New Show of The Coming Apocalypse with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World! Also, Anthony Stein on Return To Tradition on “The Darkness at the Ascension on The Ziggurat.” Say a Penitential Rosary Today from St. Padre Pio! Also, New Prophetic Message Website, “Dailey Prophecies From Heaven”! Also, Father Mark Goring on Astra-Zeneca Vax being Paused by 10 European Countries. Also, Father Nathan Dail’s Homily on “Equality Act – Temple of the Body”.

Good Afternoon Disciples of Jesus Christ. We just got finished listening to the Coming Apocalypse Show with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World that was aired last night. Things are really getting intense with everything that continues to build up, and the world is being lulled asleep by the evil continuing spill out of the cup of iniquity. If you are a Christian and have just stumbled across this site, “PLEASE WAKE UP!” Many, Many Christians are joining together now to get the word out that God is getting ready to allow the Tribulation to begin and the Purification of God’s Church and the evil everywhere! We say this out of LOVE, for all of God’s Children, and not out of trying to prove any points we have made in this blog. We are all trying to tell as many believers of Jesus Christ and non-believers of Jesus Christ, that soon everyone will know He is truly, the Son of the only living God our Father in Heaven, and was sent to Redeem to Salvation those that Believe in Him and are seeking to be His True Disciples by spreading His Good News to the World.

Some of the things that Pastor Paul Begley and Mike spoke about last night are: Having Steele Umbrellas to protect ourselves from the soon coming meteorites that will begin to hit the earth when we walk outside! A new B-117 variant of Covid-19 in the United Kingdom that is both contagious and deadly and is spreading to other countries. Mike stated this variant is not Covid-19, but a variant that has re-written itself and was most likely manufactured to have that capability. Mike also believes that Christianity was compromised at the Ziggurat in Ur, and believes that we are now most likely going to see a false peace coming that will be the end of Christianity as being the only way to God. Mike also believes this meeting could have also been a portal of evil unleashed on the world, and Pastor Paul believes with all of the events happening in the weather, rumors of war, false peace, volcanism, and meteors, this is the culmination of the perfect storm!

Next, here is Anthony Stein with Return to Tradition commenting on the inter-religious meeting at the Ziggurat in Ur, and the prophetic messages of Our Lady of Akita, Japan and Our Lady of America.

We must be Repentant for any offenses or sacrileges conducted against Our Lord and the Blessed Trinity. Our Blessed Mother has told us this over, and over again in all of Her Prophetic messages. Even though we may not be able to change the course of the events occurring that are moving us towards the Purification and Tribulation as we speak, our Reparation for our sins and the sins of others may lessen the Chastisements in accordance to God’s Mercy as we have been told in many prophetic messages. Here is the Penitential Rosary that Anthony Stein recommended we all say as often as possible, especially on the First Saturdays for the Immaculate Heart, and we also agree with him.

Also, we found a new Website that is listing the prophetic messages via You tube, similar to Light of Mary. Here are some recent ones we have already posted in the blog, but posted them through written form. First, here is the website if you would like to save it to your desktop. It looks like they have a mixture of both Catholic and Non-Catholic messages. Light of Mary is almost exclusively Catholic Prophetic Messages as well as After the Warning. I haven’t viewed all of them, and have not discerned which on this site may not be Truth. If I or anyone that follows this blog, reviews them and finds them to be offensive in any way, I will remove them from this blog. We are trying to unify Christians in this blog because that is what Our Lord put on our hearts, not put each other down and be divisive, because that is what Satan wants us to do, and we will not fall into that trap. The person that put together this website also believes that the Illumination of Conscience is coming and has been called by God to prepare people like we also have been called to do in this blog. This individual said that he or she is from Nigeria.

However, here are the most recent Catholic prophetic messages that are very important to listen to if you have not read what we have posted in the blog over the last week and we do believe all of these are speaking Truth.

Everything is Prepared by Giselle Cardia,

The Catholic World will be Dismayed by Enoch,

Prepare for the Arrival of the Warning by Enoch,

This one we have not posted before and are not sure to whom this message was given, but believe the message is accurate in the events that are occurring at this time, and do believe this message could be from Our Blessed Mother.

Lastly, here is a video by Father Mark Goring explaining a new term we have not heard before on describing one of VAX as a Pic Pic?

Also, Father Nathan Dail and his great homily on how evil the Equality Act is and how it goes against God’s Holy Temple, our bodies that belong to Him, and not us.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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