New Prophetic Messages From Prophecy 444 News From Cryptic1. Also, New Video from LifeSite News on the Failure of American Media to Report Accurate News. Also, Sidney Powell is Taking on Globalists in Both Democrat and Republican Parties and her Candid Interview. Also, “Christ the King” Videos by Father Mark Goring and Father Nathan Dail. True Disciples Know Whom They SERVE! Also, “God is Shaking the World” by the Two Preachers.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We got on the Zoom Conference Call last night with John Leary and his wife Carol Leary and 330 other participants. I will update everyone in the next post on what he said last night when he posts his latest messages today. I will also explain what he was referencing in his messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ from the Zoom Conference call that is very important for everyone to hear. So, for this post, we are just going to discuss some of the latest videos and talks that are relevant to the last few days in the news and some Prophetic messages.

First, we are going to post some Prophetic messages from the 444 Prophecy News from Cryptic1 from Our Lord Jesus Christ. We stated in earlier posts that we were no longer going to post Mike 444 Prophecy videos because he said some disparaging things about our Blessed Mother and Catholics. But, we do believe that there are some very credible Prophets that posts their Prophetic messages on the 444 Prophecy News Website that are similar to John Leary, Luz De Maria, Father Michel Rodrigue, and Pedro Regis messages. So, here are two of the latest messages from Cryptic1 that we have discerned that the Holy Spirit has guided us to post in the blog. Here is the most recent message from her,

Cryptic1 has prophesied from Our Lord that President Trump will be re-instated as President, then the civil unrest will come, and President Trump will have to initiate Martial Law. Here is the next message that is very important.

Notice, that both of these messages from Our Lord is just 1 day apart and Our Lord is saying that President Trump will be removed from office, but will be re-instated first, then a civil war and Martial Law. Our Lord also told her that He will abide in His Children and shelter us from the raging storms. (Refuges?) Also, Our Lord said at the end of the message that He will return for His own, but many will suffer the fire that purges body and soul before we enter into His Kingdom. (This sounds like a purgation on Earth similar to Purgatory?) (This is what John Leary stated we will experience in the Refuges before we are caught up in the clouds with Our Lord in the air.) Remember, there will no longer be a Purgatory after Our Lord renews the Heaven and Earth or during the Era of peace. So, this definitely supports John Leary’s message of the suffering we will have to endure while at the Refuges, but still be protected by Our Lord.

So, we must continue to pray for President Trump to win and his protection by Our Lord in order for him to not be removed by force, or death. We must pray all of this while still submitting to Our Lord’s Divine Will, because even though Our Lord is in control of everything, we still must pray from Our hearts that Our Country remains obedient to God’s Laws and Divine Providence.

Next, here is a video and blog post by John-Henry Westen on the American Media and their failure to report on U.S. Election accurately and how it could be endangering lives.

Next, here is a very powerful and candid interview with Sidney Powell, who has decided to take on the Globalist Elites on both sides of the Democrat and Republican Parties. This is most likely why she had to separate from Rudy Giuliani’s legal team because she is looking at Criminal Charges against many entities, where as the Trump Administration only needs to prove voter fraud with a preponderance of evidence to overturn the election. They are both still working side by side in this investigation, and we all need to pray for Sidney Powell’s protection by Our Lord just like we are praying for President Trump because of the evil in the deep state.

Next, here are two great Priests, Father Mark Goring and Father Nathan Dail both speaking about Christ Our King after we recently celebrated the Feast Day of Christ the King on November 22, 2020. Both Priests speak on the importance of staying Faithful to Jesus Christ Our Lord, King and Savior of the world. We can not and will not fall to the deception of these times, and as Disciples must stay Faithful until the end as Our Lord commands us to do. Here is Father Mark Goring,

Here is Father Nathan Dail and his excellent homily of good people falling into the hands of Satan believing you are fighting for the “Common Good”, which is exactly what is being promoted and implemented by “The Great Reset” and the Elites.

Lastly, here are the Two Preachers sharing a video on cataclysmic weather events happening all over the World. Both of these men are spreading the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ for the Salvation of Souls by reflecting Biblical signs from God all over the world.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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