New Video of Father Michel Rodrigue on Queen of Peace Media!

Good Morning Disciples of Christ! We have discovered a new video released by Queen of Peace Media. In this video, Father Michel speaks on what we need to do right now to prepare for the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the 5 main messages of Medjugorje. Father Michel explains his initial disbelief in the apparitions of Medjugorje until Our Blessed Mother appeared to him and told him to go there in 1983. Father Michel has not allowed very many videos, but apparently he is allowing more because of the closeness of the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience. Father Michel has said many times that the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience is very close. Queen of Peace Media has done an excellent job of promoting the messages of Our Blessed Mother and the closeness of the Warning, especially with the promotion of the book The Warning, by Christine Watkins.

It is important to understand that it is our mission to get the information out about the Warning, or Illumination of Conscience so that people can prepare for the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We support every group that is willing to do that to include Queen of Peace Media. We do not know the author of the book, The Warning, and have not read her book yet. But, what we are finding as we continue to research all of the events of the Second Coming of Our Lord, not just The Warning, is that many people only want to believe certain prophecies and exclude others. It is important that we all pray about any Prophet to ensure that we are not deceived in these end times. Some people only believe this is a time of purification and that Our Lord is not returning for a very long time. This is not what the Holy Spirit has shown us in this blog. The events of the Warning, in the words of Father Michel, will be like a Second Pentecost, and people will return to Jesus Christ. Also, in Father Michel Rodrigue’s words and Prophet John Leary, Jesus will tell us in our personal encounters with Jesus during the Warning, not to take the mark of the beast. This is in the book of Revelation, 13:15-17. So, this event is not just the purification to bring people back to Jesus, this is also to prepare us to not be deceived when the antichrist comes to steal souls from God. We must have understanding from the Holy Spirit on God’s Word to know where we are in these end times. Father Michel even makes a point of saying this as one of the 5 main messages from Our Blessed Mother. We can’t just take someone’s word as a Prophetic message from God, unless it is in Scripture, and also as the events unfold. This Pandemic was prophesied by John Leary in 2012 and has now been fulfilled.

This is why we have put all of this information together in this blog, so that we have provided readers all of the information the Holy Spirit has shown us and why we know we are in the end times and the labor pains of the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 24. We can not help that some people do not believe in the messages from John Leary. We do know that John Leary has been putting out the same messages as Father Michel for a much longer period of time, and they both appear together in Conferences and support each other’s messages and are actually good friends. They both are also obedient to the Catholic Church, and they both will continue to spread the messages from the Blessed Trinity and Our Blessed Mother Mary as long as Our Lord requires them to.

So, as these events unfold, we all have to continue to pray for the Truth to the Holy Spirit and continue to ask God how we can serve him. We believe Father Michel was sent by God to confirm the prophetic messages given to John Leary and this is something we all need to individually continue to pray about. God has a mission for each person in these times, and we have to continue to pray and ask God, silently in our hearts, what our mission is for Him.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Have a blessed day.

6 Replies to “New Video of Father Michel Rodrigue on Queen of Peace Media!”

  1. If one is constantly seeking to become closer to the Triune God, it is evident that the pandemic of 2020 and increase in natural disasters is really a chastisement from God. When one looks at our world today, no one could blame the Divine Creator, God the Father, for his dissatisfaction with us.


  2. I have no doubt that John Leary is a true prophet of the end times as the messages of our Lord given through him has been consistent since he started publishing booklets,Videos and currently
    posting messages on the net!


  3. Please, someone help me make contact with Fr.Michel
    Rodrigue, as I have been suffering for most of my life from demons. To date I have had three exorcisms and still it persists. I am in a state of grace and have been for years. I am an ascendant of St. Andre Hubert Fournet from Canada.
    If there is anyway I can make contact with Fr. Michel please help me.


    1. Hi Jo Ann, I am not Father Michel, but the writer of this blog. Father Michel has done retreats in both Canada and with John Leary in the United States. He is currently scheduled to do another retreat with John Leary in Louisiana when it can be rescheduled due to Covid 19. This is listed on John Leary’s website on his calendar.


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