Who initially had the 3 Days of Darkness Vision and what is the Relevance Today? Why is it important to open our hearts to Truths already foretold for all of God’s Children? How is Our Blessed Mother Proven to be the Ark of the New Covenant, Which is Our Lord Jesus Christ?

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. When Our Lord had us start this blog, the goal was to Surrender, work on our Relationship with Our Lord, Be Transformed into His Image, then to Become a Disciple for Him. This blog is meant for all Christians because Our Lord is calling ALL of His Children back to Him. The sense of urgency to REPENT, and get Spiritually closer to Our Lord is so imperative now, there is no more time to waste on anything except to continually try and make our robes white in preparation for the Return of Our Lord the Bridegroom. This has been no easy task, but this is why “Our Lord said to pick up your crosses and follow Me”. https://biblehub.com/matthew/16-24.htm#:~:text=Then%20Jesus%20said%20to%20his%20disciples%2C%20%22Those%20who,cross%2C%20and%20follow%20Me.%20King%20James%202000%20Bible.

In a very large part of the denial of ourselves, to follow Our Lord as His Disciples, is to stop lying to ourselves that God denies His Glory or Love to only those that we believe is worthy based on our very limited knowledge of God and whom He chooses as Disciples. As we have studied Father Garrigou-Lagrange, we can now see why many of us get stuck in the purgative stage and never make it into the illuminative stage of the 3 stages of Spiritual life. Father Chad Ripperger explained that this is because we don’t conquer HUMILITY. We can never conquer humility if we are constantly putting down other Christian denominations and what Our Lord has shown us in our Faiths and moving deeper into Him. There are many Catholics that contribute in writing this blog, including a Priest, but we also recognize that there are other Christians walking with the Holy Spirit, that have Spiritual gifts, and Love the Blessed Trinity as much as we do. This should be the same with any Non-Catholic Christian that is walking with Our Lord. If we are truly advancing in our Spiritual lives, this is the beginning of conquering the virtue of humility, and understanding that we just don’t have all of the answers to the mysteries of God and never will. We Catholics know the undeniable Truths of the Sacraments, and doctrines of the Faith that have been passed down for the last two thousand years. We know about all of the Saints and Mystics that have revealed through their writings and experiences of Our Lord with witnesses to their visions, mystical gifts, stigmata wounds, and prophetic knowledge. These facts do not go away, and they can’t just simply be denied, just because you have not pushed yourself into a deeper knowledge Spiritually of Our Lord and His Divine Will.

Even the Apostles, after they received the first Pentecost, still argued and did not have the full knowledge of what the Holy Spirit was guiding them to. This is evident when Saint Peter and Saint Paul argued over the Gentiles having to be circumcised in Galatians 2. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Galatians+2&version=NIV.

So, why did this happen? Because, even though they both had been given gifts of the Holy Spirit, God had a bigger vision that was not fully revealed to Saint Peter at that time. But, in the end they both came together and fulfilled their missions for the Lord. https://biblemesh.com/blog/peter-and-paul-fought-with-each-other-whats-up-with-that/#:~:text=We%20see%20it%20unfold%20in%20Galatians%202%3A11-19%2C%20where,circumcised%20and%20that%20no%20one%20could%20eat%20pork.

So, what is my point in all of this? We pray for Our Lord to help us discern what we need to know to fulfill the mission He has given us to bring all of God’s Children back to Him. Our knowledge is imperfect, just like everyone else’s knowledge, because we are all constantly trying to grow in Our Lord and get closer to Him and His Divine Will. Mike 444 Prophecy Channel has done a good job of keeping people informed of prophetic messages of the events that Our Lord is telling all prophets, Catholic and Non-Catholic, that are coming and that we need to be prepared to Serve Him. We, personally like Mike and Lois Vogel Sharp, and believe they are getting some of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but because of their lack of humility, are staying stagnate in their gifts in the purgative stage by denying undeniable Truths that can’t be disputed. Our Blessed Mother is an undeniable Truth, not as Divine, but as certainly a Special Child of God, as the Woman Clothed in the Sun in Revelation 12, who gave birth to Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church. God is sinless, this is an undeniable Truth. Jesus is God, as the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, this is an undeniable Truth. If Jesus is God, and God is sinless, Jesus can’t be birthed out of a Mother that contained original sin. Does this make her Divine? No, but does this put Her on a Special level away from the rest of us that we can’t deny? Yes, it does.

Why God has not revealed this to everyone, is still a mystery out of the infinite mysteries of God. But, it is very relevant to know that She truly is the Ark of the New Covenant that carried our Sinless Lord, that is revealed in the Book of Revelation 11:19, and Revelation 12. Notice that the temple in Heaven was opened, and the ark that could be seen precedes the next description of Our Blessed Mother that comes in Revelation 12. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Revelation+11%3A19&version=NIV.

Here is a very good argument for all of this in this article from Catholic Answers. https://www.catholic.com/magazine/print-edition/ark-of-the-new-covenant.

So, it is clear that this Revelation of Our Blessed Mother may not be made to everyone until the end times, which is identified in the Book of Revelation, which we believe that we are living in right now. This is why all of the Prophecies from Our Blessed Mother are being fulfilled as we speak, and this is most likely why the Miracle that Conchita spoke about at Garabandal will be a Miracle about Our Blessed Mother. Also, this makes sense that some of the Permanent Refuge locations will be locations where Our Blessed Mother has appeared. And, one other point that we believe the Holy Spirit is guiding us to is that Jesus said He did not come to abolish the Law, but to fulfill it. https://biblehub.com/matthew/5-17.htm. What better way to describe that imagery of God’s Laws written as the Old Covenant in the Ark of the Covenant being seen in Heaven in Revelation 11:19, then Our Blessed Mother giving birth to Jesus Christ Our Lord in Revelation 12, as fulfillment of God’s Laws? This woman clothed with the Sun is not just Our Church, it is our Blessed Mother that was so Special, that She was the Ark that carried the New Covenant, which is Our Lord Jesus Christ, that will fulfill God’s Laws of the Old Covenant.

Lastly, we watched a video by Mike 444 in regards to his own arguments for the 3 Days of Darkness, as proof in the Bible that it should be a Prophecy or a Vision worth listening to because many Prophets are receiving this prophetic message now. In his statement, he said that God said that through Joel, and the Book of Acts that God will pour out His Spirit on all flesh, and this is why Catholics have received this prophetic knowledge in the last times. https://biblehub.com/acts/2-17.htm. However, Mike has much growing to do Spiritually, like we all do, because he referred to a modern day prophet as receiving the message of the 3 days of darkness. However, the first Catholic message about the 3 Days of Darkness was given to Blessed Anna-Marie Taigi between 1769 and 1837. https://www.mysticsofthechurch.com/2009/12/blessed-anna-maria-taigi-wife-mother.html. So, this throws out Mike’s theory about God pouring out His Spirit even on non-believers, as he puts it. Blessed Anna Marie not only received her vision over two hundred years ago as a Catholic, but also lived a life of holiness, overcoming the virtue of humility and ascending in her Spiritual Life with mystical gifts, visions, healing and knowledge of Our Lord. She also brought many souls to Our Lord in her desire to fulfill His Divine Will for the Salvation of all Souls. Here is another good article on the 3 Days of Darkness. https://www.americaneedsfatima.org/Prophecies/the-three-days-of-darkness-and-prophecies-of-latter-times.html.

So, all that being said, we will now only read prophetic messages from the 444 Prophecy News Club and post them if we feel that they are something the Holy Spirit is guiding us to, which is what Mike 444 reads from. We also have not posted any of Lois Vogel Sharp’s prophetic messages until we hear more of a Spiritual growth from her in humility in Love for all of God’s Children. There is too much of a fear from all of us that derives from the thoughts of being deceived, and fear is not from God. So, we have to all recognize that if we all Seek His Holy Face everyday, no matter which Christian denomination we come from, with a contrite and humble heart, He will not allow us to be deceived, and this comes from a constant Faith and Trust in Him, which is another level of Spiritual growth. We will continue to pray for all of us to continue to seek the Truth through Our Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God that provides all Truth to those that ask Him and not judge anyone. Because this is not what Our Lord wants, He wants us to unite and not be divided and work together for the Salvation of Souls, and we pray that we will all do this at the Second Pentecost, just like Saint Peter and Saint Paul did after their disputes of the Gentiles having to be circumcised.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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