New Show with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World on The Coming Apocalypse! Also, a New Video by the Two Preachers on Flash Floods, Wild Fires and Sink Holes all over the World. Also, a Great Interview with Sidney Powell on the Erskine Radio Show! Also, Mike Lindell Puts Together Absolute Proof of Voter Fraud for the World to Know!

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We have put together a post today revealing more Truth about the events occurring as we speak on the darkness that is growing with Satan and his Elites manipulating the minds of the world’s population, and even with all of the proof provided by the good people in the world fighting for God and our Country, the world still remains blind. It can be discouraging witnessing what we are seeing at this time, but that is why we must always take it to Our Lord everyday and be refreshed by Him and the Blessed Trinity. We realize that some of us want to know more factual information of what is taking place with the election being stolen and if anyone is doing anything about it, and we also realize that some of us just want to keep our eyes focused on Jesus at this point without knowing all of the other details.

It is just simply astounding to continue to hear all of the evidence that was provided about the election voter fraud that took place, but our judicial system completely ignored it and did nothing about it. This is because God has pulled back His hand of protection, and evil is running rampant, because God is allowing His Holy Word in Scripture to be fulfilled. Also, this is waking a lot of God’s Children up that have been lukewarm, and asleep for so long while the Elites were slowly implementing their plans of the devil. Many of God’s Children are coming back to Him, and many more will keep coming as these evil events continue to take place. So, if you are a person that would like to hear more from Sidney Powell and what she and her organization are doing to fight all of this, here is a great show with Erskine radio that has recently conducted an interview. Sidney Powell is just as flabbergasted and astounded as we are about the failure of our judicial system to do the right thing and not turn a blind eye to the evil that has taken place. The commercial plays right away as soon as you open the Erskine archive podcast, so you must go down to where you see a picture of Sidney Powell and click the pause button to start and stop the playing of that particular show with Sidney Powell.

If Our Lord does conduct a miracle to reveal the Truth, apparently it will be in the midst of chaos and during the Warning/Illumination of Conscience time frame, according to Prophet John Leary.

Also, Mike Lindell has put together all of the evidence in his own show to prove to the world that the evidence was there, but our Government did nothing about it. Mary Ann, a follower of the blog, sent this to us and again if you are interested in watching it, here it is. He has done an excellent job of putting this information together and has used his own money for the Truth to be revealed to the world. Please pray for Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, and Mike Lindell because they are also being persecuted by the main stream media for trying to reveal the Truth for Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

We have been trying to focus on Jesus Christ Our Lord daily and improving our Relationship with Him, because if we don’t do that, then this information can become very depressing and we are focusing more on the world instead of Our Lord. This is not what Our Lord wants from us, or Our Blessed Mother because we have to be joyful in knowing that Our Lord is going to win in the end, and He is in control of everything. The Warning will occur just at the right time, God Our Father decides to send His Mercy, Who is Jesus Christ Our Lord, because He has perfect timing and knows exactly when He is going to recover the most souls out of the hands of the devil. We must pray for God’s Will first in everything we do and focus on our Love for Him and His Will, even in the midst of our own suffering. This is what it takes to become Saints, and we are slowly being purified and washing our robes white as we witness these events and are starting to understand that God is in control of it all, and we must be patient.

Next, here is Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World on the show, The Coming Apocalypse.

There is so much going on now, that not even Pastor Paul or Mike can keep up with it all, but here are some of the highlights from their show last night. Mike came on about the 39 minute mark and they spoke first about melting ice glaziers causing an enormous amount of displaced water around different parts of the world. (Note – At the bottom of this post, we will post the video from the Two Preachers showing a Himalayan Glazier that broke off in India and killing many people. We just re-posted yesterday in the blog, “Purification With Water” that speaks about Our Lord using water to purify the Earth. It will not be like the days of Noah, but God will use oceans, lakes, and rivers spilling out of their basins from inertia of the earth’s wobble, flash flooding from storms, and also Tsunamis caused by earthquakes in the oceans, meteorites hitting the oceans, and polar ice caps melting.) Mike stated this is from the amount of heat that is building up in our atmosphere and under the earth’s mantle from the incoming solar radiation.

Mike also discussed volcanism causing our atmosphere to build up with dust, smoke and particles and not being able to see or breathe through it, and needing masks with ventilators. (Note- I also remember Dana Coverstone having a dream about dust particles in the air that looked like snow, but it wasn’t snow.) Mike stated we will have a sudden and sharp increase of Volcanism, and Magma under the earth’s mantle, which will be dangerous around oil fields, which will cause fires. Mike also stated that the magma and water under the earth’s mantle is causing huge sinkholes to open up that will swallow up large areas to include city areas. (Note- sinkholes is what we have been seeing a lot on The Two Preachers videos.) Mike also stated that this Binary System (also known as Planet X) is not being reported at all by the main stream media, but soon it will not be able to be covered up by the media any longer.

Mike and Pastor Paul also spoke of the movie Minority Report, and Germany and Russia back in the 1950s exploiting the idea of being able to read people’s thoughts before they enacted any action on that particular thought. Mike stated that there is an Advanced Intelligence (A.I) system they have practiced and have developed along with demonic Spiritual doors they have opened with CERN that can predict with 98 percent accuracy what you are going to say within the next 2 minutes of any conversation. Pastor Paul asked if this thing was also capable of reading your thoughts by implanting micro-chips, like the ones they have developed under the guise of assisting Alzheimer’s patients and other dementia’s of the brain? Pastor Paul asked, then can it also give you thoughts, and not just read your thoughts? Mike stated. “Yes”. (Note – this goes back to both John Leary’s prophecy and Luz De Maria’s prophecy about the Elites using mind control last year.) Here is the post we wrote on the Prophets warning us about mind control,

Both Mike and Paul agreed that Satan wants us to worship him and not God, and that is why the Elites will try to manipulate us with mind control. (Note – This has already taken place with subversion tactics of our governments, churches, politics, and society. Also, the main stream media not revealing to the world all of the voter fraud that took place, and the denial reported through the media into people’s minds through lies, of how our election was not fraudulent or stolen from the American people, just like it was conducted in Venezuela with Maduro).

Pastor Paul and Mike also discussed how the water system was hacked in Florida to manipulate the sodium hydroxide levels in the water to be increased, which could cause many people to be sick. Here is the news report,

Mike stated we are living in very dangerous times and the Serpent Brotherhood has people everywhere conducting dangerous acts for the devil and the lies are everywhere in the news, but we have to remember that we are rooted in Jesus Christ and He will protect His Children. Amen! Amen! Amen!

Lastly, here is the latest video by The Two Preachers.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be done.

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