Jesse Romero Gives Instruction on Spiritual Warfare, Parts 1 and 2. Also, The Auxilium Christianorum Website and More Spiritual Warfare Prayers. We all must Continue to Fight this Spiritual Battle Together as God’s Disciples. New Messages from Prophet John Leary Through November 9, 2021. New Videos on Mother and Refuge of the End Times. Also, Skywatch Media News on “Earth Battered by Violent CMEs, as Skies Turn Red”. Also, NASA is Tracking Another 1,000 Foot Asteroid Heading Towards the Earth. Also, the Latest Two Preachers Video on Biblical Signs of The End Times.

Good morning, Disciples of Jesus Christ. We are going to continue to line up everything we can to keep fighting this Spiritual Battle we are all in right now against Satan and his demonic forces. We are all feeling weary from witnessing so many events happening all of the time, and some of us can also feel this physically, but we must continue to fight this battle together knowing our own Spiritual Authority we have through the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. We have listed many teachings by Father Chad Ripperger already, but here is a great conference and teaching by one of Father Ripperger’s exorcist team members, Jesse Romero. But first, let’s pray.

Let us Pray. Lord, we know that by the power of Your Precious Blood, and as Your Disciples, we have spiritual authority over our own bodies to reject anything that comes against us as Your Children. We also know that we must continue to fight this battle of temptation and attacks from Satan daily as he tries to pull us away from You through temptation and sin. Please continue to reveal all Truth to us as we humbly seek to maintain a state of grace and receive all of the gifts from the Holy Spirit to become Your saints and Holy Remnant. Please fill us with Your Holy Spirit like You did at the first Pentecost so that we receive all of the gifts that will assist You in the Salvation of Souls. We are Surrendering ourselves to Your Sacred Heart through the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Mother and we pray for Her intercession to bring us completely to full Transformation into Your image as Your saints. We also ask this of Our Heavenly Father through Your name, Jesus Christ.

Here are two great talks by Jesse Romero, who is a student of exorcist Father Chad Ripperger and has also assisted him on his team. Wow! Jesse Romero was no holds barred when it came to calling people out and in us understanding what attracts demons when we sin against God. We are not posting him today to insult anyone, but to just help people understand how serious sin is and always has been, but now on an unprecedented level. These two videos are for those that are still on the fence, or in denial about where we are in the end times and how bad sin is actually growing in the world. Jesse Romero is very blunt in his speech, but when it comes to how serious this matter is for those that are still blinded by their sins, we pray that these videos will bring those to Jesus Christ in Repentance, by conviction of the Holy Spirit. Jesse also did a much better job about explaining how Lucifer fell from Heaven with a third of the fallen angels and how evil began with sin against God than we did in the previous post. Here is part one of Jesse Romero’s teaching on Spiritual Warfare,

Here is part two of Jesse Romero’s teaching on Spiritual Warfare.

Here is the Auxilium Christianorum Spiritual Warfare website that Jesse Romero spoke about in his teaching. Father Chad Ripperger also promotes this site to assist all of us in this Spiritual battle. These prayers are said as a group all over the world to unite us in this Spiritual battle. These prayers are to assist the Priests that drive out demons and they are also for us laity to protect us from demons. However, these prayers are not effective unless you pray them in a state of grace, like all prayers. So, this group is highly effective in keeping its prayer warriors in that mindset that we must all be in constantly to become saints.

Here are John Leary’s latest prophetic messages through November 9, 2021.

Here are some important messages we copied and pasted.

November 9, 2021

Tuesday, November 9, 2021:(Dedication of St. John Lateran Basilica)
Jesus said: “My people, I am giving you a glimpse of the Era of Peace that will come after My victory over the Antichrist of the tribulation. I will soon be calling My believers to My refuges where you will be healed of any diseases. I will have My angels shield you with a veil of invisibility, and I will multiply your food, water, and fuels for your survival. So have no fear of the evil ones because I will protect My believers at My refuges. You can look forward to a time of no influence from the devil and the demons. When I defeat the evil ones, they will all be cast into hell, along with all the evil people, who will not repent of their sins. I love all of My people, and I will protect you and watch over you with all of your needs.”

Thursday, November 4, 2021: (St. Charles Borromeo)
Jesus said: “My people, this Gospel was about the Good Shepherd who leaves the ninety-nine sheep in the desert and goes in search of the lost sheep. When I find the lost lamb, I put it over My shoulders, and all of heaven rejoices when even one sinner repents. I am also like the hound of heaven, as I search for all of the lost souls, and I work on drawing them to Me to be saved from the evil ones to avoid hell. I call on My faithful to also work on evangelizing souls so you can help save them from going to hell. Keep praying for your relatives and friends to be saved from hell. I showed you the tunnel of the Warning when all sinners will be drawn to Me in their life review and a mini-judgment. During the conversion time, you will have six weeks to help save your relatives from hell, by converting them to the faith so they can be believers at My refuges. I have many lost souls that need saving before it is too late, and they could be lost in hell. Pray for poor sinners so they can be saved at My Warning time.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, your Covid shot mandates are meeting more resistance from your people. These shots should not be mandated, especially since they are designed to kill people over time. You are seeing over 15 state Attorney Generals suing the government to stop these mandates. In addition the evil ones are now mandating Covid shots for the children from 5-11 yrs. old, or they could not attend public schools. Pray to fight these mandates for the children to stop.”

Jesus said: “My people, the evil ones behind these mandates will continue to force people to take booster shots that they say will be needed over time. Your people need to stop this madness because these shots will cause even more blood clots, and more Covid shot deaths. Already thousands of people have died from these shots, but the doctors will not link these deaths to the Covid shots. Keep fighting to stop these booster mandates.”

Jesus said: “My people, at all costs refuse to take the mark of the beast, or you could go to hell if you worship the Antichrist. There is no cure for the mark of the beast. So quit any job that will mandate it, and refuse to take your children to any school that mandates the mark of the beast. This mark will soon be used for all buying and selling. When the mark of the beast is mandated, I will call My faithful to My refuges where My angels will protect you and feed you. Trust in Me to provide for your needs.”

Jesus said: “My people, the socialist communists want to use all of their mandates as a means for controlling your people, and taking away your freedoms. It is time to stand up against the tyranny of Biden and his people. They are turning your country into a communist state that is taking your money, and causing you to take shots that will kill you in time. The Congress, the elites, and the illegal immigrants are all exempt from the Covid shot mandates. This discrimination is obvious, and these mandates are illegal and should not be followed. Trust in Me to provide for your needs at My refuges.”

Jesus said: “My people, your Democrat leaders are allowing chaos at your Mexican border where fentanyl from China and other drugs are being brought into your country, and they are killing your young people. These illegal immigrants are being bussed and flown to all of your cities, and Biden wants to give each of them thousands of dollars. These disasters will bankrupt your country, and your taxes will be increased greatly to pay for this. Pray to get control over your borders where such illegal entry violates your laws.”

Jesus said: “My people, when you see food shortages, electric grid failures, or the forced mark of the beast, I will bring My Warning and conversion time. After the Warning, I will call My believers to My refuges where they will be healed and protected from the evil ones by My angels. My angels will shield you with a veil of invisibility, and My angels will protect you from any harm from the evil ones. Trust in My miracles of multiplication to provide for your water, food, fuels, and all of your needs. You will have daily Holy Communion at My refuges from your priest or My angels. I will be with you in My Real Presence at every refuge.”

Disciples, notice that Prophet John Leary stated in his message from Our Lord that when we see food shortages (which we are seeing now on a small scale), and electric grid failures, or the forced mark of the beast, Our Lord will bring His Warning, and conversion time. Prophet John Leary has stated many times in his messages that the Elites are going to conduct an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) to cause a large power grid failure or black out.

This black out can also be caused by a geomagnetic storm (GMP) that we have spoken about many times in this blog. The geomagnetic storms are increasing as this Binary system gets closer to planet earth and our sun. Our sun is putting out Coronal Mass Ejections (CME)s that are causing these geomagnetic storms and the earth’s core is also heating up, which is causing volcanoes to erupt and a sort of plasma conduit that we see from both our atmosphere and the earth. These are not things we know from our own knowledge, but what the Holy Spirit has guided us to from listening to both Gill Broussard and Mike from Around the World on the show, The Coming Apocalypse. These storms are going to get to catastrophic levels with hundreds of lightning strikes and 200 mile an hour wind. Also, when we begin to see multiple auroras all over the earth, this is a big sign, according to Mike from Around the World, that we are getting ready to get these powerful storms. All that being said, look at this latest video by Skywatch Media News on these auroras being photographed all over the world that he posted on November 8, 2021.

Also, just another soft disclosure from NASA that they are tracking another large asteroid that has a current trajectory heading towards the earth. Remember, they just launched that satellite, called (DART), that can be used to alter the course of an incoming asteroid. Here is the post we wrote on that last month.

Here is the soft disclosure about another large asteroid that NASA is tracking.

Here are some videos by Mother and Refuge of The End Times. This first one is from a friar that is also very blunt, but sometimes his language is too harsh, so we haven’t posted any of his videos. Mother and Refuge has done some editing on this video, which is good.

Here is another by Mother and Refuge of the End Times.

Here are two videos by Servants of Christ,


Here is the latest video by the Two Preachers showing large cracks in the Earth. These cracks are coming from the mantle of the earth, where it is getting so hot it is actually moving the mantle and causing mantle crust shifts in the earth. We are also being pulled magnetically as Pastor Paul Begley pointed out the other night from the Binary system. Again, Our Lord is using all of His creation to transform us and the earth during this Purification period. Then, when He has purified the earth from sin, He will bring the Era of Peace.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus. We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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