Are We Playing the Role of Pontius Pilot by Ushering in A New World 2.0 with The Great Reset? LifeSite News, “Trudeau and Biden are Pushing For the Great Reset”. Also, Fox Now discloses Trump Supporters attacked and Media Silent on Coverage. Also, New Prophetic Messages from Our Blessed Mother to Pedro Regis. Also, New Messages to A Servant’s Heart on “A Great Divide is About to Descend”.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. As I was praying the Holy Rosary today and meditating on the Sorrowful Mysteries and listening to the Scriptures read by Kate and Mike Catholic Crusade, our Lord gave me a vision of Pontius Pilot and what we are doing to Him as a world by allowing the Beast System to come into power at this time. We are constantly praying for Our Lord to reveal Truth and what He wants us to post in the blog to awaken more souls to what is happening all over the world. As I was listening to the Sorrowful Mysteries and the Scripture being read about Pontius Pilot washing his hands as he handed Our Lord over to the Jews to be crucified, Our Lord gave me something to talk about today. He put on my heart that this is what the whole world is being like now, as Pontius Pilot thought he was innocent when he handed Our Lord over for Crucifixion. The whole world is blinded to the Truth, with the exception of a few, of what we are doing to Our Lord by allowing our governments to be taken over by the Beast System that is now being implemented by Satan and the One World Order.

Pilot thought that he was innocent of allowing Our Lord to be crucified because he did not partake in the idea that Jesus should be crucified along with the Jewish people. Our Lord is letting us know that He is getting ready to be Crucified again and it is because we as a world are not standing up and fighting for Him, and telling people that He is the Messiah! He is the Son of the Living God, most High that came down from Heaven to suffer and die for us and our Salvation! We may not think we are a part of what is happening because we are only a small Remnant praying and not falling away from God, but if we just sit back and do nothing, are we not washing our hands to it all and believing there is nothing we can do, like Pilot also believed? We must come to Our Lord in prayer everyday and say, “Lord, What can I do to Serve You, and keep You from being Crucified again?” “I don’t want to be Lukewarm, I don’t want to be indifferent, I don’t want to say that I am too small to make a difference, while Satan comes in to try and take You away from the World.” These are the prayers we need to be crying out to Our Lord every day and begging for His Mercy. Our Lord has removed His Hand of protection, but He doesn’t want us to stop fighting for Him! This is what He put on my heart today to tell anyone and everyone that will listen. Start speaking for Jesus today and tell strangers to start reading a Bible and get closer to Our Lord in prayer. Say it at the grocery stores, say to the people at the Bank, say it to your neighbors, say it to the homeless people and give them some food if you have some to give. It is time to start speaking up for Our Lord because He is watching us as His Disciples and counting on us to defend Him in this battle. The only way we can do that at this time is to speak up for Him through Evangelizing any way we can during our days we have left.

Here is LifeSite News and their video on Trudeau and Biden both pushing for a Great Reset, or a New World Order.

Here is Fox News redeeming themselves a little bit by reporting that there were a few attacks of Trump Supporters at the MAGA March, and most of the Media said nothing.

Here is a Jason A video from 2017 speaking about DAVOS and the World Economic Forum and their plan to come together to fight “Climate Change” which is really a binary system entering our solar system that will cause massive destruction as it makes it’s elliptical path around our Sun. (The governments already know about this binary system and Our Blessed Mother warned us about this through the “Our Lady of Emmitsburg” prophecies that we have listed in this blog). The Elites, Freemasons, and Globalists are all aware of the binary system, but have formed the Global Economic Forum in DAVOS to bring in all of the world leaders to come together to implement their plan of the “Great Reset” for a New World 2.0 and Trans-human 2.0. The Beast system is using A.I. technology to assist in implementing their plan under the guise of sustainable development, Agenda 2021, and 2030. They are also using the Pandemic to usher in a vaccine that will have the potential to alter our DNA using RNA Messaging that we have also listed in this blog.

Here is the latest message to Visionary Pedro Regis in Brazil from Our Blessed Mother.

Here is a video by A Servant’s Heart that is relevant to the events that are happening now that are similar to what John Leary prophesied about Martial Law and a Civil War. She also spoke on how we must keep our focus on Our Lord and what we must do for Him, and not necessarily on the events taking place in our governments. This video was made in February 2020, and she discusses the Pandemic, Martial Law coming and a Civil War. She also spoke about the Black Horse in the Book of Revelation 6:5, already being released.

What is important from this video from A Servant’s Heart is that we have to work on our Relationship first with Our Lord, but we will also be judged for what we do and don’t do for Him in these times and we must be obedient to His Divine Will. If we are trying to hear His voice and asking Him what He wants us to do, He will guide us to Serve Him and not sit back while He is being Crucified again and us believing we have done nothing wrong like Pontius Pilot did at Our Lord’s first Crucifixion. We can do something for Him as His Disciples, but it is each one of us that have to seek Him and ask what is His Will for us daily in our prayers. Remember, It only takes a few words, when guided by the Holy Spirit, to bring a Soul to Jesus Christ Our Lord. Here is the latest video by A Servant’s Heart on a division coming,

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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