Two Mother Miriam Podcasts with LifeSite News on Father James Altman’s Homily on Why you cant be Catholic and vote for the Democrat Party. Also, “Only a Grain of Sand” prophetic message on Mike 444 prophecy that matches prophetic messages to Father Michel Rodrigue.

Good Morning Disciples of Jesus Christ. We pray everyone is doing well today on Labor Day, September 7, 2020. We are continuing to review Mother Miriam’s live radio Podcast shows with LifeSite News and she is doing a wonderful job of explaining why we can’t be part of a democratic platform that includes murdering millions of babies in the womb, and now out of the womb. If this is still unclear for many Catholics that are Democrats, please listen to how Mother Miriam explains why it is an intrinsic evil that the devil has used to beguile all of God’s Children into believing that this comes down to a woman’s choice and not actually murder. If you have never seen what these poor babies go through, whether they are at the embryonic stage or full term fetus looks like after an abortion, you might think differently. But, even contraception is a sin that we must acknowledge as Catholics as the devil has also fooled many Catholics into believing this is okay. This is why Our Lord is getting ready to Chastise the world, starting with the United States of America, because we have allowed Satan to infiltrate everything in our lives to include murdering 70 million defenseless babies. It is so critical that all of God’s Children wake up to the Truth of what is actually happening all over the world and understand that we must repent now for the Salvation of our own souls and the souls of others. We appreciate Mother Miriam, Father James Altman, Father Mark Goring, Father Michel Rodrigue and Father Adam Skwarczynski and all of the Prophets out there that have been trying to help millions of Catholic Christians, and non-Catholic Christians to see the Truth of what is happening all around us and repent, go to Confession, and seek to remove as much sin from our souls as possible before the Warning.

Here is Mother Miriam’s first radio podcast with the homily from Father James Altman, dated September 1, 2020. Mother Miriam does an excellent job in this video of explaining that are we ordered to vote per God’s Holy Word as Our Duty as Christians per Romans, Chapter 13, And we just can’t abstain from voting because we don’t like the Candidate. Even though we don’t like the character of a person as President, we can’t ignore the fact that the Democrat party platform encourages murdering innocent babies.

Here is the follow-up podcast from September 4, 2020 that discusses Democrat Catholics who are having trouble with the point that you can’t be Catholic and vote for murder.

So many people hate the current President, but at least the Republican party platform does not promote murdering babies and a violation of the fifth commandment in the Ten Commandments from God.,shall%20not%20bear%20false%20witness%20against%20your%20neighbor.

So, what Mother Miriam is trying to reflect, and I believe she did it very well, is that we have to stop focusing on the individual and what his or her character is and understand that it always comes down to God’s Laws and our obedience to His Laws. If we are not in obedience to God and His Laws, per Romans, Chapter 13. We are literally, physically and spiritually cursing ourselves into a chastisement and we have explained this in a previous post earlier this summer.

Lastly, we are going to post a prophetic message from an unknown Prophet that call themselves “Only a Grain of Sand”. We are posting this prophecy because it aligns with what Father Michel said about a Nuclear war in which 7 American cities will be destroyed by Nuclear missiles. Father Michel did not state which cities, but God will allow these 7 cities to be destroyed because of the evil that has overcome the United states of America. However, in God’s Mercy, there will be others that will get knocked down by God.

It was also “Only a Grain of Sand” that has spoken about the Warning, but has called it a Mirror of Eternity.

None of us can discern exactly who is speaking Truth, but we take the messages from these Prophets and compare them to those that we do believe are speaking Truth, and this Prophet appears to be getting similar messages of the Warning, and now the 7 Nuclear missiles coming to America like Father Michel Rodrigue had gotten. Please don’t allow any of this frighten you, but allow it to urge you to repent, seek a general confession as soon as possible and begin to store up food and water and consecrate your homes as an Interim Refuge. We have all of this information in the blog on the page listed, “How To Prepare Physically Before being taken to a Permanent Refuge and the Coming Tribulation.” Please continue to pray for the Salvation of Souls and the Warning to come before the times of distress increases and this Nuclear War.

Emmanuel – “God is with Us.” Jesus, We Trust in You. Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us sinners. Abba, Father, Thy Will Be Done.

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  1. One note from ‘In Sinu Jesu’, where Jesus is speaking about the locutions He is giving to the priest, is that He recommends reading a locution in front of the Blessed Sacrament for additional help discerning. I think I will apply His advice! I wish I could find the text… I will try to find the exact quote.


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