New Information on How To Get Treatment and Advice From America’s Frontline Doctors on Covid-19, other than taking the Trial Vaccines being currently implemented! Also, Mother Miriam and LifeSite News on “The United States is going through a period of Chastisement we deserved”. Also, Sensus Fidelium on “Remain Always a Child of the Church”. Also a New message to Giselle Cardia on “The Warning will Expose Everything.”

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We have some more excerpts from the 36 Volumes that Luisa Piccarreta has left us from Our Lord Jesus Christ in Living in the Divine Will. If only the world would have taken seriously all of the warnings Our Lord gave to Luisa Piccarreta, Saint Padre Pio, and Saint Faustina, at that period of time, and all of the warnings Our Blessed Mother has given at Fatima, Garabandal, to Father Gobbi ,and currently all of those listed in this blog. There are really too many to count, but we have been warned over and over again. Now, we are reaping what we have sewn as a nation, and the world. These are the tolls that temptations from Satan have taken on our world as rejecting God, and looking at ourselves as gods and relying on our own intelligence and modern technology at fixing everything. The sins of the world have formed scales on our eyes, and the world is too blind to see it, the best example being the fraudulent election that just occurred in the United States. We have taken our Trust and put it into the hands of the wealthiest people in the world, and they have slowly conditioned the world into believing that we don’t need God or religion, and we only need our technology and modern science in fixing all of the world’s problems.

Oh, how sad all of this is to witness for Our Lord, but we know in the end, He is going to fix it, and we just have to be patient and wait on His goodness. Here are some more excerpts from Luisa Piccarreta’s 36 Volumes that can be found on Mary’s Hill – Queen of the Divine Will website that we will also post here in case you would like to listen to them or read them yourselves.

Volume 2, October 28, 1899. Luisa – “Tell me, my only Good, how could I sweeten this poisonous echo for You which afflicts you so much?” (Note- Luisa was talking about the pain Our Lord feels from Sin in the world.) Jesus- “The only means is that you always do your actions with the sole purpose of pleasing Me, and that you empty all your senses and powers for the purpose of loving Me and of glorifying Me. Let your every thought, word, and everything else, want nothing but the love you have for Me; in this way your echo will rise to my throne and will sweeten my hearing.”

Volume 2, October 29, 1899. Luisa – “Therefore with all of my heart, I said to Him: “My dear and only Good, what I ask of you for me is that you strip me of everything, because I see well that in order to be clothed again by You and live for You to live again in me, it is necessary for me to have not a shadow of that which does not belong to You. And He, all benignity, told Me:

Jesus- “My daughter, the main thing so that I may enter into a soul and form my dwelling is total detachment from everything. Without this, not only can I not dwell in her, but not even any of the virtues can form its residence in the soul. After this, once the soul has made everything go out of herself, then do I enter, and united with the will of the soul, we build a house. The foundations of it are based on humility, and the deeper they are, the higher and stronger the walls will be. These walls will be built with stones of mortification, cemented with purest gold of charity. After the walls have been built, I, like a most excellent painter, plaster it and form the most excellent paintings – not with lime and water, but with merits of my Passion, represented by the lime, and with the colors of my Blood, represented by the water. This serves to protect it well from rains from snows, and from any shock. Then come the doors, and in order for them to be solid like wood and not subject to wood worms, silence is necessary which forms the death of the exterior senses. In order to keep this house, a guardian is necessary to watch over it everywhere, inside and out. This is the holy fear of God which guards it against any inconvenience, wind or anything else that may threaten it. This fear will be the safeguard of this house, which will cause one to operate, not out of fear of penalty, but out of fear of offending the master of this house. This holy fear must do nothing but do everything to please God, with no other intention.”

So reading this from Our Lord to Luisa takes us back to what Father Chad Ripperger taught about mastering Humility first, then all of the other virtues will begin to fall in place. This also sounds like our Lord is explaining to Luisa that the second stage of the interior life has to be conquered with mastering Humility, and obtaining all of the virtues, and being detached from all things, which is the illuminative way before Our Lord can dwell in us fully, which is the final stage, the unitive way. Here are the three stages of the Spiritual/Interior life we did last year, for those new followers that would like to study this more in depth.

Wow, isn’t it great how Our Lord brings all of the teachings He has shown us this last year together now, so that we can all strive to achieve this final gift of Living in the Divine Will! God is so Good, all of the time! The total detachment from everything and Humility is what we have to focus on because as we enter the most difficult parts of this Tribulation, we will have to leave everything behind and follow our Guardian Angels to where our Lord has taken us for Refuge. This is where it get’s tough because we have to be guided by the Holy Spirit now and pray daily to live in Our Lord’s Divine Will and not rely on our own intellect. This is also why we must remain in a state of grace through confessing our sins, spending time with our Lord in Adoration, Holy Mass and receiving the Holy Eucharist and praying without ceasing. All decisions have to be given to Our Lord and pray for His guidance in everything. We have to listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit now, and ask Our Lord what He wants us to do for our families, and this has to be done together with your husband or wife. We all have to be seeking Our Lord and His guidance if possible, not just one member of the family, unless you are single, and not married. This is why our Spiritual Relationship has to be increased with Our Lord because as He has said in His Holy Word, my sheep hear my voice, and know the Truth.

One of the prayer group members has sent a great tool we can use because we are not taking the vaccine. And even though Our Lord is protecting us with His Precious Blood, we may still contract a milder form of the virus since it is up to 27 variants or more at this time. These are Doctors that don’t believe in the rushed trial vaccines that are being implemented at this time, and have testified to factual proven medicine that can be used to treat Covid-19, but our governments are ignoring. Here is a video by them, and their website with information on who to call to seek medical advice and treatment over the phone. Prayerfully, their website will not be removed by the elites, and remain accessible, by God’s Grace.

Next, here is Mother Miriam and her LifeSite News Podcast, “United States is going through a Chastisement we deserved.”

Also, Sensus Fidelium on “Remain Always a Child of the Church”.

Lastly, here is a new Prophetic message to Giselle Cardia on After the Warning Website.

Our Blessed Mother is asking us to form prayer groups like the old Cenacles. We have several prayer groups that we are in that assist in writing this blog, and we travel to other prayer groups to let them know what Our Lord has revealed to us about the Warning coming soon. Whether people believe what we say is not our concern, but we allow the Holy Spirit to do His Work and we have sewn a seed for Jesus to get people ready. We also will tell Priests that are willing to listen, and some are saying that they also believe it is coming soon. Please listen to Our Blessed Mother in this message given to Giselle Cardia and get your prayer groups ready to serve Our Lord.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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