How is Our Catholic Church Changing? What Exactly is the Synod on Synodality? How is Conforming to Modernism a Good Thing When the Prophets Are Saying that Chastisements are Coming, and the World is Growing Dark in Evil and Sin? Latest Show with Dr. Taylor Marshall and What Appears is a Vatican III Actually Taking Place in Our Church. New Messages on After the Warning Website! New Videos on Mother and Refuge of the End Times, Mystic Post TV, Quo Vadis. Latest News on the War in the Ukraine by Canadian Prepper. Also, is the United States Preparing us for a Nuclear War? Mary Greeley News on Stockpiling Radiation Pills.

Goodmorning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We did a post yesterday speaking on evangelization, and After the Warning website did not post the latest messages from the Prophets until yesterday afternoon. So, we decided to put up another post today with the latest messages, and also speak a little bit about what is actually happening to Our Catholic Church, but with an understanding that we can’t allow ourselves to get angry but be ready to assist with the conversion and salvation of souls when the Warning/Illumination of Conscience occurs.

This is why it is important to listen to the Prophets to have a better understanding of how to proceed in these crazy times, and how to remain in God’s Divine Will. When we listen to explanations of what is truly happening in our Catholic Church, we do it to keep you aware of what God is allowing as He does in His Permissive Will, but what He is speaking through His Prophets as a turning away from Him and the True Magisterium of the Church. Why does God allow this? Because God in His infinite Wisdom looks at the world as a whole and all of His Children all over the world in all of His Nations and tests His Faithful to see if we are going to remain loyal to Him or succumb to the desires of the flesh and the modern world that Satan temps us with through our broken nature. God Our Heavenly Father did this throughout the Old Testament with the Israelites, and we all know that God never changes. He established His Church after the death of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in 33 A.D. and He never said in His Holy Word, or through His Saints to change as the world changes. In fact, God always spoke against accepting new ways or conforming to new ways instead of staying in His Ways of obeying His Commandments and striving to be perfect like He is perfect and away from all sin. Our Lord, Jesus Christ knew in His three years of ministry of teaching us that He is the fulfillment of God’s Laws through His Love, and because we Love God, we will always strive to please Him and remain in union with Him through the Holy Sacraments and His Holy Catholic Church. But when our Church appears to be taking a turn that is opposing everything that Our Lord has always taught us in His Church for the last two thousand plus years, what do we do? We stay with our Church and remain steadfast in the Faith to the True Magisterium of what Our Lord has taught us, and we seek out the Faithful Catholics and Holy Priests so that we can get through this trial together.

Because the Holy Spirit has spoken to our hearts about what is happening, and we are seeing these changes with our physical eyes, we stay focused on Our Lord, we get closer to Him, and we listen to what Our Lord is saying through His Blessed Mother, His Saints, and His Prophets. The changing of our Catholic Church with our physical eyes is a sign, the fulfillment of Our Blessed Mother’s prophetic messages over the last hundred years are a sign, the fulfillment of past Saint’s messages, and Mystics, and Servants of God’s messages are a sign, and the fulfillment of current modern-day Prophet’s messages are also a sign. So, we see the signs all over the place, we see that the world is growing darker in evil and sin, and a falling away from Our Catholic Church in droves, and we also see our world changing into a whole new level of sin and accepting sin as okay, and we see the physical signs of what is occurring with the increase of natural disasters. The Holy Spirit put it on our small prayer group’s heart to speak up for Our Lord for the Salvation of Souls and to get His Children ready for His Warning/Illumination of Conscience to come back to Him before His justice for these sins arrive through His Chastisements. The Holy Spirit put it on my heart a long time ago that we are to be saints for Him in these times and not to resort to anger at the Pope or the Cardinals and Bishops at the Vatican or in different countries, because this is not our place. Is this difficult because it hurts our hearts to see all of this taking place? Yes, it is. But this is how we become God’s saints with our robes washed white, because we are striving to become His saints by removing all of our own sins and to perpetually live in His Divine Will. Also, it is our role as Disciples to pray for our current Pope and all of the Bishops and Cardinals that continue to push to water down our Faith and accept these sins that are going against the Blessed Trinity as a way to conform to the world. This perpetual dialogue that Dr. Taylor Marshall points out through synods is only Satan’s way of gradually changing everything from Our Church to invite in changing Societies and Governments in conforming to man and his desires of the flesh in sin, instead of remaining steadfast and loyal to God. Some of the Prophets are saying that this is not only a Purification that God is allowing of testing His Children, but also the Tribulation described in the Book of Revelation. Either way, we must be prepared so that WE remain steadfast and loyal to God and SERVE Him for the salvation of all souls.

Let us PrayLord, we pray for Your Divine Will to fill up our hearts and minds and push out our own will. If we have offended You in anyway outside of what is righteous anger for the Love of Your Church, please convict us of our sins so that we may go to confession and remove these sins off our souls. We are struggling to become Your saints, but we know that by Your Graces we can overcome all of our struggles, and this is what it takes to become a saint. We yield to Your Holy Spirit and continue to pray for the gifts of Your Holy Spirit so that we may have more understanding and discernment in how to perpetually live in Your Divine Will. Our desire is for You to increase in us, and for us to decrease. We pray for the gift of all of the desires of our hearts to be pleasing to You in all of our actions, thoughts and words every day. We ask this in Your mighty name, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Here is Dr. Taylor Marshall’s latest podcast show on the extension of the Synod of Synodality for another year from Pope Francis in an announcement the other day. Please continue to pray for all of Pope Francis’ intentions to be in God’s Divine Will.

Here are the latest messages from After the Warning website. Nothing has changed from the prophets as far as a longer timeline of events occurring. Everything coming from the current prophets such as Giselle Cardia, Luz De Maria, Pedro Regis, John Leary, and Father Michel Rodrigue have remained the same in that God’s Purification is still coming and He continues to separate His Sheep from the goats in this trial of testing and purification for all of us. This is our test of Faithfulness to Him and His True Church, and we must never leave Our Church because of changes that are being implemented. If we have to resort to an underground Church, where Holy Priests are conducting Holy Masses, then this is what we do, but we don’t leave God because of the sins of others. We remain in Our Lord in union with Him through His Holy Sacraments, and we continue to seek Holy Priests who are still obedient to God and all of His Laws, Ways, and Commandments. This first message is to Giselle Cardia.

Here is a message given to Manuela Strack.

Here is a message given to Simona and Our Lady of Zaro.

Here are the latest messages to Shelley Anna.

Here is the latest message from Our Lord to Shelley Anna. Wow!

Here is the latest video from Quo Vadis on Pope John Paul II.

Here is Mystic Post TV.

Here is the latest video message on the Sons of God channel, which is an affiliate of the Daily Prophecies from Heaven channel. Apparently, the Daily Prophecies from Heaven channel is being censored by YouTube at this time.

Here is another video from Quo Vadis with Giselle Cardia’s last message.

This was a big message given to Valerie Copponi that has been put into a video by Mother and Refuge of the End Times.

Here are the latest news reports on the current war situation and the very high probability that we are going to have a nuclear war. We are not prophets in this blog, but we can all see what is happening in the world as tensions escalate and the prophetic message keep saying to us from God that He is going to allow a nuclear war. This again, will be part of our Purification, and we must all learn how to completely depend on Our Lord for everything. Jesus, We TRUST in You. Jesus, We TRUST in You. Jesus, We TRUST in You.

Here are two preppers that we have been following, the first is Canadian Prepper who has always been good in his research, and not just trying to be an alarmist.

Here is another prepper that has some good information, but not as informative worldwide as the Canadian Prepper. America is putting up signage in different states now, not just New York, or New Jersey, on what to do in the event of a nuclear detonation in your hometown or city.

Here is Mary Greeley News speaking about people stockpiling Radiation sickness pills. We will not be doing this because we have FAITH and TRUST in Our Lord.

One of our prayer group members just hosted an Our Lady of Fatima prayer rally on October 15, 2022. We all need to be praying Holy Rosaries multiple times a day, with our families, friends, in Our Churches, while we are working, in the car, or any location so that we can be protected Spiritually and pray for the conversion and salvation of souls. Here is the America Needs Fatima website.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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