptism, And then Confession and First Communion. For God everything is possible.

        Thank you for your prayers, God Bless. Will pray for you too.


      2. Hi Angelica, He will have the Baptism of the Holy Spirit after the Warning. This is why it will be like a Second Pentecost for all Christians. He will have the desire to confess his sins after the Warning, so guide him to your Church, after the Warning. There may be hundreds, if not thousands seeking forgiveness in our local areas, and the Priests will know what to do with large masses of people. Thank you for your prayers, we all need them.


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