How Much Time Does it Take To Pray? And The Power of Prayer and How to Do It, by Sensus Fidelium. Also 54 Day Novena Rosary For the Election and God’s Will, led By Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano and LifeSite News! Also, latest Prophetic Dream and video by Dana Coverstone.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. Happy Belated Birthday Blessed Mother! Here is a Novena given to Luz De Maria from Our Blessed Mother from Revelaciones Marianas as Her New Invocation as the Queen of the End Times. This has not been approved by the Catholic Church as a New Invocation, but We know in Our hearts, it is True and She will be guiding us all the way through the renewing of the Heaven and Earth and Time of Distress along with the Holy Spirit. At this time, we should be consecrating ourselves daily through the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Mother and the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ to God Our Father in Heaven. We should also be consecrating our homes and families and praying for the Salvation of all Souls, to include those that are committing egregious sin.

We are focusing today on prayer again and how essential it is in our Relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Blessed Trinity. We can’t get to God Our Father, unless we go through the Son, and the Holy Spirit guides us in all of our prayers when we learn to pray from our Hearts. So, it is essential to understand that Our Relationship with Our Lord begins with prayer and ends with prayer, and we have also posted the 9 Levels of Prayer by Saint Teresa of Avila, explained by Father Chad Ripperger a few weeks ago. As we are all uniting as one body of Jesus Christ, we have to pray with all of our Hearts for Our Lord’s Will and also Mercy for Him to lessen the Chastisements. Many Christians question as to whether there will be a revival, and there will be as the Second Pentecost after the Warning. But, it will be a revival of repentance and to bring all souls to Jesus Christ. It will not be a revival for our Lord to stop the Chastisements because He is in the process of eradicating evil, purifying His Children, and renewing the Heaven and Earth at the same time, and this will take several years. What are we doing through all of this? PRAYING LIKE NEVER BEFORE! There will be those that can’t get out of their homes, but praying. And there will be those of us that can get out in the streets and into our Churches to evangelize, and praying in large groups! But, the whole time we are going through the time of distress and Tribulation, WE WILL BE PRAYING! And this is why it is important to start your prayer groups now!

So, here are some more videos by Sensus Fidelium that focus on prayer. If you are more advanced in your prayer life, then you should go back and study the 9 levels of prayer that we posted a few weeks ago by Father Chad Ripperger. You can also find this post under the page titled, “How to Prepare for the Time of Distress Spiritually Before the Warning and Coming Tribulation.” If you are just realizing that you must Surrender and come back to Jesus now, and have repented and went to confession, then this video is good for you to learn how to develop your prayer life and to pray without ceasing.

Also, here is a wonderfully powerful video with Father Isaac Relyea recorded at a Men’s Retreat from Sensus Fidelium on How Much Time Do We Have Left? And to stop using the excuse that you do not have time to pray the Most Holy Rosary.

Also, here is the 54 Day Novena from LifeSite News with Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano leading the Most Holy Rosary that started yesterday.

Lastly, here is the latest prophetic dream and video by Pastor Dana Coverstone on Mike 444 Prophecy. This is why we don’t stop PRAYING, and we never give up HOPE in Our Lord. Because, we know that we have turned our backs on Our Lord as a whole Country in the United States, we know we will receive many Chastisements, but as His Children, we must have FAITH and TRUST in Our Lord that We will be protected through it all in our Interim and Permanent Refuges and the power of our prayers can lessen the Chastisements!

Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done!

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