New Prophetic Messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ to Father Michael Scanlan from 1976 and 1980 that were warnings about the events happening today, presented by Ralph Martin and Renewal Ministries!

Good Afternoon Disciples of Jesus Christ. Everyday, it seems that more and more of God’s Children are waking up Spiritually to the signs we are receiving from God and how important it is to come together to Serve Jesus His Son and Our Lord. No matter how long you have believed in prophecy or prophetic messages from Our Blessed Mother or Saint, or Priest, or lay person, the signs are revealing to all of us that we have to listen to the Prophets and take heed to what God is telling us. We have to stop allowing our own personal intellect and personal beliefs to interfere with what the Holy Spirit is speaking to many of God’s Prophets and has been for a long time. Ralph Martin is president of Renewal Ministries in Ann Arbor, Michigan and director of graduate programs in the new evangelization at Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit. Ralph Martin has been part of the Charismatic Renewal since 1967 and a very powerful speaker and author of many books. Here is Mark Mallet speaking about Ralph Martin and the influence he has had on his life,

The reason we are bringing up Ralph Martin today is that recently he put out two videos about a discovery he made in prophetic messages from Our Lord to Father Michael Scanlan in 1976 and 1980, when he was doing some research for a new book. As he was doing this research, he discovered prophetic messages to Father Michael Scanlan from Our Lord that sounds very much like what is happening today. Here is also a description of who Father Michael Scanlan was that was written by the National Catholic Register and his profound impact on the Charismatic Renewal and everyone that met him,

Here is a fantastic homily by Father Scanlan before he died in 2017 that we discovered.

Here is Ralph Martin with Renewal Ministries’ blog on his article about his discovery of Father Scanlan’s Prophetic messages and how it relates to the events that are happening today.

Here is Ralph Martin’s recent videos about his discovery. Ralph is calling us to listen to the message given to Father Scanlan and understand that Jesus has been calling us to be closer to Him through Priests like Father Scanlan for a reason. That there is a Spiritual battle already taking place and we need to wake up and get ready for something that is coming. Ralph shows us in this video how Jesus is telling us our Churches will change and we need to be able to meet one another, that are united in Jesus Christ, in our homes if necessary. Ralph also asks us what it is going to take to shake us up out of our environments and Spiritual slumber to be witnesses for Jesus Christ. Ralph also believes this Pandemic and the closing of our Churches is one of the signs Jesus was referring to in these Prophetic messages to Father Scanlan.

Here is Ralph Martin’s follow up video, he recently posted, on the continuation of Father Scanlan’s prophetic message from Jesus. In this video, Ralph Martin makes a very good point to say that although we don’t want our lives to change or our Churches to change, we have to be ready just in case, because it is not our will, but ultimately the father’s Will in Heaven. In this second message given to Father Scanlan, Jesus tells him that “the time period that has been marked by His blessings and gifts will be replaced by His judgement and purification.” Jesus goes on to tell Father Scanlan that “His Church is in need of this judgment, they have continued in an adulterous relationship with the spirit of the world.” Ralph Martin agrees that we have gotten Spiritually lazy and have taken for granted God’s blessings and have allowed Satan to influence our hearts and societies. We agree with Ralph in that unless we are willing to renounce all that we have through Surrender, we can’t be His Disciples. This is what we are called to be the minute we accept Jesus Christ as Our Lord and Savior. Jesus then tells Father Scanlan that “My Faithful Servants will be seen and come together and it will be a difficult and necessary time.”

Disciples of Jesus Christ, you are the Faithful Servants that will be seen and come together in this time. When you gather in your prayer groups and in your homes, you are beginning to create the house churches that Ralph Martin was explaining that may come to pass. Let us all gather together in prayer and pray for Our Lord’s Will to be fulfilled in all of our prayer groups across the world and understand and believe a Spiritual Awakening is happening.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Have a blessed day.

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