The Books of Zephaniah, Zechariah and Revelation!

As we study God’s Word, the Bible, we see consistency in His Word to His Prophets in the Old Testament and modern day prophets today. God is so good, that He graciously warns us over and over again through many different servants, of consequences for turning away from Him. This is why it is so critical to read God’s Word and pray for discernment from the Holy Spirit for understanding. We have to seek the Lord with all of our hearts, minds, and souls daily, and when we do this, we receive the graces of understanding. We also start to get God’s consistency in His warnings through His prophets and know that although He is merciful, we must never abandon His Commandments and Laws. As His children, we have to be humble enough to see, when this takes place, and then come back to Him in repentance.

In the Book of Zephaniah, Chapter 2:2-3 it reads, “Gather, gather yourselves together, O nation without shame! Before you are driven away, like chaff that disappears; before there comes upon you the blazing anger of the Lord; Before there comes upon you the day of the Lord’s anger. Seek the Lord, all you humble of the land, who have observed his law; Seek justice, seek humility; Perhaps you will be sheltered on the day of the Lord’s anger.” Here, the prophet Zephaniah is speaking to the Judaeans, but look at what Our Lord is saying to them, so that they do not experience God’s wrath. This is the same message in the Book of Revelation, to the seven Churches. Seek God with all of our hearts, be humble, follow His laws, seek forgiveness and repent! Then God will shelter you when He returns to destroy the wicked. This is why prophetic messages from John Leary, Father Michel, and Lois Vogel Sharp, on a physical refuge that is supernaturally protected by God’s Holy Legions of Angels, makes sense. Psalm 91 in the Book of Psalms is not just speaking of a spiritual refuge, it is also speaking about a physical refuge in which we are protected by God’s Angels. Look how many times God has sent His Holy Legions of Angels to protect all of His children in the Old Testament. Please read and become familiar with Psalm 91 and understand it’s importance of knowing it in these end times.

In the Book of Zechariah, which means, “God Remembers“, Chapter 21:1-4, it reads, “I raised my eyes and looked and there were four horns. Then I asked the angel who spoke with me, ‘What are those?’ He answered, “Those are the horns that scattered Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem.” Then the Lord showed me, four workmen. And I said, what are these coming to do? And the Lord said, “Those are the horns that scattered Judah, so that none could raise their heads any more; and these have come to terrify them – to cut down the horns of the nations that raised their horns to scatter the land of Judah.” Here Our Lord is speaking about the four countries that dispersed all of the Israelites, but notice He also said that they scattered Judah, so that they could not raise their heads anymore. In discernment from the Holy Spirit, this to me means they also could be the four horns that will destroy Israel in Daniel 8:8-9, that we spoke about in a previous post in this blog. Which, also indicated that the antichrist will come from one of these four countries in Daniel 8:10-12. Even here, Our Lord is consistent in His prophecies in explaining events to come through different servants.

Then in Zechariah, Chapter 5, after chapter 4 explains the Two Olive Trees (Witnesses) for God, verses 3-4, it reads, “Then he said to me, ‘This is the curse which is to go forth over the whole land. According to it, every thief and every perjurer will be expelled. I will send it forth-oracle of the Lord of hosts- so that it will come to the house of the thief, and into the house of the one who swears falsely by my name. It shall lodge within each house, consuming it, timber and stones.” After reading this again, this curse could also be represented by Planet X, or Hercolubus in the Book of Revelations, because it said that each house will be consumed, timber and stones!

Then further on in Zechariah, Chapter 5, verses 5-11, he describes a basket of wickedness, a woman in a basket, that also represents the Harlot in Revelations that brings adultery of other pagan religions. It reads, “Then the angel who spoke with me came forward and said to me ‘Raise your eyes and look. What is this that comes forth?’ I said, what is it? And he answered, ‘This is the basket that is coming. And he said, this is their guilt in all of the land.’ Then a leaden cover was lifted, and there was a woman sitting inside the basket. He said, ‘this is wickedness’, and he thrust her inside the basket, pushing the leaden weight into the opening.” Notice there is a leaden weight covering this wickedness of paganism and evil (which means, she is bound by the Angel). Also notice in Chapter 5, verse 11, a temple will be built for this harlot (pagan religion) in the land of Shinar, which is in Babylonia. (Babylon is destroyed by God in the Book of Revelations). We have to understand that God protects us from all evil that is bound by Him, when we have His full provision, but when we forsake Him, He pulls back and allows evil to take over.

Then in Zechariah, Chapter 11:10, it reads, “Then I took my staff Delight and snapped it in two, breaking my covenant which I had made with all of the peoples.”

Chapter 11:15-17, it reads, “The Lord said to me; This time take the gear of a foolish shepherd. For I am raising up a shepherd in the land who will take no note of those that disappear, nor seek the strays, nor heal the injured, nor feed the exhausted; but he will eat the flesh of the fat ones and tear off their hoofs! Ah! my worthless shepherd who forsakes the flock! May the sword fall upon his arm and upon his right eye; His arm will surely wither, and his right eye surely go blind!” Here Our Lord in verses 10-14, has pulled back from His people because of the betrayal to Him (Thirty pieces of silver) and is clearly angry and has allowed a false shepherd to come in and lead His children astray. Notice, this is something that God allowed because of the betrayal. We broke our covenant with Him through paganism and not following His laws, so He broke His covenant with us. In Chapter 11:6, “For I no longer pity the inhabitants of the earth-oracle of the Lord-Yes, I will deliver them into each other’s power, or into the power of their kings; they will crush the earth, and I will not deliver it out of their power.” Again, our Lord allowed the people to be delivered into the evil rulers of the nations that will eventually destroy the earth in War in the Book of Revelations.

Then in Zechariah, Chapters 13 and 14, God puts an end to the False Prophecy, crushes idolatry, crushes the evil kingdoms, and restores the earth to the New Heaven and New Earth, which is also like the Book of Revelations.

The Book of Zechariah appears to be a smaller version of Revelations, but the betrayal of Him through His children practicing a false religion, a false prophet, harlotry with other pagan religions, and not following God’s laws and commandments are the same. Also, the coming of Our Lord to destroy the evil and create a New Earth are the same. This all comes from us pulling away from God, like the Israelites did, and us breaking our covenant with Him, by not following His laws or commandments. Because we don’t know and live by God’s Word in our Nations, we have become complicit in His laws and commandments, thus revealing where we are today with evil and darkness spreading all over the world.

At least as the Remnant, we can try and comfort Our Lord in prayer, pray for His mercy, and become His disciples to serve Him.

Emmanuel- “God is with Us”. Have a Blessed Day.

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