New Show on The Coming Apocalypse with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World. How Close Are We to Seeing Planet X, or This Binary System that Contains the “Second Sun”? New Messages from Prophet John Leary Through January 4, 2022. New Videos From Mother and Refuge of the End Times, Mystic Post TV, Servants of Christ, End Times, and Daily Prophecies From Heaven. Recent Blog Post by Daniel O’Connor on His Sound Arguments of Why He Did Not Receive the Vaccine. A Recent Blog Discovered on Gianna Sullivan Receiving Messages From Our Blessed Mother.

Goodmorning Disciples of Jesus Christ. Just because we have entered the new year of 2022 without a catastrophic event does not mean that we give up on God’s Prophets and believe nothing is going to happen. We are witnessing prophetic messages being fulfilled, but events are occurring so slowly that we see them as just circumstantial. The point of the Prophets giving us messages from Heaven is not to keep us on edge in suspense, but to prepare us Spiritually so that when events do begin to occur one after another, we do not fall away from God, but get closer to Him in calling out for His Mercy for us and for others.

Our mission for the Lord is the Salvation of Souls, our own souls first in trying to have robes without spots or blemishes, then to bring others to Jesus Christ our King. So, don’t get discouraged or angry because we are all still waiting on our Lord and His Will of when He will allow this Binary system to transform this Earth into a New Heaven and Earth. Each of our own reality is how we are affected by events in our own parts of the world. So, if you aren’t affected by mandatory vaccinations, or severe weather does not mean someone else is not affected where he or she lives. Prayers are needed all over the world, and events are speeding up, but we are still on God’s timing and not our own. So, even though we try to focus on the Salvation of Souls first, then on prophetic messages, doesn’t mean nothing is going to happen. This means we are doing what God has been telling us to do to get closer to Him, especially through His prophets and visionaries speaking today.

Listening to the Coming Apocalypse show with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike from Around the World reminds us that as this Binary system continues to move closer to our planet in our solar system, we are being affected, but not so much that we can see it with our physical eyes. There are still people asking Pastor Paul Begley when the end times are going to begin, and this question blows his mind as much as it does ours because we are living this reality right now, but many people are just not seeing it with their physical eyes and not at all with their Spiritual eyes. Meaning, that events are occurring that are meeting both Biblical prophecy and prophetic messages from prophets and visionaries that are being fulfilled, but people can’t see it because their Spiritual eyes are closed.

Here is the most recent show with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike from Around the World on the show, The Coming Apocalypse. Mike comes on around the 50-minute mark, and there was discussion about the Binary system starting to show its effects on planet Earth with its close proximity. Also, Mike makes a point with 5G technology coming fully online at 100% in the next 3 weeks and how everything in our governments will begin to change around 2 months after that and how this will all play a role as Planet X’s proximity wreaks more havoc on the Earth and Sun in the next few months.

What we have to remember is that even though we can’t see Planet X or this Binary system that is also like a mini solar system because it is most likely a Sun with orbiting satellite planets, or like Gill Broussard believes a Comet-like planet with orbiting debris, the magnetism of its elliptical path is what is affecting our sun, moon, other planets and our planet Earth. So, as the prophets are describing their prophetic messages to us from Our Lord, our Blessed Mother and Saint Michael, this is what will renew the Heaven and the Earth. The effects of this mini-solar system as it passes by will be what devastates everything, not the “Second Sun” itself. When we see objects colliding in the sky, as what is prophesied about what will happen before the Warning occurs, this is because the effects of the Binary system are changing the trajectory of this space debris, whether it is asteroids, meteors or smaller comets, to enter into our atmosphere. Here is an excellent video that NASA put out in 2018, of all of the debris that is out there always rotating around our planet. Mike from Around the World does discuss this on the show we posted today of how this debris will be thrown off its path as this Binary system gets closer. Also, Jupiter is being affected and throwing a lot of its debris our way.

As a reminder, here are the prophetic messages of some of the prophets we have listed in this blog that are telling us about this Binary System. Luz De Maria calls it a Comet, and celestial bodies that are coming.

Pedro Regis prophesied that it is a mini-solar system with a “Second Sun” that will have debris collide into some of our planets and this same debris will enter into our atmosphere.

Gianna Sullivan also had a vision and prophetic message from Our Blessed Mother about this “Second Sun” that did not get any recognition at all, most likely because she could not find a Bishop to approve her messages. Also, many people want to dismiss anything that may be associated with the term “Nibiru” because it comes from the Samarians, who were pagan. But the name of the Binary system is not important, only the fact of its existence. Here is someone that tried to debunk her prophetic message because Scientists stated that there was no way we could have another mini-solar system out there because they haven’t found one yet.

Well, now the Scientists are saying that data was wrong and are finding all kinds of data on other mini-solar systems existing with binary suns. Like Mike from Around the World stated in his show with Pastor Paul Begley, for every article out there explaining prophecy, there have been 12 more out there trying to debunk the prophetic message and calling it a cult. This is from Satan because he does not want us to know the Truth, he is the father of lies.

Also, more information on Comet-sized planets coming our way.

So, our Science has the data to prove that these prophetic messages given to us many years ago about another Binary system entering our own solar system and colliding with other objects affecting our atmosphere could be fulfilled, but do we honestly believe they will tell us the Truth? Why do we think they just launched DART, which is an Asteroid altering missile, just in case they need to change the trajectory of an asteroid?

Historical data from the Samarians is actually what is important, and not the allegorical stories associated with that data and what they called this object in the sky that they witnessed. This is also why we interpret the Bible not just literally, but allegorically. What is God trying to reveal to us through His prophets and visionaries and His Holy Word in the Bible? Do we take every word seriously in the Bible, even though some of it is allegorical? Yes, of course we do! We take everything seriously that we believe is from God, but we discern in prayer and through time what each prophetic message is and what is God trying to tell us.

Here is a recent blog we discovered about Gianna Sullivan receiving messages again from Our Blessed Mother. Again, the focus of her recently received messages is to get closer to Jesus Christ Our Lord and Trust in His Divine Mercy, which is the main focus of all of the prophets in this blog.

So, if recent prophets and visionaries such as Pedro Regis and Luz De Maria, and Father Michel Rodrigue are credible now with similar messages, why wouldn’t these older prophets who have been saying this for a longer period of time also be just as credible? It really just goes to show us that if someone puts out something negative about a prophet on the internet, then people tend to believe it instead of praying about it and asking the Holy Spirit to guide them to the Truth. Sometimes this Truth God is trying to show us through a prophetic message takes a lifetime to be fulfilled by God. We said it already but will say it again. It took approximately 120 years before the rain came from God for the great flooding of the Earth after Noah began warning the people of what God revealed to him and he began building the ark.

None of the prophetic information we put into this blog has to be believed, only the fact that you personally begin working on your own Relationship with Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and through His graces become a Disciple for Him in spreading the gospel to the nations. This is why God sends us prophets to focus on the Salvation of Souls, and not to frighten us, or make us angry if their prophetic messages do not appear to being fulfilled. Here are John Leary’s latest prophetic messages,

Also, here is an important message from January 1, 2022.

Here is an excellent research and write up by Dr. Daniel O’Connor on the trial vaccines and his argument on why he did not take the vaccine. It is important to remember that if you did feel the need to take the vaccine because of your age or health, you are not being judged by us, or any other watchman speaking for God. We know many people that we love in our own family and friends that felt the need to take the vaccine, but it is important to seek God for every decision you make now because as the labor pains increase, the more the antichrist will push his agenda onto the entire world. If the vaccine is part of the beast system being implemented like the prophets are saying, not the actual mark of the beast, but part of the initiative to use as a tool implementing the beast system, then God is the only one that can heal you by whatever means He decides if you seek Him and His forgiveness.

Here is a recent homily by Father Nolan that Mother and Refuge of the End Times posted the other day.

Here is a recent message to Luz De Maria from Saint Michael about receiving the mark of the beast.

Here is a message on Mystic Post TV from Our Blessed Mother to the visionaries in Medjugorje about the rise of the antichrist spirit, and people not seeing it.

Here is another older message by Father Michel Rodrigue posted by Servants of Christ.

Here is End Times with a recent message to Giselle Cardia.

Here is a recent message to Shelley Anna on her you tube channel, Holy Trinity Messages From Heaven. Shelley Anna has also received message about Nibiru, Planet X, or this Binary System. Her messages in this posting are spoken in English, but written in Spanish.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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