Reflection on Isaiah Chapter 2:6-22 in God’s Holy Word, “The Pride Prayer”. Why We Must Pray This Prayer Many Times a Day in God’s Holy Word in Reparation for the Sins of Pride Against the Holy Trinity. Latest Messages on After the Warning Website. Lates Videos from Mother and Refuge of the End Times, Mystic Post TV, Quo Vadis, and Holy Trinity Messages from Heaven. Latest News Report from Mary Greeley News on a Marburg Virus Recently Discovered in Two Countries. Father Jim Blount Conference on “Jesus in Us.”

Goodmorning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We are four days away from celebrating Our Lord’s Resurrection. I pray the rest of this Holy Week will be a glorious week for you and your families and we can all rest in Our Lord and all of His goodness. Today we are going to reflect on Isaiah Chapter 2, 6-22 in God’s Holy Word. As I was listening to the teachings of the Divine Will by Frances Hogan, Volume Four, file Number 8, Luisa was told by Our Lord, Jesus Christ, to pray this prayer many times a day in reparation for the sins of “Pride” against the Holy Trinity in the past, present and future generations of humanity for infinity of all times, in all situations, and all conditions. In addition, we must pray this prayer in God’s Divine Will. Even if we have not received the gift to live in God’s Divine Will yet, our intention to make reparation for the sins of “Pride” against God for all of humanity is what gives the act of this prayer itself merit to be used by God and to ease His suffering. We are learning so much by listening to these audio files, and so blessed for the Holy Spirit to guide us to these teachings. Thank You Holy Spirit! Here is all of Isaiah, Chapter 2 in the link.

Here is the part that Our Lord asked Luisa to pray for the sins of Pride. Remember that we pray the words, “Lord, we pray this prayer in reparation for our sins of Pride for all of infinity for all of humanity of all times, in all situations, and all conditions. Lord, we pray this in your Divine Will and for love of You and the Holy Trinity.”

The Lord’s Day of Judgment on Pride

You have abandoned your people,
    the house of Jacob!
Because they are filled with diviners,
    and soothsayers, like the Philistines;
    with foreigners they clasp hands.
Their land is full of silver and gold,
    there is no end to their treasures;
Their land is full of horses,
    there is no end to their chariots.
Their land is full of idols;
    they bow down to the works of their hands,
    what their fingers have made.
So all shall be abased,
    each one brought low.[e]
    Do not pardon them!
10 Get behind the rocks,
    hide in the dust,
From the terror of the Lord
    and the splendor of his majesty!
11 The eyes of human pride shall be lowered,
    the arrogance of mortals shall be abased,
    and the Lord alone will be exalted, on that day.[f]
12 For the Lord of hosts will have his day
    against all that is proud and arrogant,
    against all that is high, and it will be brought low;
13 Yes, against all the cedars of Lebanon[g]
    and against all the oaks of Bashan,
14 Against all the lofty mountains
    and all the high hills,
15 Against every lofty tower
    and every fortified wall,
16 Against all the ships of Tarshish
    and all stately vessels.
17 Then human pride shall be abased,
    the arrogance of mortals brought low,
And the Lord alone will be exalted on that day.
18     The idols will vanish completely.
19 People will go into caves in the rocks
    and into holes in the earth,
At the terror of the Lord
    and the splendor of his majesty,
    as he rises to overawe the earth.
20 On that day people shall throw to moles and bats
    their idols of silver and their idols of gold
    which they made for themselves to worship.
21 And they shall go into caverns in the rocks
    and into crevices in the cliffs,
At the terror of the Lord
    and the splendor of his majesty,
    as he rises to overawe the earth.
22 [h]As for you, stop worrying about mortals,
    in whose nostrils is but a breath;
    for of what worth are they?

Now, for something Our Lord would like to us to know that He told me through another locution the other day in Adoration in front of the Monstrance in our Catholic Church. The first part was for me, but I am getting that Our Lord wants me to share what He is telling me now because of the lack of time we have to spend with Him in Church. Again, I was reading and contemplating the Twenty-Four Hours of the Passion by Luisa Piccarreta on the 10th hour of the Passion of Jesus carrying His Cross. I said to Our Lord that I was sorry for my sins that added to the weight of His Cross that He carried for my salvation. “Please forgive me Lord, I love You”. Jesus responded back to my heart. “I love you too my child. Your cross that you carry for Me is the bridge into my Sacred Heart. Your cross is every trial, every test of faith, every gift that you have received from Me to refine you into a True Child of God. In order to be Transformed into My image, You Must accept all of your sufferings willingly. You must not only bear all of your crosses, but you must be willing to give them to Me to be used to Transfrom your soul first, then your heart, then your mind, then your whole being. Your souls are so filthy from sin, that your willingness to suffer in reparation for not only your sins, but the sins of others, prompts me to give you more and more Graces for your Transformations. As you are all suffering through the Tribulation period, offer up to Me all of your crosses that I will use to refine you like gold to make you saints. Everything you do must be for the love of Me and the salvation of souls. I love you my Children, stay with Me, never leave Me.”

The use of the words “willingly, willing, and willingness” by Our Lord is also saying of your own free will. As I have been listening to the Divine Will Volumes being taught by Frances Hogan, I am getting more and more understanding of the gravity of all of our sins against God. This is most likely because we have never fully understood this gravity of how much Our Lord suffers with all sin, not just Mortal sins that are repugnant to Our Lord. Because we do not have the full understanding and most likely never will until we reach the Heavenly Kingdom, we can’t fully comprehend how dirty our souls are, even in venial sins. I had an image of a very dark veil over the Earth yesterday and a dark veil over our physical eyes that represented how the Earth and “we” are darkened by sins. These sins keep us so Spiritually blind, that until we keep striving for holiness like the previous Saints and Mystics we have studied, God slowly and methodically continues to remove one layer of filth at a time, like a fine scalpel a Surgeon is using to cut away a Cancer that is killing us. The closer we move to God Spiritually, the more of the veil between Heaven and Earth is removed by God from our own Spiritual eyes. Something that really stuck with me in Volume Four of the Divine Will that I listened to yesterday was that we will have to suffer in Purgatory for all of the time that we failed to Love God with all of our hearts, mind and strength while we are here on Earth. Luisa explained that if we do come back to Him and start loving Him the way we were created, then we are going to have to Love Him twice as much to make up for all of the damage we did against Him and others in our lack of love away from Him! Wow! This means for every year we did not fully Love God with all of our hearts, minds, and strength or being, we will make this time up in Purgatory unless we make reparation and mortification now in loving Him twice as much! So, not only are we purging our sins in Purgatory, but we are making up for our lack of Love owed to God as our Creator that He created us for. This pain we will feel in Purgatory is the suffering we will feel as our separation from our Creator, and we will constantly be reflecting on His Love that we are missing while in Purgatory in agony for Him and His Love!

This gives a whole new meaning and understanding of what it means to serve God now to make up for any lack of Love we failed to give Him up until this point, and a deeper understanding of hard it is going to be to live through the Tribulation Period in a Refuge! However, all Service to Him that we do now prior to the Tribulation, and while in a Refuge during the Tribulation Period, must be conducted only out of pure Love for Him, and no self-interest or other intentional motivation. Everything we do for God Must be for His Glory and Full Love for Him, nothing else!

Here are the latest prophetic messages on After the Warning website. This first one is to Luz De Maria from Our Blessed Mother on April 2, 2023. This message is important because Our Blessed Mother is telling us to get closer to Our Lord, on our interiors to be able to withstand everything that is coming.

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For your Spiritual nourishment, here is the latest Conference by Father Jim Blount on “Jesus in Us.”

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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