Latest Messages on After the Warning Website Just Posted! Basic Catholic Catechism Teaching on What is Sin. Also, a Great Teaching About the Souls in Purgatory by Father Dan Reehil. New Messages from Prophet John Leary. Latest Show on The Coming Apocalypse with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike from Around the World. An Explanation of the Real Purpose of CERN That is Very Plausible that Coincides with the Description of the Antichrist from St. Augustine of Hippo, St. Hildegard of Bingen, and St. Robert Bellarmine. Latest Videos from Mother and Refuge of the End Times, Quo Vadis, Mystic Post TV. Latest News Reports from the Canadian Prepper and Mary Greeley News.

Goodmorning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We are still continuing some basic Catechism as a refresher for some of us, and for others that may have just joined the blog, something new to an understanding in what sin is that they may have never contemplated or understood. Because at this point, we are waiting on Our Lord to decide how soon He is going to have the Warning/Illumination of Conscience, we must continue to assist with the salvation of souls. This is good Spiritual nourishment for our own souls, and for those that just happen to stumble across this blog, and maybe God’s way of trying to wake a few souls up before Our Lord returns with His just wrath. We have many things to discuss today, but the Holy Spirit put it on my heart this morning to post St. John Boscoe’s dream of his students being pulled into Hell by all of the vices we are presented with on a daily basis. I have discerned from the Holy Spirit that St. John Boscoe’s dream of the snares of the devil is so very relevant in particular to our times because of the push for modernism and acceptance of sin in our societies, our governments and by the elites, who are actually controlled by Satan. So, let’s post St. John’s dream first, then we can go into the basic catechism of sin, and how habitual sin pulls us away from God and eventually into the eternal abyss of Hell.

When God gives us a dream, we know it is from Him because of all of the details He provides us and what it is He possibly wants us to take away for ourselves or relay to others. Essentially, you could call it prophetic dreams because it is like a warning from God that something is coming, or to repent and turn back to Him. Notice, in reading about St. John Boscoe’s dream, St. John Boscoe tries to help some of his boys that keep getting trapped in these snares of vices that keep pulling them closer to the gates of Hell. However, the guide in the dream, who is most likely an Angel, tells St. John not to interfere with God’s wrath against those who have made their choice of sins and vice over Him and His Holy Word. Along the walls before the boys entered the gates of Hell, were Scriptures of God’s Holy Word, which the Angel told St. John not to bother to write them down because they were already all written on the walls of his conservatory, but the boys ignored God’s Holy word, and continued to choose sin over God and His Ways. Today is no different in the times we are currently living as our whole world continues to spiral down in sin by the snares and traps Satan sets for us on a continual basis, especially through an acceptance of sin by our societies on a global level.

So, here is a basic Catechism teaching on what actual sin is and how it pulls us away from God through separation from His Sanctifying Grace that we need to overcome sin. We have already explained this several times in the blog, but we always have new readers and followers, and it is good to get back to the basics to help others with understanding how their own sins affect them. We each know what our own vices are and how we each have trouble with certain habitual sins that we must fight against in order to become a saint. So, as you read this, it is good for each of us to contemplate our own personal sins in our own examination of consciences so that we can ask the Holy Spirit to help us confess sins we never thought about as a sin. Here is a website explaining actual sin, venial sin, and mortal sins. This website is very good because it also has an audio teaching in case you just would like to hear this teaching explained.

What we have to remember as Catholics is that it only takes one mortal sin to cause us to be dead eternally with God. And what a lot of Catholics and Christians don’t understand is that we are surrounded by so much evil right now all over the world that accepts sin as okay, that many young adults may not even be aware that they are living in sin. There are three criteria that must be met for a sin to be mortal which can make us separated from God and dead eternally, which are: It must be of grave matter, (egregious sin, and or a sin against the ten commandments), it must be known to you that it is a sin, and it must be under full consent. So, just because our society accepts the sin as okay, does not qualify it as unknown to you as a sin. If you grew up in a Christian or Catholic household, but have fallen away from God, this does not mean in our sinful society today that you are innocent in knowing the Truth. Many times, if we have fallen away from God because of the snares of the devil, like in St. John Boscoe’s dream of his boys, we have been taught the Truth, but chose to walk away from God. Then we become so Spiritually blinded by our own sins, that eventually we forget that these are actually mortal sins against God, which separates us from God’s sanctifying grace. When we lose God’s sanctifying grace, then Satan has a stronghold on our souls, and continues to pull us into the snares of more sins and eventually into Hell when we die because Satan accuses us of these sins when we are standing in front our Lord. WE ARE THE ONES that convict ourselves of these sins as we are standing in front of Jesus Christ Our Lord, who is all TRUTH. As the Just judge in front of us at the judgment seat, Our Lord just shows us what we did in these sins, and we automatically know in our hearts that we have CHOSEN this path. However, God always forgives us if we truly REPENT NOW Before we die, (turn away from all sin), seek His forgiveness in Confession of our sins, and strive to remove habitual sins in our lives. Then His Sanctifying Graces works in us continually to make us His saints because we are striving to become whole again and reconciled back to God Our Heavenly Father.

For Catholics and Christians that have just stumbled across this blog today, here is the Fathers of Mercy Examination of Conscience guide to read and pray to the Holy Spirit to help convict us of sins that we have either forgotten about, or never realized could be a sin or offense against God.,

If you are Catholic, please REPENT and go back to Confession today, because it is not too late to turn back to God and His Mercy. If you are Christian, REPENT of your sins, and ask God to forgive you. If you are interested in entering the Catholic faith, here is a website to get you started.

Here is Father Dan Reehil in a teaching on Purgatory. I have also read the book “Get us out of here”, by Maria Simma and her gift of praying for the souls in Purgatory to be released. I agree with Father Dan that it is one of the best books I have ever read, and everyone should read it. It is with great sadness that I can honestly say that I know a few Catholics that do not believe in Purgatory. What we must understand is that God’s Mercy is infinite, but something that we should never take for granted. We strive to become perfect in holiness like Our Lord told us to become Perfect like His Heavenly Father is perfect, but it is God that decides if we have made it to sainthood and do not need to make any more reparation for our sins to bypass Purgatory. By God’s sanctifying grace, some of us do make it to sainthood and do not have to purge the remaining sins on our souls through reparation that we have committed against God. But it has to be a continual effort on our part to turn away from all sins and keep purging these sins through Confession and Penance.

Here is the proof in Scriptures for the existence of Purgatory. God forgives us of our sins when we REPENT and Confess them, but it is the Reparation we must make for these sins against God that has to be purged in Purgatory.,water%20of%20baptism%20and%20the%20fire%20of%20purgatory.

For me, the most poignant Scriptures for proof of Purgatory is 1 Corinthians 3: 11-15.

11 For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ. 12 If anyone builds on this foundation using gold, silver, costly stones, wood, hay or straw, 13 their work will be shown for what it is, because the Day will bring it to light. It will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test the quality of each person’s work. 14 If what has been built survives, the builder will receive a reward. 15 If it is burned up, the builder will suffer loss but yet will be saved—even though only as one escaping through the flames.”

Also, 2 Maccabees 12:39-45.

39 On the next day, as by that time it had become necessary, Judas and his men went to take up the bodies of the fallen and to bring them back to lie with their kinsmen in the sepulchres of their fathers. 40 Then under the tunic of every one of the dead they found sacred tokens of the idols of Jam′nia, which the law forbids the Jews to wear. And it became clear to all that this was why these men had fallen. 41 So they all blessed the ways of the Lord, the righteous Judge, who reveals the things that are hidden; 42 and they turned to prayer, beseeching that the sin which had been committed might be wholly blotted out. And the noble Judas exhorted the people to keep themselves free from sin, for they had seen with their own eyes what had happened because of the sin of those who had fallen. 43 He also took up a collection, man by man, to the amount of two thousand drachmas of silver, and sent it to Jerusalem to provide for a sin offering. In doing this he acted very well and honorably, taking account of the resurrection. 44 For if he were not expecting that those who had fallen would rise again, it would have been superfluous and foolish to pray for the dead. 45 But if he was looking to the splendid reward that is laid up for those who fall asleep in godliness, it was a holy and pious thought. Therefore, he made atonement for the dead, that they might be delivered from their sin. [a]

Here are the latest messages of Prophet John Leary.

Okay, now let’s talk about what could be coming with the arrival of the antichrist. We already know that we have an antichrist spirit in the world because of the amount of evil that is growing, and also what appears to be a beast system being set up by the elites at this time with the push for Transhumanism. We know that we are not to add or take away anything from the Book of Revelation because it is a sin, but God gave us this Revelation through St. John the evangelist so that when we begin to see these signs, we know that the Second Coming of Our Lord is close, and wants us not to be deceived, but to be aware of these signs, and to be like the five wise virgins, preparing for Him and waiting for His return.

We were sent a very interesting video by one of our prayer group members about asking the question of what exactly CERN is, “The particle Collider”, and its actual purpose for us here in this modern world of sin. This video was made by a Christian, who actually studied what St. Augustine of Hippo said that would occur at the end of time when the antichrist arrived in the Book of Revelation. What is very interesting about this theory from this narrator is that much of what he said also lines up with what St. Hildegard also taught us in her prophetic messages about the antichrist, and also what St. Bellarmine also wrote in his end of times teaching. This is amazing to me because it is more confirmation of St. Hildegard’s prophetic writings, and it pulls together the same information that is written in the Book of Revelation in God’s Holy Word.

First, we are going to confirm because the Holy Spirit has revealed it to us through these two Saints is that the Two Witnesses are actually the physical bodies of Prophets Enoch and Elijah. We are saying this because both St. Hildegard and St. Bellarmine both stated this was the actual physical bodies of these two Prophets that God sends back to us from Heaven in these times to warn us about the antichrist. Also, St. Bellarmine stated to go against this understanding is heretical. So, “we” will go out preaching the Gospel as God’s Disciples, but we are not the spiritual representation of the Two Witnesses of Enoch and Elijah in the Book of Revelation. The actual Two Witnesses will actually be Enoch and Elijah sent to us from God in their physical bodies after the antichrist makes his appearance. Secondly, in listening to this video, it is plausible to believe that CERN is being used to conjure up evil spirits, such as Nero, but we do not believe it will be his full physical body. We know through Scripture and studying St. Hildegard that this is a possession of a human body, and there is evil everywhere and many Exorcist Priests that would confirm that demonic possessions, which were once rare, are now on the rise. This narrator also believes that the writing of St. Augustine of Hippo is most likely correct in identifying the antichrist numbers of a person’s name that has lived, but is no more, but will come again. Here is the fascinating video about CERN and what it actually be doing unbeknownst to us?

Here are the prophetic messages of St. Hildegard that we have posted before, but truly believe based on our research of current events that are happening now, point to her prophetic messages as Truth of the end times.

Here is a teaching by St. Robert Bellarmine on the end times and the antichrist presented by Sensus Fidelium.

Here is Quo Vadis and the visionaries in Medjugorje on their visions of Purgatory.

Here is the latest video from Mother and Refuge of the End Times.

Here is another from Mother and Refuge of the End Times.

Here is the latest video from Mystic Post TV.

Here is another video by Two Sisters of the Missionaries of the Mother of the Eucharist on their amazing encounters with God.

Here is the latest show of the Coming Apocalypse by Pastor Paul Begley and Mike from Around the World. Mike comes on at about the 1 hour and 15-minute mark, and Mike is warning us about a magnetar that has exploded, and we are expected to see the effects of this explosion with incoming debris by January 5, 2023. Mike said that we are already beginning to get some of this debris enter our atmosphere now, but that the bigger parts will begin to arrive on January 5, 2023.

Here is the latest report from Mary Greeley News on the Category 4 Hurricane that hit Mexico.

Here is the latest information update on the war in the Ukraine from the Canadian Prepper.

Here are the latest messages on After the Warning website that just posted while I was writing this blog post this morning. The first to Giselle Cardia.

Here is the latest message to Lorena, Wow!

Here is Manuela Strack.

Here is Pedro Regis.

Here are messages given to Shelley Anna with a specific message to her from Saint Michael about a ninth planet that is invading the solar system. This we believe is Planet 7X or the binary system also which is the Comet of Chastisement that is wreaking havoc on our planet with massive flooding, fires, hurricanes, etc…

Here is Eduardo Ferreira.

Here is Valerie Copponi.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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