Holy Mass Celebrated at St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa, Canada! Grades of Sin by Father David Nix and Padre Peregrino and Catechism of St. Pious X. Reflection on 1 John, Chapter 3 in God’s Holy Word! Father Dan Reehil on the Nativity of John the Baptist with Catholic Radio Maria. Dr. Taylor Marshall on “The Demons Came out after Roe v. Wade was Overturned.” New Videos on Mother and Refuge of the End Times, Servants of Christ, Daily Prophecies from Heaven, Mystic Post TV, and Two Preachers. Message of the Green Scapular from the Mary Refuge of Souls Blog. Another Fantastic Homily by Father Ed Meeks.

Goodmorning Disciples of Jesus Christ! Wow, what a powerful week of Glory from God! We must be excited about what is happening right now because although we are witnessing evil all around us, and we kept thinking the Warning/Illumination of Conscience would come at any time, because Our Lord put that sense of urgency on our hearts, we are now beginning to witness God’s extraordinary miracles take place right in front of our eyes! We must be excited because this means we are going to witness more and more miracles begin to occur! Yes, this will make Satan angry, and he will use his minions that are being controlled by him to come out in droves, this will also prompt God to act with His Glory to reveal to us that He is with us, and we must choose Him now before He brings His wrath! So, please get down on your knees today and thank Our Lord for this powerful miracle He has performed with the overturn of Roe v. Wade and pray for more of His Glory to keep raining down on all of His Children. Here is today’s Holy Mass celebrated at St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa, Canada if you can’t get to Holy Mass due to illness or restrictions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ad3zsHuaC3k.

Here is Father Dan Reehil with his podcast show from this past Thursday on Catholic Radio Maria teaching us about why the Feast of John the Baptist is so important. What is extraordinary in this particular podcast is that Father Dan just happened to say that he had received a prophetic word from Our Lord a few years ago, while he was in Adoration, that Our Lord said to him, “You are getting ready to witness a time when the extraordinary seems ordinary.” Father Dan stated he asked Our Lord what He meant, and Our Lord put on his heart that we will witness so many miracles that it will seem ordinary, and this is a time where we will have to choose which side we are on, God’s side or the devil’s side. Wow! Then the very next day on the Feast Day of the Sacred Heart and John the Baptist because of the way it fell in the liturgical calendar year, we have the overturn of Roe v. Wade! https://radiomaria.us/category/podcast/battleready/.

So, this will be the first miracle of many to come, and I am certain that of those many miracles, one of them will also be the miracle prophesied at Garabandal, Spain. https://maryourlady.com/our-lady-of-garabandal/the-miracle-of-garabandal/.

Here is another prophetic insight from a Priest in Ireland that Mother and Refuge of the End Times posted yesterday about the overturn of Roe v. Wade on the Feast Days of John the Baptist and the Sacred Heart of Jesus! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMvbRaDcBNA.

So, all of this should give us all HOPE that God is beginning to act in extraordinary ways, and we must get back to His Sacred Heart and consecrate ourselves to Him while we still can. Yes, we must choose to leave sin behind and start getting as close to Our Lord, Jesus Christ, as much as possible, and we MUST do it today, because Satan is going to throw everything at us to get us to choose the ways of the world through its acceptance of modernism and egregious sin. Here is Father David Nix with Padre Peregrino and his teaching on Grades of Sin that keep us away from God. Father David Nix does a wonderful job of not only teaching us the Catechism of St. Pious X, but also explaining it so that it makes sense to our hearts. Because Satan has been at work so diligently over the last 100 years to bring down our Church and our societies in sin, many Catholics have forgotten their Catechism, and this includes myself. This is why Our Lord put it on my heart 7 years ago to get busy serving Him. We are all sinners, and we all must learn what we have to do to get rightly ordered back to God, and how to serve Him, even if we can only serve Him through unceasing prayer for the salvation of souls. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecuHVq6THkc.

Here is the Scripture that Father David Nix mentions in his teaching. Let’s reflect on this today because it is a powerful word from God. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1%20John%203&version=NIV.

3 See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him. Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when Christ appears,[a] we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is. All who have this hope in him purify themselves, just as he is pure.

Everyone who sins breaks the law; in fact, sin is lawlessness. But you know that he appeared so that he might take away our sins. And in him is no sin. No one who lives in him keeps on sinning. No one who continues to sin has either seen him or known him.

Dear children, do not let anyone lead you astray. The one who does what is right is righteous, just as he is righteous. The one who does what is sinful is of the devil, because the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work. No one who is born of God will continue to sin, because God’s seed remains in them; they cannot go on sinning, because they have been born of God. 10 This is how we know who the children of God are and who the children of the devil are: Anyone who does not do what is right is not God’s child, nor is anyone who does not love their brother and sister.

More on Love and Hatred

11 For this is the message you heard from the beginning: We should love one another. 12 Do not be like Cain, who belonged to the evil one and murdered his brother. And why did he murder him? Because his own actions were evil and his brother’s were righteous. 13 Do not be surprised, my brothers and sisters,[b] if the world hates you. 14 We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love each other. Anyone who does not love remains in death. 15 Anyone who hates a brother or sister is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life residing in him.

16 This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters. 17 If anyone has material possessions and sees a brother or sister in need but has no pity on them, how can the love of God be in that person? 18 Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.

19 This is how we know that we belong to the truth and how we set our hearts at rest in his presence: 20 If our hearts condemn us, we know that God is greater than our hearts, and he knows everything. 21 Dear friends, if our hearts do not condemn us, we have confidence before God 22 and receive from him anything we ask, because we keep his commands and do what pleases him. 23 And this is his command: to believe in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, and to love one another as he commanded us. 24 The one who keeps God’s commands lives in him, and he in them. And this is how we know that he lives in us: We know it by the Spirit he gave us.

Let us Pray Lord, thank You for Your Glory that is beginning to rain down on us that have been dry for so long with the oppression of sin and evil that has been closing in on us. We know that we all must be purified to become Your saints, but we are so grateful for Your Glory in the overturn of Roe v. Wade in our Country. We pray for more miracles and Glory from You and Your Holy Spirit in all of the Countries where Your Children are calling out to You for Your Mercy. We pray for the conversion and salvation of all souls, especially those lost souls that have succumbed to the temptations of the devil. We pray that we receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit to serve You in these special times, and we also pray for more conviction of our sins so that we may be rightly ordered back to You. Please help us Lord, we can’t do this without You, and WE CHOOSE YOU, JESUS CHRIST, over the ways of the world. We ask this in Your name, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Here is Dr. Taylor Marshall demonstrating to us how the demons came out after the decision was made to overturn Roe v. Wade in America. What is important for us to remember is that as God’s Disciples, we must pray and convert lost souls, not judge them. All of these people that have been deceived by Satan for so long, need our prayers and love and this is what the First Apostles also witnessed in their time as they came across many possessed and lost souls. But, it is important to see just how bad it is out there because God is now telling us time is short and we must CHOOSE HIM over sin, evil, and Satan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkwQgAUTArY.

Here is Mother and Refuge of the End Times with a video by Father Connolly explaining what the Return of Christ the King, which are prophetic messages as given to Anne the Lay Apostle. I have read these volumes personally and they are very good. Volumes 5 and 8 are the prophetic volumes that speak about the times we are currently living, which include the Warning/Illumination of Conscience. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydAS3CrnoJc.

Here is the latest video by Daily Prophecies from Heaven. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoJuTYGm46Q.

Here is Mystic Post TV. This is why it is important for our Priests to be ready to deliver these people who are being possessed by demons, but also for us to realize that we will be assisting these Priests with prayer and whatever gifts Our Lord allows us to receive from the Holy Spirit. We will not know the full extent of how Our Lord is going to use us until the Second Pentecost occurs after the Warning/Illumination of conscience. Many people may not even be aware that they are possessed, while other do know this and that is why they seek help for deliverance from a Priest. This person was obviously seeking help by attending one of the apparitions of Our Blessed Mother in Medjugorje. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ni3hlXy-QRk.

Here is another important message from Our Blessed Mother in Medjugorje with the monthly message. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLoRbynVpEA.

Here is a video by Servants of Christ. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fz83ZLnCgzc.

Here is the latest video by the Two Preachers with more Biblical signs of the end times. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GR8byDH1rno.

Here is a prophetic message sent to us from one of the followers of the blog, Mary Ann, on a message of the Green Scapular from Our Blessed Mother that is posted on Mary Refuge of Souls blog. https://maryrefugeofsouls.com/2022/05/21/apostolate-of-the-green-scapular-message-from-our-savior-jesus-christ-my-mother-and-my-angels-will-come-to-minister-to-my-remnant-may-20-2022/.

This message is important because Our Lord is reminding us to prepare with our hearts. minds, and souls for the Great Tribulation and to receive many saved souls into our homes that are consecrated to God as a Refuge. Our Blessed Mother has been preparing us for a while now, and we must be prepared by submitting to Our Lord’s Divine Will and hearing His voice through prayer and Adoration.

Here is another important and fantastic homily by Father Ed Meeks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDdwtzi5HoE.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father Thy Will Be Done.

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