Today’s Catholic Prayers and Gospel Readings by Kristin’s Crosses and Asencion. Preparing Your Consecrated Refuges and Homes for Any Martial Law or Lockdown due to War, Civil Unrest due to Power Outages, or another Pandemic. Newest Messages on After the Warning Website. Latest Videos from Mother and Refuge of the End Times, Quo Vadis, Sons of God, and Mystic Post TV. Precious Blood Novena, and Precious Blood Rosary Recommended by the Prophet Enoch for All of Those that Have Received the Vaccine. Latest News Report from Mary Greeley News and Fox News on the Two Missiles that Hit Poland.

Goodmorning Disciples of Jesus Christ. I asked Our Lord what He wanted me to post this morning because we are still discerning that time is very short and we wanted to ensure we have covered everything before any major cataclysmic event occurs and we can no longer communicate. I am sure that all of you are praying for God’s peace and joy to fill your hearts no matter what the circumstances are all around us. This is what Our Lord put on my heart this morning and I would like to discuss further how to maintain that peace in case we are restricted within our homes again due to a world war, global civil unrest due to a power outage, or another pandemic. It is our responsibility as the head family members or refuge owners to keep and maintain peace in our environments while there is chaos everywhere else. We cannot do this without the help of the Holy Spirit and constant prayer. We know that Prophet John Leary has provided us many messages from Our Lord on how to keep an organized refuge by assigning a 10 to 20 membered team of group leaders for all assigned tasks of keeping the refuge going on a daily basis. This includes food and meal preparation, prayer teams, farmers for crop production, Holy Mass and Adoration time with Our Lord, Choir and Singing, School time and teaching for children, etc…

However, today the Holy Spirit put it on my heart to discuss keeping the peace on a daily basis in your refuges after you have given out the daily tasking to each of your group members. Even if we are just strictly talking about your own home as a small refuge for a few family members, it is still going to be your responsibility to keep everyone focused on Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and not about what is going on in the world.

Here are some basic ideas for maintaining the peace, of course it would be so much more beneficial if we all had a Priest in our Refuges to assist us with keeping the Peace, but in reality, we know that we will not have enough Priests for this, so we all may not be able to celebrate a Holy Mass. This doesn’t mean that Our Lord will not provide some Priests the charism gift of bilocation, or as John Leary has prophesied about Angels handing out Holy Communion. However, we are just simply talking about maintaining peace in your home between your family members or others that Our Lord may bring to your home for the salvation of souls during the purification period or pre-Tribulation period, also during the Tribulation period when your home is actually a Refuge, whether temporary or permanent.

  1. If you do not have a Priest in your Refuge, start your day out with everyone in Prayer, Praise and Worship of Our Lord. This can be done by Reading the Psalms out loud to your group, praying the Holy Rosary together, or reading the daily Gospel readings from a Missal and singing some hymns.
  2. If you have not already done so, get yourself some old Missals from your Church that were going to be discarded. We have about 10 to 15 old 2021 Missals in our Refuge (home) that we can use and sing hymns and use hymnals to sing from after we have read the Gospel readings.
  3. If people have been assigned different shift hours for getting up early to prepare food than others who are staying up later doing other tasks, put your daily prayer times, praise and worship at different times of the day. This should be one of your 10-20-member team assignments to ensure that everyone gets their time of prayer and worship in everyday before they begin their assigned tasking for each day.
  4. Prophet John Leary has stated that we each must have one hour of Adoration with Our Lord, even the small Children to ensure we are spending much needed time with Him. If we have a Priest, of course we will have a consecrated host. If we don’t have a Priest and a consecrated Host, then we will all just do the best we can spending time with our Lord in Adoration in front of a Blessed Crucifix, Statue, or Blessed Image of Our Lord. We are all just trusting in Our Lord that He will provide.
  5. A Prayer room with an altar with Blessed Crucifix, Statues and Sacramentals set up in your home is essential because having this alone time with Our Lord is critical in maintaining our peace through Him. This prayer room should be in a location in your home where you can close the door to have the least amount of distraction possible and quiet time for contemplative prayer and adoration.
  6. Have a Prayer team assigned as one of your 10-to-20-member team that will be ready to pray for others as they enter your refuge, or when anyone loses their self-control from stress. We know that we will have the Holy Spirit with us along with the Holy Legions of Angels, but this doesn’t mean we are not going to be tempted by despair, or anger, or lose our self-control in anger or anxiety because this will be like our Purgatory on Earth, according to the Prophets. The prayer team should be praying for God’s healing Mercy to remove all anxiety, anger, despair, or even frustration with events as they unfold.
  7. It is important to remind everyone in your refuge that we are all totally dependent on God and His graces and that we must continue to pray for those graces throughout the day. We must all continually pray for one another and go above and beyond normal charitable actions with each other in understanding that some people will be better equipped Spiritually and mentally to handle the stress of these unfolding events than others.
  8. This is why the prayer room in a quiet area is critical because we may need to just break away for a moment and pray with Our Lord and ask Our Blessed Mother to pray for us. Do not put any extra pressure on anyone that may need to break away from an assigned task to spend a minute or five minutes with Our Lord in prayer. None of us have all of the answers, but we do know that God is in control of everything and only He can provide true peace when we need it.
  9. If a team member or family member has to spend more time in prayer, this is okay, and you just pick up the slack of whatever that assigned duty is or tasking. Our Lord is calling us to work together and use the gifts, and strengths He has allowed us to receive for the benefit of helping others. It doesn’t mean one person is weaker, if they need more time alone with Our Lord. We will all be on different Spiritual growth levels, and we must not make anyone feel inadequate because he or she is not where you are Spiritually with Our Lord.
  10. Our charity and love for God will come through assisting and helping each other in these times. This includes being more understanding, forgiving, compassionate, humble, generous, kind, having more forbearance, and piety.

I hope and pray this can help all of us to know that we must put God first throughout our day and time in our refuges, or just in our homes during the purification if we are in another lockdown, before we are taken to a permanent refuge by our Guardian Angels.

Let us Pray – Lord, we are all praying and asking for any further guidance from Your Holy Spirit on any further preparations we must do in order to be able to assist You with the salvation of souls. Please continue to guide us by Your Holy Spirit and send us Holy Priests that can also guide us in this time of perseverance. We pray for all of the gifts and virtues from Your Holy Spirit to assist each other to remain strong, courageous and faithful to You. We pray that all of our Refuges and consecrated homes are pleasing to You and if there is anything else that we may need to do, please speak to our hearts. We pray for Your Precious Blood to cover us, our families, our consecrated homes as refuges, our land, and our animals, as we continue to live out our lives and duties in service to You. We pray that we are sent all of the people that we need who are Spiritually gifted now to have a well-balanced Refuge to assist us and one another as the labor pains increase with this purification period. We pray that we are all made worthy to honor, love and serve You, and we pray for an increase in Faith, Trust, Forbearance, Fortitude, Piety and Humility. We ask this of Our Heavenly Father in Your name, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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Wow! This next message is from Valentina Papagna from Our Beautiful Blessed Mother again. When I read this message, I smelled the fragrance of Roses. I am not sure if this is my imagination or from Our Blessed Mother giving me a sign that we are all on the right path praying the Holy Rosary every day. However, when I closed this message, the smell of Roses stopped. Thank you, Blessed Mother!

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Here are the latest videos from Mother and Refuge of the End Times that had a strike against them for one week from You tube. Here is Ron Ray explaining it, along with a description of an event that took place on Mt. Sinai with a created a new set of 10 interfaith green commandments in harmony with creation from the COP Summit. This ceremony involved smashing these newly created 10 commandments against the rocks, just like Moses did with the only and legitimate 10 Commandments of God. This ceremony is blasphemous, and we must continue to pray for these people.

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Isn’t it ironic that we are at the end of this liturgical year and reading from the Book of Revelation in the daily Mass readings for the week when there is so much chaos all around us? Here are the daily readings to reflect on if you could not make it to Holy Mass today.

By all appearances, as our Priest said about a month ago, we are now entering the Book of Revelation, or the Book of the Apocalypse. We already knew this, but we are so thankful that many Holy Priests and Pastors are recognizing this also. Our Lord, Jesus Christ, is the only worthy Lamb of God to open the Seven Seals. Here are Today’s Prayers and Gospel Readings from Kristin’s Crosses.

Here is the Precious Blood Novena mentioned by the Prophet Enoch from Our Lord for those that have been vaccinated and are asking God to remove any defects from their bodies created by the vaccines.

Here is the Precious Blood Rosary I have found that may or may not be the one that Enoch is referring to from his message from Our Lord. If anyone has any other discernment on another Precious Blood Rosary, please let me know in the comments section. Thanks.

Latest News Report from Mary Greeley News.

Here is what Fox News Reported on the two missiles that hit Poland.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

3 Replies to “Today’s Catholic Prayers and Gospel Readings by Kristin’s Crosses and Asencion. Preparing Your Consecrated Refuges and Homes for Any Martial Law or Lockdown due to War, Civil Unrest due to Power Outages, or another Pandemic. Newest Messages on After the Warning Website. Latest Videos from Mother and Refuge of the End Times, Quo Vadis, Sons of God, and Mystic Post TV. Precious Blood Novena, and Precious Blood Rosary Recommended by the Prophet Enoch for All of Those that Have Received the Vaccine. Latest News Report from Mary Greeley News and Fox News on the Two Missiles that Hit Poland.”

  1. The Chaplet of the Precious Blood is prayed on a rosary, but one with 12 beads (per decade).
    Jesus gave this to the visionary Barnabas (Africa). It is for these times and is very well known. I wondered if this is the Precious Blood Rosary referred to.
    Thank you for all you post!


    1. It could be Kate, I have been praying the Chaplet of the Precious Blood daily given to Barnabas almost daily, and it is very powerful, I can tell from my own discernment. If you study more of Enochs messages, let us know. I will also look into it and pray for discernment.


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