New Messages to Prophet John Leary, through September 15, 2020! Also, New Videos of Catastrophic Weather Events All Over the World by Jason A!

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We have new prophetic messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ to Prophet John Leary through September 15, 2020. Our Lord is still saying that the Warning could still come this Fall, only if the deaths of His Children are to an extent that He feels is the time to have the Warning and the Second Pentecost.

Our Lord tells Prophet John Leary in these latest messages that many of His Faithful will die as martyrs. We all know this is a possibility for all of us because it is in the Book of Revelation, 6:9-11. But, as followers of Jesus Christ, we all carry a cross for Him and for some of us that means giving our lives out of Love For Him and testifying that He is the True Son of the Living God Our Father and His Holy Word in Scripture never changes. The reason why we keep emphasizing this is because the Prophets are telling us that the Freemasons and Elites are going to try and change the words of Consecration of the body and blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and eventually present a different Church from God’s Holy Word in the Bible and Our Sacred Tradition. We, as God’s Children can never accept this change, and as the schism begins, we will fight for Our Lord out of Love For Him. This is something the Holy Spirit will guide each of us on based on what is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life for each of us. Some of us may die in a catastrophic weather event, and our Lord still considers us martyrs for Him when we stay within His True Word and resist this forced change that will eventually happen as the Elites takeover our governments and Churches with Communism. So, we can’t be afraid, but continue to put Our Faith and Trust in the Lord and Surrender to Him and His Love for each one of us, no matter what cross He has asked us to carry. We must continue to pray for a portion of Our Blessed Mother’s Faith daily and the Holy Spirit to fill us with His Love and guide us in all of our actions and decisions. Here is John Leary’s message from September 10, 2020.

September 18, 2020

Thursday, September 10, 2020:
Jesus said: “My people, you do not realize how this pandemic virus has changed your lives, because you have been brain-washed with the control of the deep state. The deep state has partnered with China in creating this virus that makes people sick both in the winter and in the summer. These are the people to blame for your unemployment and those who have died from this virus. The deep state and the Chinese scientists are working together to take over the world. This virus attack was meant to create fear and destroy your economy so China could be in control. This vision of being free of all of your virus restrictions is an example to show you how the deep state is conditioning your people for a communist takeover. This is just like the people who are controlled in communist China. You will see an attempt by the evil ones to take over America by force. When My faithful’s lives are in danger, I will call you to My refuges. When you come to My refuges after the Warning, you will be free of your virus restrictions. You will be healed of any ailments by looking on the luminous cross or drinking your spring water. You will be protected by My angels from the evil people, but you will be confined to the borders of your refuge throughout the tribulation. Trust in Me to provide for your needs.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My son, ever since I started to prepare you for taking care of five thousand people, I have been giving you some suggestions to have more cooking facilities. You now have three CampChefs with two burners on top and an oven to cook two loaves of bread in each oven. You bought two more 5 gallon propane tanks, so you have six now. You also bought two 16 quart pots for making soup, that your wife already used. You have eight bread pans and you bought a grinder to grind your cracked wheat to flour.
You bought a new fire pit with a grill that uses wood. You also bought some grills for your large fire pit that uses wood. Now you have ordered two 8 qt cast iron dutch ovens, and you bought a 38 qt pot for soup. I will multiply your fuel and your food to feed all of the people who will come to your refuge.”

Jesus said: “My people, as you see violent mobs trying to take over your government, you could see a reaction from patriots as both groups will have guns. I do not want to see such killings, but there will be a fight against the communist mobs. With such a danger to your lives, I will be calling My faithful to My refuges right after the Warning. My angels will make you invisible, and the angels will protect you at My refuges. You will have six weeks after the Warning to evangelize souls to believe in Me, and receive a cross on the forehead.”

Jesus said: “My people, after the six weeks of conversion after the Warning, I told you to get rid of your cell phones, TVs, and computers so you do not look at the eyes of the Antichrist. He will control all of your media, and if you look at his eyes, he could hypnotize you to worship him. This is why you need to put all of these devices out of your homes. None of these devices will work at My refuges. Your pre-tribulation will quickly change over to the tribulation once the Antichrist declares himself and he is allowed to take power over all of the continental unions. My faithful will be safe at My refuges, but some faithful will suffer martyrdom for My sake. These brave souls will be brought to life again in My Era of Peace. Trust in My protection at My refuges, since you will be brought into My Era of Peace, once I cleanse the evil ones off the earth into hell.”

Jesus said: “My people, you must have faith in My power to subdue the evil ones as I will cast them into hell. Do not fear any virus because My angels will heal you and protect you from any illness. I have promised to keep you healthy during this tribulation, and your sharing of My messages. When you trust in My healing and My angel protection, you will have no fear, no worries, and no anxieties about the evil ones. So have faith in My miracles of protection and My miracles of multiplying what you will need.”

Jesus said: “My people, would I have you make My refuges, if they were going to be destroyed? You know that I am protecting all of My refuges from any harm, even now. You must have full trust in My power over the evil ones. Those people, who did not have faith, were not healed because I do not violate your free will. You all will be tested in this tribulation, but those people, who have faith in My power, will succeed in overcoming the evil ones. Once the evil ones are cleansed from the earth, then I will renew the earth and bring My faithful into My Era of Peace as your reward.”

The Blessed Mother said: “My dear children, you are familiar with my seven sorrows feast, and I am coming to comfort all of your sorrows that you are going through now. You had another blessing of the Holy Spirit over Al and Colleen before your prayer group started. I am combining my blessing with that of the Holy Spirit on all of you here present tonight. Call on me in your rosary intentions, and I will take your requests to my son, Jesus.”

Jesus said: “My people, I told you in an earlier message that you are about to see some events that you have never seen before. Your world of today will be changed dramatically, and you will not recognize it. You can see a battle forming between My angels and the good people against the demons and the evil ones at the Battle of Armageddon. My angels and I will win this battle for My faithful, so have no worries. The evil ones may appear to be taking over the world for a time, but this reign will be brief, and then I will cleanse the earth of all evil. Be patient because you will soon see My victory in your lifetime as I promised you. You will soon rejoice as I will bring My faithful into My Era of Peace.”

For those that are not keeping up with the cataclysmic weather events, Jason A You Tuber does an excellent job of putting information together from all over the world. Here is his video from last week,

Here is Jason A You Tuber’s latest video from September 17, 2020.

What many people do not understand is that this is not climate change as the Elites would like us to believe. This is due to a binary system that has entered our Solar System and moving closer to Planet Earth, heating up our Earth’s core, affecting the Earth’s magnetosphere and our Sun. Eventually, this binary system that Our Blessed Mother warned us about is also going to bring in meteorites, space dust, rocks, asteroids and comets, which meet Revelation 8:1-13.

When this occurs, many people will begin to understand that this is not climate change, but something else, and Our Lord will use this system to renew the Heaven and Earth that is in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 21,

Emmanuel – “God is with us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

What is Agenda 2021? Interview with Rosa Koire. Also, more Prophetic messages to Bette Stephens, A Servants Heart.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We have already discussed some about the Elite’s plans to Reset the World in DAVOS, and we have discussed about how far their plans have gone back in constructing their evil plans of pushing us into a One World Government, Currency and Religion. This information is difficult for us to wrap our heads around because they have been planning it for so long, and are implementing it now, because they have known about the approach of this binary system, or Planet X. They have known of approximately when it was going to enter into our solar system and orbit and are orchestrating all of the events together to force us, and for others, have them begging for a better system to save the entire world. For those that have not seen the video and prophetic message to Gianna Sullivan and Our Lady of Emmitsburg, here it is again. This is just one of many prophetic messages from Our Blessed Mother that corroborates the events taking place right now. For all of those that are listening to governmental scientists to debunk this information, you need to read this entire blog to see the bigger picture of what both Our Blessed Mother and the Holy Spirit has guided us to in order for us to be ready for the Return of Our Lord Jesus Christ, beginning with the Warning that is coming very soon.

The Elites are basing their urgency of the entire world on “Climate Change”, and trying to prove through their Marxist organizations that the entire world needs to be reset, or fixed, because if we don’t go along with their plan, then we are going to all perish. Rosa Koire has been an advocate for many, many, years of trying to get people to understand the Agenda 2021 plan that has been in the works by the Elites, and that they also have the 2030, and 2050 plan. However, Rosa is not even aware of this binary system, and she does not look at the Spiritual affects of everything and How Our Lord is bringing all of this chaos together to use to renew the Heaven and Earth and usher in the Tribulation. But, we like to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together, or the bigger picture, that the Holy Spirit has guided us to and now many, many other Christians, so that all of God’s Children understand what is happening. There is no way that any of us would have put this many pieces of this puzzle together without the help of the Holy Spirit, and that is why we are witnessing so many Spiritual Eyes awakening to the Truth now. Thank you my Lord for all of Your Love, and Compassion for Your Children, and for Revealing the Truth to us. Please continue to guide us to all Truth and through Your Precious Blood, protect all of us from evil and the deception of these times. In Jesus’ Name We Pray.

Here is an interview with Rosa Koire on exactly what Agenda 2021 is and we have written more about these plans the Elites have been conspiring against us for a very long time in other posts in this blog.

Also, here are more prophetic messages from Bette Stephens, A Servant’s Heart. She also believes in Safe Havens, Refuges or Goshens, just like many of the Prophets we have listed in this blog. Bette also believes, we are running out of time before the cataclysmic weather events, and governmental chaos and takeover begin by the Elites and their plan.

Also, We would like to confirm what Bette said about not leaving your Interim refuge, which is your home, unless you are being prompted by the Holy Spirit. We are following what Father Michel Rodrigue and John Leary said about making your home as an Interim Refuge until Our Guardian Angels come to take us to a Permanent Refuge 6 weeks after the Warning. Now, what may happen is that we have prepared our homes as Interim Refuges with Food and Water stored and Our Lord may not prompt us to go any place else. It all depends on where we are each located in the world and how much devastation is coming to our areas. There also may be cataclysmic weather events and chaos before the Warning, so please pray everyday for guidance from Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit about what you should do as events unfold. We are praying for everyone that follows the blog and doesn’t follow the blog, because there are people dying in the wild fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, and violence all over the world that need Our Lord’s Mercy for their Salvation. We must continue to focus on praying for the Salvation of all Souls and Our Lord’s Mercy daily. Thank you all for your daily prayers.

Emmanuel – “God is with us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world and have Mercy on us. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

New Message To Luz De Maria from Saint Michael the Archangel, dated September 15, 2020! Also, Ralph Martin and Renewal Ministries in “Avoiding Deception”. Also, Sensus Fidelium on “How To Obtain the Conversion of a Loved One”. Also, LifeSite News interview from a Doctor that Explains Why He is Against Covid-19 Vaccinations.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. Luz De Maria has been very busy putting out weekly prophetic messages from Saint Michael the Archangel. This one is on Repentance and Turning Back To God and focusing on our own pride and ego and lack of Faith. Here it is copied,

Beloved People of God:

RECEIVE PEACE, LOVE AND MERCY PROCEEDING FROM THE MOST HOLY TRINITY. In unity, as the People of God who walk without despairing or losing Faith, PROCEED TOWARDS ETERNAL HAPPINESS. At this time more than others, you must take decisions that will enlighten you and open the spiritual path for you before it is too late and habit blinds you completely. The People of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ are stubborn, hypocritical, presumptuous, arrogant and disobedient; that is why they are suffering. We have been warning you through Divine Mercy about what causes you to lose Eternal Life, yet you do not apply this to yourselves, but to your brothers and sisters. I COME WITH MY SWORD HELD HIGH AS A SIGN THAT THE PURIFICATION OF HUMANITY IS ACCELERATING AND WILL BE AS CRUEL AS MAN’S OWN SIN. You need to empty the human ego of what is keeping you bound to foolishness and pride; you need to apply correction to yourselves and live, work and act in fraternity and Divine Love. You read these Words which I address to you by the Divine Will, and yet you believe that they are for other brothers and sisters; I have to say that they are for each person who reads them – they are for you, not for anyone else, you idolaters of the “I am” of the god of your own ego! This is why you do not share the pain of others, you do not suffer with those who suffer, you do not rejoice with those who rejoice, why you live in constant conflict with your fellow men. No, Children of God, acting in this way keeps you from acting and working in the manner of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ and drags you along with the current of the world that has lost its values, especially spiritual ones, hence the chaos in which you find yourselves.

CHANGE: NOT TOMORROW, BUT TODAY, at this very moment, so that you would not wander on your own when you need your brothers and sisters. All will need the help of their brothers faced with the Purification that is coming. Consider: THE EARTH WILL NOT BE PURIFIED WITH WATER, BUT WITH FIRE COMING FROM TECHNOLOGY CREATED TO DESTROY WITHOUT COMPASSION. In this devastated, agitated and exhausted world, man directs his gaze and his misdirected force against what represents the Divine. Therefore, People of God, look inside yourselves and transform the constant reproaches that you utter against God into THANK YOU, FATHER! for perfecting me with your love. WHAT IS HAPPENING ON EARTH AT THE MOMENT?
YOU MUST LEARN TO BE CHARITY, INTERIOR PEACE, LOVE, FAITH AND HOPE, SO THAT YOU MIGHT RECEIVE THE SAME. Prepare yourselves! What will happen will be more bearable for man if he remains in God, not for those who stay in their “I am”. Such people easily reach saturation: they are not loving and deliberately walk on their own. People of God, act on yourselves now, lighten your path so that it would not be more difficult, but rather be a path blessed by Faith and the Love of God.

People of God:

The Church of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ breathes its lament: do not get lost, do not fear, be consistent and be assured of the protection of the Queen and Mother who is with you to guide you if you allow her to do so. Volcanoes will bring grief to God’s children; do not be careless, stay alert. The earth will shake forcefully, creatures will run one way and another faced with the force of nature. CREATURES OF GOD!

Beloved People of God:

This is the time for you to change, to convert and to prepare for more serious things; on this depends how you will carry on living, whether in continuous lamentation or in the Divine Will that gives you Peace. You do not want to be renewed: the mud of the “ego” is more pleasant than conversion based on sacrifice. You must carry on praying with your soul, powers and senses, uniting to pray without distractions. Prayers are necessary for you as humanity. KEEP IN MIND THAT THE SACRED SCRIPTURE IS STRENGTH FOR GOD’S CHILDREN, THE EUCHARIST IS FOOD FOR GOD’S CHILDREN; NOURISH YOURSELVES BEFORE THE MYSTERY OF INIQUITY MAKES ITSELF PRESENT. (cf. II Thessalonians 2:7)

People of God:

War is headed down various paths without taking its eyes off the center of Christendom as its goal, so that the sheep would feel threatened. FAITH, FAITH, FAITH! You will hear Etna roar, the giants will awake and humanity, being caught up in itself, will despair. HOW YOU WILL YEARN FOR TIMES GONE BY!
HOW YOU WILL REGRET THE GREAT IGNORANCE IN WHICH YOU HAVE LIVED! Wake up, People of God, wake up; spiritual hunger is galloping over the Earth, physical hunger is galloping (cf. Rev 6:2-8), announcing to humanity what is to come. FAITH MAKES THE HUMAN BEING UNSHAKEABLE. DO YOU HAVE FAITH?


St Michael the Archangel

Next, here is another good teaching from Ralph Martin with Renewal Ministries on Avoiding Deception, and how to candidly speak about the sins of our times, especially to our loved ones and friends.

Also, here is Sensus Fidelium on “How To Obtain Conversion of a Loved One.” This is a good way of praying for the Salvation of Family Members and Friends Souls that have been deceived in these times that sin is okay, or accepted as okay by God.

Lastly, here is a great interview from LifeSite News with a young Doctor that explains why he is against Covid-19 vaccinations.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done. Have a blessed day.

Why Are Our Priests Being Persecuted For Speaking Truth? Father James Altman Interview with Dr. Taylor Marshall. Also, Rally For Father James Altman.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We continue to show you the wonderful Priests out there that are standing for the Truth and For Jesus Christ Our Lord, but also continue to get knocked down because of the infiltration of Freemasonry and the slow and painful takeover of our Catholic Church. We are witnessing it all around us, but there are several that are still in denial of what is happening, or they are not paying attention. WAKE UP, all sleeping Catholics and Christians to what is happening and understand the TRUTH! Quit pretending like everything is okay, and that God’s Divine Justice only exists in the Old Testament! It is time to realize that the good Priests, Cardinals, and Bishops are being muzzled, and it is because of bringing down our Catholic Church as part of the Agenda of the Elites and Satan, and when a schism occurs in the Catholic Church, many Protestant Churches will follow. The schism will not be the True Church of Jesus Christ that stands for God’s Laws and Commandments and both His Divine Mercy and Divine Justice. The schism will come from those that stand against God’s Laws and believe there is more than one way to get to God Our Father in Heaven. There is no other way except through Jesus Christ Our Lord! If you don’t understand this, then start by reading all of the gospel of John, Chapter 14. Jesus tells us that no one comes to the Father, except through HIM! He also tells us that if we know Him, we know the Father. If we keep His commands, then we know Him, and it pleases the Father. Then our Lord said, whoever does not LOVE HIM, WILL NOT OBEY HIS TEACHING. Then Our Lord said that the Holy Spirit will live in us and teach us everything and will REMIND US OF EVERYTHING OUR LORD HAS SAID.

This is what the good shepherds of Our Lord are doing right now, and they are being told to be quiet for it. But, we as lay Catholics should know the Truth already. We should not be that confused over everything. We should already know what Our Lord said in His Word, and we should be getting confirmation from the Holy Spirit in our hearts that breaking God’s Laws and Commandments are a SIN, and we must repent if we have done this. If we don’t get this confirmation from the Holy Spirit, then we don’t know Our Lord! Even Jesus Our Lord tells us that if WE LOVE HIM, WE OBEY HIM.

This is why Father James Altman said that zero Catholics voted for Democrat Presidents, because you can’t be a True Catholic by committing or allowing (sin of omission) to be conducted either directly, or indirectly through your thoughts, words, deeds, or actions. If you vote for the Democratic platform that promotes abortion and homosexuality, then you are committing a sin of omission by not attempting to impede an egregious sin to occur. Here is an interview conducted by Dr. Taylor Marshall with Father James Altman. Be sure and listen to Father Altman’s call to become a Priest. I know in my heart from the Holy Spirit that Father Altman was supposed to speak as a good Shepherd for these times, especially now that I have heard his call to be a Priest.

The only confusion in our eyes at this point as Catholics is that “why is the Hierarchy of our Catholic Church not speaking out against these egregious sins and muzzling the Priests that are?” Every time a good priest begins to speak the Truth for our Lord, he gets shut down, but the “priests” that are going around glorifying sin as okay, are allowed to continue to go around to different dioceses and speak. We have to realize that abortion, sodomy and same sex marriage, are some of the biggest sins in our world right now, along with worshipping false gods. These are just a few of the deceitful traps Satan has set up for many Christians that are believing these sins to be okay, and this along with the Elites trying to kick God out and control the World is another reason that Our Lord has to intervene with the Tribulation. Here is a rally gathered in support of Father Altman and his voice for God in these times.

These words are some of the more harsh words we have used in this blog, but God has been trying to get all of our attention to REPENT through His Prophets, and there are still many of His Children that are lukewarm and Spiritually asleep! Time is running out before many more Chastisements are coming before the Warning! Which means, many people will die before having the chance to REPENT of their sins after the Warning and are risking losing their souls for eternity. Here is when they silenced Father Mark Goring for speaking out against the Amazon Synod and other blatant sins that Cardinals and Priests are committing in our Church. But they have not silenced him for very long, because he will also know when it is time to rise up again for Our Lord. He is already doing it now discretely.

If you have just stumbled across this blog, WAKE UP! And continue to read why the Holy Spirit has brought you here. We have explained thoroughly what is going on with the current weather events and world events starting at the beginning of this blog. Time is running out to get ready for the Warning/Illumination of Conscience. God Loves all of us, regardless of our sins, but we MUST SEEK HIM AND REPENT WITH A CONTRITE HEART!

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

Holy Mass with Saint Mary’s Parish in Ottawa, Canada on Sunday, September 13, 2020. Our Priests are Being Silenced For Speaking Truth by Father Mark Goring. Also, Father Altman’s Homily from September 10, 2020, “Clarity is Charity”.

Here is Holy Mass at Saint Mary’s Parish in Ottawa, Canada for those that still can’t get out in person to attend because of the Pandemic.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We have posted many, many Prophets both Catholic and Non-Catholic that we believe are speaking the Truth on the serious times we are in right now. Many people are still in denial that we are in the labor pains, birth pangs, times of distress, just before the Tribulation. We have proven this starting at the beginning of the blog with Our Blessed Mother’s Prophetic messages and other Saints and Mystics over the centuries that are now being fulfilled. Our Lord put it on our hearts in this blog to unite all Christians with the Truth so that all will hear the message that we are getting ready to enter into the Purification that Our Blessed Mother Warned us about and the Tribulation in the Book of Revelation. This is very hard for you to believe if you are not viewing all of the signs of the times from a 30,000 foot view and perspective of all of the events happening all over the world. Also, you must take everything to Our Lord in prayer and stop relying solely on your own intellect. The Holy Spirit will guide you to all Truth if seek Our Lord Jesus Christ fervently in prayer, because He desires more Surrender of ourselves and Servants for Him to use in these end times for the Salvation of Souls.

There are so many Christians out there that have been called by Our Lord to speak to all of His Children, and not just Catholics, or not just Protestants. We don’t have time now to debate which group is correct in interpreting the Scriptures. We have witnessed many people working with the gifts of the Holy Spirit in both groups of Christians, and we know that until Our Lord tells us otherwise, we are not leaving our denomination of Christian Faith. Our job in this blog is to unite all Christians because when the persecution begins, it will be against all Christians that stand up for Jesus Christ Our Lord and His Holy Bible and defending Him and His Word against the Elites, the antichrist, and all of those that come against God that are in the beast system. If you have not tied the events that are taking place now with an antichrist spirit and beast system movement that is slowly corrupting our Earth, then you need to go to the beginning of the blog where we have explained it all for you through old prophetic messages from Our Blessed Mother, Scripture, older generation prophets and also modern day prophets. We have been guided by the Holy Spirit to put all of this information together to show God’s Children where we are today, and what is about to take place of even the Elect being deceived and falling away from God. Everything that is about to take place will be lies from Satan to get God’s Children to fall away, and we must stay strong, and united in Jesus Christ to help each other during this time. We are also calling all of God’s Children back to His Sacred Heart, while We are working on our own Relationship with Him and becoming an active Disciple for Him in these end times.

Now we have some very courageous Priests that are standing up and speaking the Truth that are getting knocked down by Bishops that are either afraid of the Truth, or are part of the corruption that is going on in the Vatican with Freemasonry and the Elites. Here is a video by Father Mark Goring. (Note- They removed the original video of Father Mark Goring speaking up for Father James Altman and Father Altier.) However, here is another recent video by Father Mark Goring, in which he is referencing Father Altman and Father Mark’s concern for the attack on Father James Altman for speaking the Truth.

Here is the video of Father Altman that may be the last live stream of the Holy Mass and his homilies on live stream. This is what Father Mark Goring was referencing and I just found this now, and posted it to the blog. Please pray for the protection of all of the good Priests, Bishops and Cardinals that are still fighting for Our Church.

At this point, this should not be a shock to anyone that has been following what has been happening with the chaos and confusion of things being said in Our Church, or allowed to be said about homosexuality, abortion, female deacons, priests being allowed to marry, the question of whether hell exists, or how many people go to hell for mortal sins. There are many of us Catholics that have fallen for these lies over the last 50 years and we have to wake up to what is happening in our Church, and also Protestant Churches. There are still many good priests and pastors out there, but if you think this confusion is bad now, wait until you see what is coming next. This confusion will continue until there will be so many lies and distortion of the Truth, that people will begin to question what is a lie and what is Truth. This is why we must all know our own Catechism, and Scripture of God’s Holy Word in the Bible. The Bible is the Truth and also for us Catholics, the Traditional Catechism and teaching of the Catholic Church that is based on Scripture and Traditional teaching. God never changes, and His Holy Word never changes. We need to be steeped in prayer daily to ask Our Lord how we can Serve Him in these times and be prepared for the Warning/ Illumination of Conscience that is coming very soon. For those Christians that are following this blog that are not Catholic, we have described this in detail throughout the blog, and this will be God’s last act of Divine Mercy for every soul on Earth over the age of reason. We are not going to apologize for what God has shown us repeatedly on this prophetic message through Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Blessed Mother. It is a gift of Mercy for all of God’s Children and it will occur as the Second Pentecost at the beginning of the Tribulation. There will be so many of us on Fire from the Holy Spirit that we will automatically understand that we must unite to Serve Our Lord for the Salvation of Souls because that is His Divine Will.

Here is another video by Father Mark Goring describing the sense of urgency in Prophets. We are not prophets that contribute to writing this blog, but we do have a sense of urgency that Our Lord has placed on our hearts because there are so many people that are still Spiritually asleep and not understanding the seriousness of what is about to take place.

Our Mission for Jesus is the Salvation of Souls! Please take heed to what the Prophets are saying and now many Priests and Religious are also waking up to the Signs of the Times, and We must support them, because time is running out, and we must prepare for the Warning/Illumination of Conscience to assist Our Lord for the Salvation of Souls!

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done. Have a blessed day.

More prophets speaking about the next Pandemic being a plague of boils from Bette Stephens and a Servant’s Heart. This is the Sixth Plague in the Book of Exodus! Also, we are updating the prayer groups again if anyone is interested in being in a prayer group by email only.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ! We will keep notifying you as we feel prompted by the Holy Spirit of what to be aware of that aligns with other prophetic words given by prophets we have been guided to in this blog by the Holy Spirit. As the times of distress increase, we have to be listening and obeying the promptings of the Holy Spirit as well as our Guardian Angels. We say this because we each live in different parts of the world and each area is going to be affected differently as the times of distress gets worse. Some of us may be able to stay in our homes as interim refuges, some of us may not, depending on how our countries, cities, and towns are affected. That being said, parts of California is on massive fire and we must pray for God to guide us in each one of our situations. This is why it is important to be connected to Our Lord as much as possible Spiritually, to be able to discern when He is prompting you to leave your home, even if you originally thought it was to be an interim refuge. God has plans for each one of us, and we should be all seeking Him everyday for guidance and direction. We can’t rely solely on our own best judgement, but we must use our own practical common sense along with seeking Our Lord for His direction and promptings. For those that are new to the blog, we have created a prayer group for the United States, Canada, and California. California is the only state right now that has multiple followers of this blog that have volunteered to be a part of a prayer group to join each other in prayer and any practical ways to assist each other in these times of distress. If anyone else that has recently joined this blog would like to join a prayer group in their State, City, or Country, please contact us on the “Contact Me” page of this blog and give me your first name only, email only, and city, state, and country you live in. Please do not send any more personal information, because we are just trying to connect those Disciples that are alone, or are willing to assist others being led by the Holy Spirit, as the birth pangs escalate before we are all taken to a Permanent Refuge. We also have to be aware of the evil that is out there and we must call on Our Lord’s Precious Blood to protect all of us.

Okay, we are going to post some more prophetic messages from another prophet that we feel is being guided by the Holy Spirit. We pray about who we put in this blog, because we also know there may be false prophets. However, I have listened to this prophet several times and do feel she is speaking Truth in her prophecies. But, always take it back to the Lord in prayer and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you with each prophecy. Also, her prophetic message also corroborates Luz De Maria’s message about the next Pandemic creating lesions on the skin. It is being prophesied that this is the plague that will cause another lockdown. Not sure how, except that we do know that Prophet John Leary stated in one of his prophetic messages a few weeks ago that they will release something in the chemtrails. Please do not panic as you hear these messages, but just continue to pray to Our Lord for guidance on what He specifically wants us to do. Please continue to have Faith, and Trust in Him, and seek His Guidance in everything. Here is the Scriptural passage that refers to boils as the sixth plague in the Book of Exodus 9:8-9. Remember, this is not Our Lord causing this plague, but He is allowing the Elites to manipulate these viruses because He is allowing the time of Tribulation to begin because of our iniquity and abandonment of Him and many sins of paganism. Those of us that are His Children will be protected, but it is also part of our own testing to be purified and reflect that we are True Children of God that obey Him and follow His Commandments and His Holy Word in His Scriptures.

Here is another video from Mike 444 Prophecy from a prophet speaking about the boils. This Prophet was sent to me by another follower of the blog some months ago, but we did not want to post her unless we discerned that she is speaking Truth. Now, she has some prophecies that are aligning with Luz De Maria, and it is the third prophet speaking on boils just in the last week. We know that boils was one of the 10 plagues that God allowed on the Egyptians, but not His people. Here is the prophecy on Mike 444 from Bette Stephens and a Servants Heart.

Also, here are some more videos of prophetic messages from A Servant’s Heart.

Here is a particular video, I recommend of Bette speaking on Safe Havens as places of Refuge.

Also, she just posted this video today, a few minutes ago at 8:10 Central time in the United Sates.

Please pray for the people in California right now as there are 17 deaths so far. Also, please pray for God’s protection and the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ to cover us in these times and consecrate your homes to God Our Father as an interim refuge that is to be Supernaturally protected by Him with His Holy Legions of Angels.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

New Messages to Prophet John Leary. Also, New Show with Mike From Around the World and Pastor Paul Begley on the Coming Apocalypse, dated September 10, 2020. Also, Urgent Message to Pedro Regis from Our Blessed Mother!

Good Afternoon Disciples of Jesus Christ. We have been looking to see what are the most important messages to report at this time, because once the process of events begin, the birth pangs will continue to increase with one event after another. Typically, terrorist events will occur on or around anniversary dates of previous terrorist events, and today is September 11, 2020. Today marks the anniversary date of the worst terrorist event on American soil on September 11, 2001. I can clearly remember this day and where I was and what I was doing when the first aircraft hit one of the twin towers at the World Trade Center in New York City. I am sure many Americans can also remember this day vividly if you are over the age of twenty five. Only God knew at that time, what was to take place now twenty years later with the world being in the middle of a Pandemic and a group of evil men and secret societies trying to control our world and remove Our Lord to replace Him with the antichrist. None of us, except the few Prophets that may have already received prophetic messages at that time, would have expected something like what used to sound like a conspiracy theory actually coming to fruition. But, here we are are still in disbelief that evil has overcome our world and we are getting ready to enter into the Tribulation.

We are going to try and focus on some dates right now, only because we are all anxiously waiting to see when the first big event will take place. Our Lord does not give dates normally for any event, but we know through His Prophets that things will begin to get bad in the Fall. We are going to put together some things that two Prophets have said, John Leary and Pedro Regis, most recently that has grabbed our attention. Then we will post the show with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike From Around the World and something that Mike said last night about the next 7 to 10 days ahead. This doesn’t mean that something will definitely happen in the the next week or so, but we will put the information here in this post so that you are aware. We reviewed John Leary’s latest messages and did not see any significant change to the messages he has already stated about the Warning coming between the Fall months and beginning of next year.

However, we are re-posting some dates he quoted about the Fall time Frame being from September 21 through December 21, 2020. (Which he is only saying is the Fall Season)

Wednesday, August 19, 2020: (St. John Eudes)
Jesus said: “My people, by your Baptism and Confirmation, you are called to be evangelists and shepherds. You normally think of bishops as the true shepherds who are taking My place. Some bishops are weak in using their authority, so they need your prayers to pasture My sheep. You all will have to answer to Me for your good and bad deeds in your life at your judgment. Call on My help to carry out your everyday mission.” For Jeanne Marie Bello: she said: “I am watching over Al, and I am praying for his soul. Tell him how much I love him, even though I am no longer on the earth. All of us in heaven are praying for all the souls on earth.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have told you to be prepared for the events in the fall which goes from September 21 to December 21, 2020. You already have seen some hurricanes hit your country with even more to follow. You saw a 110 mph storm ruin almost half the crops in Iowa. You are seeing many fires out West and record high temperatures all summer. On top of this you are still dealing with the China corona virus and all of its restrictions. You will be facing even more virus attacks as the weather gets cooler. You are also seeing man-made chaos and destruction by the communist anarchists in your cities. This pre-tribulation will quickly turn into the evil tribulation of the Antichrist once the deep state starts forcing mandatory vaccines with mandatory chips in the body. When the viruses are about to be released in the chemtrails and mandatory chips in the body are put in place, I will be calling My faithful to My refuges with My angel protection. Be ready to leave for My refuges with your backpacks ready, and your souls ready with frequent Confession. At My refuges My angels will protect you from the evil ones, and you will be healed of your ailments by looking on My luminous cross in the sky. Be thankful that My refuge builders and My angels will provide for your needs. Once most of My faithful are separated from the evil ones at My refuges, then I will bring My justice of fire down on the evil unbelievers. Pray to save souls before it is too late, and they are lost in hell.”

Now, we will post the show from the Coming Apocalypse for your review. We are not going to re-type the whole show, like we normally do, because there are some pretty gross things that we did not want to discuss that may bring some people down Spiritually, just by reading or hearing about it. So, we will post the show and you can decide if you would like to listen to the whole show. We appreciate Pastor Paul and Mike for keeping us informed, no matter what the subject is, but this demonic takeover of our world is getting really heavy, and I just can’t bring myself to type all of that out today, because it can be overwhelming. But, what we would like to point out is that at about the 1 hour and 17 minute mark, Mike begins to discuss something that is about to take place in the next 3 to 10 days that has to do with California and the fires that are taking place along the fault lines. Mike stated the crust of the Earth is unstable and the radiation is about to spike that will affect the Earth and the Sun. Mike stated this spike of radiation will cause a crustal movement and pressure is building up and we are days away from one event of continuous large scale events in the next 15 to 30 days. Mike stated it will start with chemical and factory explosions from chemical reactions and then on to earthquakes and volcanism. Mike stated that there could also be a large scale violence event planned as these natural disasters begin. Because it is all planned with the Elites to start these large scale violence events when the natural events begin and we are looking at large simultaneous scale events within humanity and within the natural elements. Mike stated he believes the most dangerous place to be right now is most likely Columbia and Venezuela because of celestial issues and volcanoes underneath the Sea. Mike stated he would be back next week.

Lastly, we will post Pedro Regis and his Prophecy website from Our Blessed Mother. In this urgent message from Our Blessed Mother to Pedro Regis on September 10, 2020, Our Blessed Mother informed Pedro Regis that an astonishing event will take place in the land of the Holy Cross. An event that will cause great suffering and pain and Our Blessed Mother stated for everyone to continue in prayer on bended knee and do not fall away from Our Lord. We believe Our Blessed Mother is referencing the event to take place in Brazil. Mike From around the World did not reference Brazil, but Brazil is part of South America and borders both Venezuela and Columbia.

Based on many prophecies being said at this time all over the world, we need to desperately pray on bended knees, as Our Blessed Mother has asked, for the countries of Brazil, Columbia, Venezuela, and the United States. If the Fall begins on September 21, 2020, that is just 10 days away and that still gives many people enough time to store up food and water, and we need to also pray that a terrorist event, whether domestic or international does not occur.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, Save Us and the Whole World. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

Getting Ready For The Next Pandemic, what are the Prophets saying? Also, More websites with Luz De Maria prophecies of natural herbal remedies from Our Blessed Mother. Also, more Food and Water Storage videos and long term Sanitation solutions for power outages. Also, Another Great Homily by Father Altier with Complicit Clergy on the Truth of the Coronavirus!

Good Afternoon Disciples of Jesus Christ. We are putting out another video from a Prophet that is prophesying that the next Pandemic will be from a virus that causes boils or lesions on the skin! Saint Michael the Archangel just told Luz De Maria two days ago this same information that we posted that the virus will change course and cause lesions on the skin. Now, we have discovered that another Prophet on Mike 444 Prophecy also said that the next virus will appear as boils on the skin.

If you have not printed the recommended natural herbal remedies from Our Blessed Mother Mary to Luz De Maria, we suggest you do so to treat these lesions that the prophets are saying will be part of the next plague and Pandemic. There are two sites that list these remedies, and we will post both of them here.

Also, You must follow the instructions on how to apply these remedies. These are recommendations from Our Blessed Mother to Luz De Maria, and we have purchased these items ourselves and have been using the Good Samaritan Oil as directed on the website. We are not Doctors in this blog, but we believe in this Prophet as a true because she has already had many prophecies fulfilled.

Next, we are going to post some more food storage videos for your review in case you have not stocked up on food and water. We are currently suggesting 3-6 months of food and water if possible. Both Luz De Maria and the Prophet from the video from Mike 444 Prophecy said that our water supply will also be affected. Maria De Luz has said this in previous prophetic messages, but did not say it in the message from September 1, 2020. However, we do suggest you buy bottled water, and store in your homes with food. We also suggest getting a water filter, like a Berkey for your tap water, You don’t have to buy a Berkey, but that is what we purchased to filter out 99.97 percent bacteria, viruses, metals and arsenic. As Planet X, or this binary system moves in closer to our Planet Earth, we will begin to see reddish hues of dust in the water that will have lots of iron, and traces of arsenic from the red dust in the tails of this Comet-like Planet. We have described this extensively throughout the blog, and believe it is what God is using to renew the Heaven and Earth, and also the Great Comet of Chastisement Our Blessed Mother has been warning us about. Not certain this is the water contamination that this Prophet is speaking about from Mike 444 prophecy, but we know about Wormwood in the Book of Revelation, so it is best to prepare for that now if you have the money to do so. If not, just get some bottled water, or start storing tap water.

Next, here are some more food storage videos for you to review to get some ideas for storing up canned goods, dried pastas, rice and beans. Sometimes these videos remind us of getting things that we haven’t thought about, like vitamins, medicines, toiletry items, etc.. A lot of preppers recommend purchasing bleach and vinegar, and medical kits to keep for emergencies. We also have a basic medical kit in our home and lots of black bags, in case the plumbing no longer works after an extended power outage. Here is a video just about Sanitation with a grid down power outage situation, and staying in your home as an Interim Refuge. This video is not very pleasant to think about, but we have to consider all of these situations until we are taken to a Permanent Refuge.

Here are the other videos on food storage and other necessary items in a lockdown situation.

Also, here is a good video for those of us on a budget where we can purchase many food items at low costs.

Lastly, here is another great homily by Father Altier and Complicit Clergy.

Here is what Father Altier was referencing in his video. What is interesting about this is the fact that the Elites knew people would find this information, just like they knew people would hear the TED talk Bill Gates did a few years ago about using vaccines to decrease populations. So, it is not like they are keeping it a secret, but the question we have to ask ourselves is why are they making it so obvious? The only answer we can discern from the Holy Spirit is that they are using it as a soft disclosure to inform us what they are doing so that we would further be angry about what is happening and further divided. The more fear they create, the more anxiety and anger they generate from us, thus allowing us to to succumb to the temptations of the devil. The best thing for us to do is realize what is happening, listen to the Prophets, and pray and prepare the best with can with Jesus as our daily focus. We can’t allow them to control our emotions, but just know that God is in control of everything.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, have Mercy on us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

How Much Time Does it Take To Pray? And The Power of Prayer and How to Do It, by Sensus Fidelium. Also 54 Day Novena Rosary For the Election and God’s Will, led By Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano and LifeSite News! Also, latest Prophetic Dream and video by Dana Coverstone.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. Happy Belated Birthday Blessed Mother! Here is a Novena given to Luz De Maria from Our Blessed Mother from Revelaciones Marianas as Her New Invocation as the Queen of the End Times. This has not been approved by the Catholic Church as a New Invocation, but We know in Our hearts, it is True and She will be guiding us all the way through the renewing of the Heaven and Earth and Time of Distress along with the Holy Spirit. At this time, we should be consecrating ourselves daily through the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Mother and the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ to God Our Father in Heaven. We should also be consecrating our homes and families and praying for the Salvation of all Souls, to include those that are committing egregious sin.

We are focusing today on prayer again and how essential it is in our Relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Blessed Trinity. We can’t get to God Our Father, unless we go through the Son, and the Holy Spirit guides us in all of our prayers when we learn to pray from our Hearts. So, it is essential to understand that Our Relationship with Our Lord begins with prayer and ends with prayer, and we have also posted the 9 Levels of Prayer by Saint Teresa of Avila, explained by Father Chad Ripperger a few weeks ago. As we are all uniting as one body of Jesus Christ, we have to pray with all of our Hearts for Our Lord’s Will and also Mercy for Him to lessen the Chastisements. Many Christians question as to whether there will be a revival, and there will be as the Second Pentecost after the Warning. But, it will be a revival of repentance and to bring all souls to Jesus Christ. It will not be a revival for our Lord to stop the Chastisements because He is in the process of eradicating evil, purifying His Children, and renewing the Heaven and Earth at the same time, and this will take several years. What are we doing through all of this? PRAYING LIKE NEVER BEFORE! There will be those that can’t get out of their homes, but praying. And there will be those of us that can get out in the streets and into our Churches to evangelize, and praying in large groups! But, the whole time we are going through the time of distress and Tribulation, WE WILL BE PRAYING! And this is why it is important to start your prayer groups now!

So, here are some more videos by Sensus Fidelium that focus on prayer. If you are more advanced in your prayer life, then you should go back and study the 9 levels of prayer that we posted a few weeks ago by Father Chad Ripperger. You can also find this post under the page titled, “How to Prepare for the Time of Distress Spiritually Before the Warning and Coming Tribulation.” If you are just realizing that you must Surrender and come back to Jesus now, and have repented and went to confession, then this video is good for you to learn how to develop your prayer life and to pray without ceasing.

Also, here is a wonderfully powerful video with Father Isaac Relyea recorded at a Men’s Retreat from Sensus Fidelium on How Much Time Do We Have Left? And to stop using the excuse that you do not have time to pray the Most Holy Rosary.

Also, here is the 54 Day Novena from LifeSite News with Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano leading the Most Holy Rosary that started yesterday.

Lastly, here is the latest prophetic dream and video by Pastor Dana Coverstone on Mike 444 Prophecy. This is why we don’t stop PRAYING, and we never give up HOPE in Our Lord. Because, we know that we have turned our backs on Our Lord as a whole Country in the United States, we know we will receive many Chastisements, but as His Children, we must have FAITH and TRUST in Our Lord that We will be protected through it all in our Interim and Permanent Refuges and the power of our prayers can lessen the Chastisements!

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done!

New Videos From Elly Hancsak and Prolifeformankind with Father Michel Rodrigue and the Preparing for the Warning and Tribulation! Also, New Message to Luz De Maria from Saint Michael the Archangel, dated September 1, 2020.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. As we move closer to the Great Tribulation and continue to prepare Spiritually by spending as much time with Our Lord as possible, we should all be praying for the Salvation of Souls. This is our mission as Disciples for Our Lord, because this is Our Lord’s Will and we must be obedient to His Will. Prayerfully, we have all improved upon our Relationship with Our Lord and the Blessed Trinity, and we are starting to understand now that the Salvation of all Souls is God’s top priority. We are getting ready to all be humbled, refined, and washed white by the Blood of the Lamb through this Purification, and even those of us that have been preparing for this past year, must continue to prepare and pray for more graces to continue to get ready. There is so much controversy and deception that we must keep our eyes and ears focused on Jesus and try to help as many people as we can as the birth pangs increase and we begin to see events unfold. Many Bishops and Priests are in disagreement with Father Michel Rodrigue, but there have been too many other confirmations from the Holy Spirit on other Prophets and prophetic messages from Our Blessed Mother that are corroborated by both Father Michel and John Leary’s messages and other prophets we have listed in this blog. It is also important for us to understand, besides looking at the fruits of each Prophet and if he or she is bringing people to Jesus Christ, is that these instruments of God are not perfect. In fact, God chooses imperfect souls because it reflects how He refines us to His perfection, and this is proven with the Apostles of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. If we were all perfect, there would not be so much confusion and chaos, and we would all have perfect, clear cut answers. But, as we can all see that is not the way the book of Revelation is written or understood by any of us, and all we can do is keep Trusting in Our Lord to keep us on the straight and narrow path to foot of His Cross.

So, we are posting some more of Father Michel Rodrigue’s videos from Elly Hancsak from her You tube channel, You can review more of Father Michel’s videos on her You Tube Chanel above.

Here is one of Father Michel Rodrigue’s videos on the Warning and Refuges. In this video, Father Michel explains that we are getting ready to enter into the Tribulation, but first we will have the Warning/Illumination of Conscience. We have talked about this extensively in this blog now, because as Father Michel explains in his messages this will be like a Second Pentecost, and we will be on fire from the Holy Spirit to Serve Jesus for the Salvation of Souls. For those that have recently joined the blog, we have listed what the Interim and Permanent Refuges are as physical places of protection by God’s Holy Legions of Angels per Psalm 91, as Father Michel describes in his message. This information can also be found under John Leary’s Part 1 and Part 2 videos on the End Time Prophets, Bloggers, and Watchman Page of this blog. Here are also some word documents that the Holy Spirit has guided us to create to assist the Priests at the Churches after the Warning.

Also, here is Father Michel Rodrigue’s Retreat Notes that we attended last year with him and John Leary that have the instructions from Father Michel on how to Consecrate your home as an Interim Refuge or Permanent Refuge.

Also, here is a Word document that the Holy Spirit has guided us to create to assist the Priests at the Churches for people seeking confession after the Warning. This is also our time to Evangelize for Jesus for the Salvation of Souls!

Lastly, here is the latest prophetic message to Luz De Maria from Saint Michael the Archangel on September 1, 2020. Saint Michael is warning us that the next virus that appears will cause lesions on the skin. We also have in this blog what Our Blessed Mother revealed to Luz De Maria as natural herbal remedies that will help with the different viruses and plagues that the Elites will continue to create and expose us to create more panic, fear and death. Here are Our Blessed Mother’s natural herbal remedies from the Revelaciones Marianas website.

Also, Luz De Maria is asking us to assist our Blessed Mother as Her Marian Army of Love and Disciples of Our Lord with the Salvation of Souls. Events will be very terrifying as they unfold, but God is going to give us the strength to Serve Him and this will be the fruit “We” produce for Him in these end times. This will be like a Second Pentecost with the help of the Holy Spirit that will guide us into assisting others and evangelizing for Jesus. This will also reflect that “We” are the Remnant and the Faithful that will survive the times of great distress that Jesus will come to collect as His Harvest before He renews the Heaven and Earth during the 3 days of darkness.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, have Mercy on Us. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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