New Messages on After The Warning Website by Giselle Cardia, Luz De Maria, Valerie Copponi, and Valentina Papagna. Latest “Battle Ready” Podcast by Father Dan Reehil on Intercessory Prayer! New Update Video By Daniel O’Connor on Standing Up For God! Latest Videos By Mother and Refuge of The End Times, The End Times, Mystic Post TV, Daily Prophecies From Heaven and Holy Trinity Messages From Heaven. Also, Latest video from the Two Preachers.

Goodmorning Disciples of Jesus Christ. Today, we are going to focus on Intercessory Prayer. We are all familiar with this form of prayer because we know it means to intercede in prayer for others. We ask Our Blessed Mother and all of the Angels and Saints to intercede for us all of the time, but do we understand the power of our own intercession when we pray for others? Although we are far from being Saints, we are striving for holiness for God, and it is because of our own battles that we are facing now through our Purification that God merits and uses for the salvation of other souls. We understand that we are trying to get to Heaven to be with Our Lord because we Love Him, but do we understand the merit and graces we receive for others who are not trying to love God like a son or daughter should love their Heavenly Father.

This is all part of Christ’s Church that is explained in our Catholic Catechism of the Church Militant, Church Suffering, and Church Triumphant. We are the Church Militant because we are alive now and trying to gain entry into the Heavenly Kingdom. Those that were saved by God’s grace but are still in Purgatory are the Church Suffering and we must pray for them so that their souls are quickly purified to become saints to enter into Heaven. And the Church Triumphant are those that have already made it into the Heavenly Kingdom either by becoming a Saint on Earth or by making reparations for their sins in purgatory and Our Lord allowing them entry into Heaven after they have been purified. Disciples, we cannot enter the Heavenly Kingdom without being purified and washed clean of all of the filth and stain of sin on our souls. There are only saints in Heaven.

As Prophet John Leary has explained in one of his prophetic messages from Our Lord, there will no longer be a purgatory once the New Heaven and New Earth has come down and the old Earth transformed by Our Lord. So, those of us that have been chosen as the Holy Remnant that survive until the end of this transformation will be washed clean with white robes to live in the Trinitarian Will because of the Purification we have endured. If we do not survive, we will either become Saints because we were martyred standing up for Our Lord at the final test, as He explained to St. Peter in the Garden of Gethsemane, or we will die in a cataclysmic event caused during this transformation that will also be part of our purification. However, either way, we know that we will all be praying like we never prayed before to Our Lord for His Mercy for the salvation of all souls.

This is hard for us to understand because we don’t have God’s wisdom and knowledge. But, we do understand that the past Saints have explained to us how powerful our intercession is when we are praying for others unified as His Church. As the Church Militant, we are constantly praying for ourselves and others for conversion and for the poor souls in purgatory. Those that are in Purgatory are praying for us, but can’t pray for themselves, and those that are in Heaven are praying for us and the poor souls in Purgatory. We are all constantly PRAYING, because this is what God Our Father wants us to do for each other, and this is His Divine Will. We are all constantly trying to do the Will of God whether we are in Heaven, on Earth, or in Purgatory. Thus, when the New Heaven and New Earth are here, we will all again be united in the Trinitarian Will, like we were supposed to be before the fall of Adam and Eve.

So, as the Church Militant now, we must all intercede with our prayers for everyone especially in this period of time of Divine Mercy. God’s Divine Mercy will continue to pour out now and until the Warning/Illumination of Conscience occurs, and we must do everything we can to pray and intercede for the salvation of souls as Saint Faustina explained to us in her diary. As many Saints have already explained throughout history, it may only be one prayer that we have prayed for a lost soul that Our Lord uses to merit His graces for the salvation of a soul. We will never know how much our prayers merit these graces unless God has revealed it to us, but we do know that this is what He has called us to do both in His Holy Word and through His Saints. Here are Scriptures on intercessory prayer,

Here is Father Dan Reehil from his Podcast show, “Battle Ready” about the merit of graces obtained from God through our intercessory prayers.

Let us PrayLord, we come to You today to pray for the salvation of all lost souls. We offer up our work, joy, pain and suffering today and unite them to Your cross for a soul that needs to be converted. We offer up our prayers of intercession and unite them with all of the Angels and Saints for the salvation of souls. We offer up our prayers of intercession and unite them to Your Church in Heaven, on Earth in Your mystical body, and in Purgatory for the salvation of a lost soul. We offer up our pain and suffering today for Your intentions for a lost soul that only You know, and we pray that we are in a state of grace that is worthy of these offering prayers of intercession. We ask this of our Heavenly Father, in Your name, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Eternal Father, in whom Mercy is endless and treasury of compassion inexhaustible, look kindly upon us and increase Your Mercy in us so that we might not despair, nor become despondent, but with great confidence submit ourselves to Your Holy Will, which is Love and Mercy itself. Jesus, We Trust in You. Jesus, We Trust in You. Jesus, We Trust in You. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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