Mother Miriam and LifeSite News Reading a Letter to President Trump from Archbishop Carlo Maria Viagano. Jonathan Cahn’s last plea for Prayer and Repentance. Light of Mary and Prophetic Messages to Luz De Maria about a Schism in Our Church. City Prepping on “Is a Coup d’Etat Possible Post Election?” David Icke and Agenda 2030 of an A.I. Trans-human World.

Good Afternoon Disciples of Jesus Christ. We are having a second post today making a last minute plea before Election Day tomorrow on the seriousness of this election in the United States of America. We, as God’s Children have no control over how Our Lord is going to fulfill His Word in Scripture with the coming Tribulation, except that we can vote against abortion and take a stand for HIM one last time. We are all praying like never before, which is what we should be doing anyway, because Our Lord wants us to pray without ceasing. But, if you are a Catholic Christian or a Non-Catholic Christian and are on the fence about what to do because you think President Trump is evil, or you have always been a Democrat, please read this blog today. Our Lord is getting ready to make this decision for all of us, and how we call out to Him right now for guidance in truly searching our hearts as His Children, could be the final decision we ever have to make about an election again.

I know all of the people that follow this blog on a regular basis already know what I am talking about, but now it is not just me, or the people that support this blog anymore trying to inform the world of what is coming if we don’t choose for God. Whether we dislike how this President speaks to people, or how he doesn’t fit the ideal Christian description is very trivial compared to what Our Lord will continue to allow as evil taking over this world, if we don’t vote against abortion. Our Lord has been saying it over and over again through the Prophets, and if we truly Love God, we obey His Commandments and His Love for the smallest of His Creation at conception. That is His Creation, not yours, not mine, but GOD’s. Here is just one prophetic message about abortion to Luz De Maria from Saint Michael,

We don’t know what Our Lord is going to do if President Trump does get re-elected, if He will decide to put off the Tribulation for another era of time or not. But, if he doesn’t get re-elected, then we will definitely witness the beginning of the Tribulation, because it will mean that we have finally finished closing the door on God. Here is what is in store that we have been writing about in this blog for over a year now, but what Our Church is finally beginning to see.

Here is Jonathan Cahn’s final plea for Repentance and Prayer on Election Day.

Here is Mother Miriam reading of a very important letter to President Trump from Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano on the status of Our Church, the deep state, and the move towards the New World Order beginning with the Great Reset.

Here are all of the the prophecies from Our Lord Jesus Christ, Our Blessed Mother, and Saint Michael the Archangel to Luz De Maria on the schism in Our Church that is coming, put together by Charles with Light of Mary,

Here is a video by David Icke on the programming that has been implemented by the Elites and their Agenda to push us towards their plots of globalism through the Great Reset, Agenda 2021, and 2030 and eventually the New World Order. We have posted and explained much of this information at the beginning of this blog and throughout the blog of this conditioning the Elites have done to get us ready for the New (One) World Order.

Lastly, here is a video by City Prepping to help us prepare for a possible Coup d’ Etat, depending on what happens with this election in the United States. But, we need to make sure that we understand each of us will stand before GOD eventually and have to answer to HIM as to why we thought it was better to vote for the continual murder of the smallest and most helpless of HIS Creation.

We don’t know for sure how God will decide or what will happen with this election, but we do know that we have to stand for HIM, until we can’t stand any longer.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us, and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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