Sunday Holy Mass at St. Mary’s Parish! Another 7.0 Earthquake Reported by Pastor Paul Begley! Also, Christina Gallagher’s Website on Fulfilled Prophecies! Also, Another Very Important Article about the Vaccines on “The Every Day Concerned Citizen”. Also, latest Jason A You tube video.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We pray that everyone is doing well and still able to attend Holy Mass, get to Adoration, and spend some quality time with Our Lord. This is more important than sitting down to read this blog everyday, or any other bit of information on current events across the world. So, please continue to spend as much time with Our Lord, because we are also trying to do this in our prayer groups. I have not even been able to get to Volume 3 of Luisa Piccarreta’s, Living in the Divine Will, because I also have been trying to get as much time with Our Lord as possible, keep up with my family, and get as much information to you as we can in this blog. Mary Ann has also been sending us some information that I can also post for you today that is very important on the vaccines.

First, let us start the day with the prayer that Father Dan Reehil taught us, “Lord, I give You permission to use me in any way you desire today, and give me the grace to see your hand in action, so that I can give you all the glory.” Also, do not forget to say your Spiritual Warfare prayers. All of our prayers are Spiritual Warfare and most significantly the Holy Rosary. However, this prayer I have found to be the best in that it is all encompassing of praying for protection with the Precious Blood of Our Lord and also asking for all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit to assist Our Lord in the Salvation of Souls.

We have to really be a good Disciple for Our Lord at this time because things are getting very intense and He is asking us to Evangelize in Scripture and now through the Prophets, and we don’t know how much time we will have before the Warning. Here is today’s Holy Mass at St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa, Canada.

Here is another 7.0 Earthquake that took place yesterday reported by Pastor Paul Begley.

Also, here is another great article that has more explanation from Dr. Carrie Madej on what is in the vaccines and exactly how those nanoparticles work. This article is fantastic, and needs to be shared. Prayerfully, it will not get removed, and I would actually print this out today if you are able to print. There are many things she describes in this article that support scientifically what the Prophets are saying at this time about the vaccines using mRNA. Pastor Paul Begley is also going to have her at his “V” Conference for those that follow Pastor Paul Begley on a regular basis. One of us in our prayer group will most likely listen to that conference on February 5th, 2021.

Also, here is Christina Gallagher’s Website. We have posted some of her prophetic messages on this blog before, but I was told that she also had a prophetic message about New York, since Pastor Paul Begley mentioned yesterday that he was concerned about Trump towers. I have not had time personally to research her website, but here it is for those that would like to see her Prophetic messages that like John Leary, go back a very long time.

Lastly, here is another Jason A You tube video about the strangeness of these times, and also how the media is always pushing their own narrative on what is being reported. Some of the news in the media may be factual, but there is always an agenda, especially about pushing the belief of Unidentified Flying Objects. (U.F.O.). They are constantly trying to plant that seed in every one’s minds so that people begin to accept it, just like they did with the election and voter fraud not being wide spread or real. It is very sad the time we are living in and it is best if we didn’t even watch or follow television anymore. At least for now, until it all becomes censored, you can get some decent information on the internet, but we are now living in a totalitarian government, and everything will eventually be controlled. We must also continue to pray for Truth and discernment from the Holy Spirit in everything we do, say, or read, and we cover all of our conversations by the Precious Blood of Our Lord for protection. This was something Father Michel Rodrigue said to do in one of his videos on Countdown to the Kingdom.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world. Father, Abba, Thy Will Be Done.

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