New Message to Luz De Maria from Our Lord Jesus Christ on January 12, 2021! Also, Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World on the Show, the Coming Apocalypse. Also, More Prophetic Messages on Prophecy 444 Website! Also, LifeSite News, “Vigano Attacks Pope Francis over Vaccine Mandate.”

Good Morning disciples of Jesus Christ. We pray that everyone is ready for anything this week as we continue to move towards the inauguration date on January 20, 2021 of the next President of the United States of America. From what we have listened to from different people, such as Simon Parkes, on the inside intelligence of what is happening behind the scenes, President Trump is still working on revealing the voter election fraud. However, as we have said before, we put our Faith in God, not man. So, we have to sit back and observe what Our Lord has decided to do with all of this, and how He is going to use it to turn souls back to Him. Prophet John Leary is saying in his latest prophetic messages, that Our Lord is going to perform a miracle and reveal the Truth, so we must continue to have Faith and Trust in Our Lord because He is in control of all of it. Either way, we are prepared for whatever Our Lord decides to do according to His Divine Will. Everyone that has been following this blog, should be ready physically for anything to occur, such as a large scale power outage, rioting, an earthquake, or a meteor impacting the earth. At this point, anything could happen according to the prophets we have listed in this blog. So, we continue to prepare Spiritually for it all, because that is most important. It is not how prepared for this physically we need to be concerned about, but how prepared Spiritually, because we need Our Lord’s Mercy, more than anything else in this world. We must also continue to believe that He is going to protect us through it all in the Refuge of His Sacred Heart first, then lead us to a physical Refuge when He deems necessary after the Warning.

Here is the latest message to Luz De Maria from January 12, 2021.

Our Lord is telling us to be kind to our neighbors and show them the Love that He commands us to do for each other. We are not His True Disciples if we don’t help others, because this testing we are going through right now is about the Salvation of Souls. If we aren’t helping others that do not have Our Lord Spiritually, then we are not showing them the Love God has for them to come to His Sacred Heart. We are His vessels that He uses to reach these lost souls. So, if you have prepared your home as an Interim Refuge, like we have guided everyone to do in this blog if you are capable, then be expecting to assist others as we enter this chaos. As you are helping people physically with food, shelter, etc.., you are also administering to their soul Spiritually, and we must all speak about Our Lord to them. Evangelizing comes with the physical help, because these lost souls are going to ask you how you knew this was coming, and we are going to say “because Our Lord has prepared us because He LOVES us and He LOVES you.” It doesn’t matter how big your home is, or how much food or water you have, Our Lord will provide more, as you are bringing lost souls to Him. This is what we have to pray for and believe in our hearts, because we are His Disciples. Our Lord provides for His Children,

Here is the Pastor Paul Begley Show, The Coming Apocalypse, with Mike From Around the World this past Thursday, January 14, 2021.

Pastor Paul and Mike speak about the United States Post Office being the provider for Biometric fingerprint identification for everyone in the future. This should be no surprise to everyone that follows this blog, because we are moving to a digital identification and currency, and this is just more implementation of the beast system. Mike also spoke about our cell phones not being compatible with the new roll out of their plans to implement the beast system and a message coming to tell us that we need to get new cell phones. Prayerfully, we will all be in the Permanent Refuge by then, because we will not be going to get this new “cell phone”, and what it’s capabilities are being used for in the future. Mike also did not say how soon this was coming.

At about the 50 minute mark, Pastor Paul and Mike discussed that there has been 81 impacts to the earth with meteorites since last year, and we have not even begun to hit the dense part of the cloud of debris that is associated with Planet X, or this binary system that is moving towards Earth. This debris cloud is one of the tails of this binary system that is made up of rocks and debris of different sizes that also contain traces of arsenic and gases. Mike stated that as we continue to have impacts of this debris, the meteorites will get bigger, and we will have atmospheric changes in the air that will affect everything. Mike also stated that his group that has been studying this binary system has underestimated the size and density of this debris cloud, and he expects many deep impacts this year. Mike also stated it will most likely take 2 years to get through the debris cloud, before we begin to see the severe effects that this binary system will have on planet Earth as it makes it’s elliptical rotation around our sun. If you are a new follower to this blog, please see the page titled, “Posts in this Blog on the “Second Sun”, or “Great Comet of Chastisement” that has been prophesied by Our Blessed Mother.” We believe this binary system is actually the Great Comet of Chastisement that Mike is referring to on his shows with pastor Paul Begley. However, as this binary system brings in this debris that will fulfill Revelation, chapter 8, there will also be a large Comet that hits the Atlantic Ocean that Prophet John Leary refers to in his prophetic messages that will renew the Earth.

Here is the latest prophetic message on the Prophecy 444 Website by Cryptic1, from January 15, 2021.

Here is another great message we discern that is from Our Lord because of the important message He gives to a woman named Roxanne.

Our Lord tells Roxanne to tell His Children to FEAR NOT, because He has equipped us! Here is the most important part of this message we have copied and pasted, “My children, dark days are upon you. Fear not! You must go through these times I have appointed to my flock. Many can only be reached through the coming judgements. (Children – Judgments are dark times.) I have equipped each of you to endure the coming days. The enemy tries to stir fear into the hearts of my children. Yes, some of what you hear is true. If he controls you with fear, what will you do for me? Stand on my word children. Stand on my promises. I will never leave you or forsake you. Many will come home in the judgments. You will go about your day and transform into glory. (this is why I have warned to be ready at all times) Some are to stay and endure because you can.”

Our Lord stated that He can only reach some souls through the judgements. If it is our time to come home to Him as His Disciple, then that is Great! If He has chosen for us to Serve Him longer, by bringing Him Souls, then that is Great! But, know that He has prepared us either way, and just keep praying, keep spending time with Him in adoration, and TRUST Him.

Lastly, here is an excellent video by LifeSite News about the lies being continually spoken in the media, trying to stoke a fire of division amongst us, and how everything is one sided. Also, Archbishop Vigano attacks Pope Francis over vaccine mandate. In this video, John-Henry Westen stated that the Vatican put out in the news that both Pope Benedict and Pope Francis received the vaccine. All of the information that the Vatican puts out may not be the Truth, because there are many Freemasons that are working in the Vatican that are also working with the Elites. This has already been confirmed with the pushing of the “The Great Reset”, and not just what we have also written at the beginning of this blog. Father Michel Rodrigue has also confirmed this in his prophetic messages from God Our Father, and Dr. Taylor Marshall has written a book about the infiltration of the Freemasons.

Emmanuel- “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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