Another Video From Queen of Peace Media with Father Michel Rodrigue on the End Times!

Queen of Peace Media has put out another video with Father Michel Rodrigue who speaks on the coming Chastisement and the events that are occurring all over the world right now.

We would suspect that Queen of Peace Media will begin to put out a series of videos with Father Michel and I highly recommend subscribing to their videos to be sure and get all of Father Michel’s messages that he puts out from now on. Father Michel has definitely been chosen to help lead us to Jesus Christ and to have a very good understanding of where we are in these times and how we can serve Jesus as His Disciples.

Notice, that Father Michel spoke of a message from Saint Michael the Archangel. Father Michel makes a point that we must all be humble and explains how the One World Order will present a New Age Spiritualism as a new religion. Father Michel said in these last days, the stressing times will come and they will present this new religion and call it a “Universal Fraternity”. They will remove Jesus and try to say that He will not be the only mediator to Our Heavenly Father. This will be a lie that they will try and force on all people.

God Our Father told Father Michel that He has extended the time a little longer so that we may have time to prepare. We must Renew our Consecration to God Our Father through the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Our Mother. Father Michel said we must focus on our blessings from God and not focus on negative thoughts. We have to wake up everyday and thank Our Lord for the air we breathe. We must be Happy with what we have, and this happiness is the Kingdom of God. Father Michel said we will be judged on How we Serve Our Lord and how we Love our neighbors. Great darkness will descend on the world and we will walk towards our Refuge! Before we have a physical refuge, we have to live out our Spiritual refuge in the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Mother Mary. Father Michel read Psalm 91 and said we will walk with the flame of the angel towards the refuge, and we will have to be obedient to God. We will have Peace as a grace from God as we move towards the refuge. As in the times of Noah, God will purify the Earth and remove all evil, and we must Trust In Jesus that He will get us to this refuge. Father Michel continued to read Psalm 91 and explain each sentence as revealed to him by Saint Michael the Archangel. Father Michel said to make sure we conduct a general confession and try and stay in a state of grace. We must pray to Our Guardian Angels and Holy Legions of Angels for protection. Saint Michael also said to Father Michel, “The Hour Has Come.”

Get Ready and Be Prepared Spiritually First, then Physically.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

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