New Messages From Prophet John Leary Through June 8, 2021. New Video Messages on Daily Prophecies From Heaven, Mystic Post TV and Mother And Refuge of The End Times. Fireball Seen Over Florida Yesterday Reported By Mary Greeley News! New Video By The Two Preachers on Signs of The End Times. New Video By Elly and Pro Life For Mankind About Father Michel Rodrigue Prophecy. New Video By The Real BP Earthwatch on “Mega Drought Declared”. Canadian Prepper Video on “Stockpile And Hoard These Foods While You Still Can.”

Good Evening Disciples of Jesus Christ. We have new prophetic messages to post by Prophet John Leary through June 8, 2021. But first, let’s pray.

Let Us PrayDear Lord, we come to You with open arms and an open heart. We Surrender to Your Divine Will and pray for the gift of Living in Your Divine Will. We pray for Your Truth to be revealed to us through Your Holy Spirit, Your Holy Word, all of Your Priests, Servants and Prophets, and Your Disciples. We pray for the protection of Your Holy Legions of Angels, Archangels, and our Guardian Angels. We pray to be delivered from all demonic oppression and influences that continue to surround us daily to pull us away from Your Sacred Heart and we pray for the protection by Your Precious Blood as Your Children. We pray for all of those who do not have a Relationship with You, but are hungry for Your love and forgiveness to get down on their knees and pray right now for Your forgiveness and to return back to Your Sacred Heart. Lord, we are all sinners and we can do nothing without Your Graces of accepting us back, and we know You will take us back no matter how far we have fallen away from You if we have a contrite and humble heart. If we have been deceived and have sinned against You, please show us the Truth and convict us of our sins, so that we may seek Your forgiveness in Confession. We ask this in Your Mighty Name, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Here are the latest John Leary messages through June 8, 2021.

Here are some important messages we copied and pasted,

Friday, June 4, 2021:
Jesus said: “My people, today you read the part of Tobit’s story how he was healed of his cataracts with the help of the archangel, St. Raphael. The angel led Tobiah to use the fish oil on Tobit’s eyes and the salve which allowed Tobiah to strip the cataracts off of Tobit’s eyes. Then Tobit could see his son again, and Sarah, Tobiah’s wife, was welcomed into Tobit’s house. This is a wonderful story of healing cataracts which is a problem today that many people have to have operations to see clearly. This account reminds you of the many blind people I healed in My own ministry. You have another scourge on mankind being caused by the one world people with their viruses and vaccines that are not needed. You are seeing a good number of vaccinated people having health problems, and some are dying from the vaccines. These bad effects of the vaccines are not being made public, but people should be warned not to take these toxic shots. You can be a help by blessing the vaccinated people with the Good Friday oil, or the exorcism water with the miraculous medal to heal them of the vaccine effects. Trust in Me to tell you the truth of healing.”

Jesus said: “My people, I know many people use the internet to buy things and communicate. There are also bad web sites that can give you viruses or enable certain addictions. It is true that you need an antivirus program to protect yourself from certain computer viruses. There are hackers who can shut your web sites down, or keep you from using the internet. It is best to backup your data files on separate hard drives so you are not a victim of the various ransomware programs. There are evil people who try to steal bank accounts and other credit card information, so be careful with your personal information. The internet can have evil things that affect people, so pray to use this service properly, but be aware of its evil use.”

Thursday, June 3, 2021: (St. Charles Lwanga)
Jesus said: “My people, in the reading from Tobit I sent My Archangel, St. Raphael, to protect Tobiah and Sarah from the demon, Asmodeus, who had killed seven husbands of Sarah earlier. Tobiah and Sarah did what all newly married couples should do. They prayed to Me for protection, and for a successful marriage with children to carry on the human race. This was a beautiful prayer, and it showed their faith in My protection. It was St. Raphael who protected Tobiah from being killed on his wedding night. Tobiah and Sarah should be an example to all newly married couples, as all couples should pray for a successful marriage. St. Raphael sent the evil demon back to hell so Tobiah and Sarah could live in peace. There are many couples who are living together in sin without marriage. They should be more responsible for their actions, and take the right step to get married properly in the Church after they come to Confession. Pray for all couples to get married before they have relations, which is how I planned man and woman to live together.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My son, you just went on your fifth trip and the tenth exorcism session by a priest over a young man at Buffalo, N.Y. You heard some loud sounds from the demon at this exorcism. The young man was in California and he was involved with New Age, and that opened the door for the demons to enter. There are more possessed people than you think because they can hide in their silence. Keep praying for this man’s deliverance.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have warned you not to take the toxic Covid vaccines because you could even die from them. More information is coming out about your health leaders that they have been lying to you about the need for masks, and lies that you need the Covid shot which you should not take. More doctors are warning you not to take the Covid vaccines because they are deadly and it will ruin your immune system.”

Jesus said: “My people, you should avoid trading with Communist China and stop buying their goods. These leaders in China are the ones who purposely made the Covid virus and spread it all over the world. They also are taking the billions of dollars in trade deficit from America and they are using it to build up their military and naval strength to challenge the U.S. Navy. They are even increasing their nuclear weapons to equal yours. Their influence is increasing all over the world. Trust in Me that I will protect My faithful from any wars, cyber attacks, or any aggressors.”

Jesus said: “My people, ransomware is a vicious hacking because computer systems can be paralyzed and money has to be paid to restore any hacked software damage. These Russian hackers are trying to upset your economy because many of your businesses are vulnerable to hacking and companies are not spending the money needed to protect their computer systems. This will become a needed business expense if businesses want to protect their computers. Pray that your government helps your businesses, or you may see shortages in other needed parts of your life.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing more businesses opening and even your churches are dividing people in the pews between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. You are seeing some places supporting vaccine passports where people are not required to have masks. Even some states are promoting more vaccinations with money paid out, or restrictions on unvaccinated people. Refuse to take the Covid vaccines which could cause people to die. Use your Good Friday oil or the exorcism water with the miraculous medal on vaccinated people so they will not die.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing Russia and some countries divesting themselves of dollar related investments. There is a threat to your reserve currency in the dollar once other countries stop trading in dollars. With your overspending your dollar is being inflated and you could see a crash of your dollar. My people need to be ready to come to My refuges when you could lose your dollar investments overnight. At My refuges I will provide for all of your needs and for your protection with My angels.”

Jesus said: “My people, the liberal Democrats are trying to create a large government that makes you dependent on them, and they are destroying your middle income businesses with more regulations and control. Their overspending could bankrupt your country’s economy and your open borders will put an unnecessary tax on your people to support the illegal immigrants being bussed all over your country. Pray that your people will come to their senses and stop this push for a communist America.”

Prophetic message we posted yesterday to Luz De Maria from Saint Michael the Archangel put into a video by Daily Prophecies From Heaven.

Message given to Ned Dougherty we posted yesterday also put in video by Mother and Refuge of The End Times,

Message from Our Blessed Mother on two important prayers from Medjugorje by Mystic Post TV,

Video by Elly Hancsak and Prolife for mankind about a prophetic message from Father Michel Rodrigue. This is not a new message from Father Michel, but an important prophetic message that Elly reminds us of from his messages received from God Our Father.

Here is a report by Mary Greeley News on another recent fireball seen over Florida yesterday.

Here is the latest Two Preachers video on more signs of the end times from June 8, 2021.

Here is a report from yesterday of the severe drought that is hitting California right now by the Real BP Earthwatch.

Here is a great video by Canadian Prepper on comparing freeze dried foods for stockpiling to Meals Ready To Eat (MREs) for cost, storage, and flavor. Canadian Prepper stated these are both good foods to store that can go well past the expiration date and easy to travel with if you have to flee your home unexpectedly. So, these foods would be good to carry in your “Go Bag” or “Go Backpack” that we did a post on in the blog under “How To Prepare Physically Prior To Being Taken To A Permanent Refuge” page.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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