Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World. Could the Chemtrails be an accelerant causing fires that can’t be quenched?

The Waves of Energy keep coming and now we have a Dark Matter Wave of Energy coming also that is affecting earth? I was able to listen to the Pastor Paul Begley show today, The Coming Apocalypse, and was able to get an update. Mike From Around the World said they have a new wave tracking system that is able to track waves of energy in space from explosions that have taken place in space a long time ago. Mike said that this new system is tracking two Magnetars, which is really not a good thing for our solar system. A Magnetar is a type of neutron star believed to have an extremely powerful magnetic field. Gravitational waves and dark matter go hand in hand Mike said, and tracking these Magnetars are revealing new findings, and it is really a miracle that we have not even been touched thus far from waves of energy that Science is just now starting to identify.

Mike said this dark matter is easy to track because it so big, possibly 200 million solar systems wide, as opposed to our Milky Way solar system, it is easy to see we have many things affecting our solar system from different areas of space. We have multiple issues at the same time right now in space that is affecting earth, all of which will continue to cause heat to build up and magma activities below the earth. All of these different waves are continuing to heat up the earth’s core. These magnetic field changes inside and outside the earth is causing a plasma disturbance, which will draw radiation from space. Mike said all of this magma will cause plasma conduits from the ground up into the air and through volcanic eruptions. This is why we are starting to see lightening above the volcanos, when they erupt. This just happened in the Philippines! Mike said that there were four times in history that life was destroyed by radiation, so we are moving into a very dangerous time of not exactly knowing what the radiation build up will do.

Mike also said we are in a drought that appears to be unending. We have very dry regions in the earth, and if the conditions are just right, a small cigarette could cause a fire that will spread very quickly. Mike said that the Australia conditions are starting to spread all over the southern hemisphere region, which will eventually lead to the United States. Higher winds will continue to grow and this will escalate these conditions that could affect Texas because of the droughts. Higher and higher winds will continue to increase, which will also accelerate these fires. Straight line winds as high as possibly 200 miles per hour could come from this radiation build up coming from the earth’s core. Mike said nothing will go back to normal because of these waves of energy hitting the earth. Everything will continue to heat up, lakes will dry up, people’s wells will continue to dry up and everything will be affected by these weather changes.

We just posted about the dangers of the Chemtrails on a previous post in this blog. In the documentary by Michael Murphy that was posted, he interviewed someone that identifies Aluminum particles to be an accelerant. In addition to everything that Mike From Around the World is pointing out about the world starting to become a cinder box, could this chemtrail of Aluminum that has been sprayed for possibly decades now, also be causing the wildfires to spread so rapidly? These are all things we need to pray to the Holy Spirit for discernment. We need to be intercessor prayer warriors for Puerto Rico, who has had continuous earthquakes this past week, Australia for the wildfires that can’t be quenched, and now for the Philippines that could possibly have a massive volcanic eruption. Mike From Around the World will not be back on for a future update until January 30, 2020. In the meantime, keep working on your relationship with Jesus, continue to pray daily for the Salvation of Souls, and begin to start helping people open their Spiritual Eyes and Ears, so that they can come back to the Sacred Heart of Jesus!

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Have a Blessed Day.

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